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Company: Devumi (USA)
Founded: 2010
Service Reviewed: Twitter Followers, Retweets, Sponsored Mentions
Methods: Internal Network & Social Media
Price: $12 and up
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Review Summary (Short & Sweet)

Devumi has been the #1 Twitter Followers provider, ongoing for the past 3 years, and for good reason. Their biggest highlights are their high-reliability, superb customer support and 100% money-back guarantee. The followers they provide are high-quality and have the lowest “drop-rate” of the industry (>1%). Customer support is fast and helpful. They also offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you’re not satisfied and 1-Year Retention Guarantee. Overall, we highly recommend Devumi as a GREAT place to buy twitter followers.

About Devumi

Devumi Original LogoDevumi is a Social Media Marketing company, founded in 2010, and regarded by many as one of the most popular Social Media Boosting company around, with over 75,000 customers. They have been around for over four years and are best known for their reliable Twitter Followers service which currently starts at $12 for 1,000+ Twitter Followers. They also offer a multitude of other services such as YouTube Views & Subscribers, SoundCloud Followers & Plays, Vimeo Views, and Pinterest Followers & Likes.


Devumi – Our Detailed Review

Before you Order – Choosing the right plan
Devumi offers three Twitter services, Twitter Followers, Retweets and Sponsored Mentions, each offering 4 to 10 plans based on quantity. Their Twitter Followers service offers plans as low as 500 followers (ask) to as high as 500,000 Followers, with their most popular plan being their 2,500 Followers plan for $24. They offer a Twitter Retweets service, which guarantees to get 100 to 10,000 Retweets for any tweet, and their Sponsored Mentions service, which helps promote your Twitter account by gets popular tweeters @mentioning you to their followers. You can mix and match these plans as you desire, making for a pretty awesome campaign.
Our Recommendation:
1. Buy Twitter Followers to boost your credibility and social proof. Be realistic. Don’t buy half a million followers if you’re a small, local business. Do buy half a million followers if you’re a musician wanting to gain attention. 😉

2. Buy Retweets if you want to gain more visibility on a Tweet. The more retweets you buy for a tweet, the higher and longer it stays up on Twitter’s Search for the hashtags / keywords you used.

3. Sponsored Mentions is a must. If you want to gain more exposure and attract genuine followers, choosing a Sponsored Mentions plan along with their Twitter followers service is an awesome combo.

Devumi-PricingThe Order Process
The ordering process is simple enough and we’ve never had a problem here.

1. Choose your plan – On their Twitter Followers sales page, they display 4 of their most popular packages (1k, 2.5k, 5k and 10k). Click on the link a under their pricing tables and you’ll see their larger plans ranging from 25k to 100k.
2. Click the Order Now button, which will take you to the plan setup page, where you’ll enter your Twitter Username (make sure your account is public, and not private) and any additional options such as retweets or sponsored mentions.
3. Then click the “Order this Plan” button, and you’ll be directed to the “Cart” page to review the order (make sure everything is right and you didn’t accidentally mistype your username). You also choose to order something else.
4. Click Checkout once you’ve reviewed everything. Devumi offers several payment options; Credit Card, PayPal & 2CheckOut (they don’t offer Bitcoin as of yet). Once you complete the payment, it will redirect your Receipt and you’ll receive an email confirmation as well.


Turnaround Time
All of their Twitter Follower packages take about 12 to 36 hours to begin once you’ve ordered; smaller orders such as 1000 and 2500 Twitter Followers are completed within 1 to 2 days of starting. Larger orders such as 5k and above usually take a few days to complete, since Devumi delivers followers gradually. Their Enterprise plans (25k+) take a few weeks to complete, in order to look natural.
Twitter Followers & Retweet Quality
We’ve always received high-quality followers when we order from Devumi. These “High-Quality” followers look real, with profile photos, bios, tweets and followers of their own. The retweets are of similar quality as well.
Twitter Followers Retention Rate
By retention, we mean how long a followers stays following you. Most provides fail here, offering followers that unfollow or drop days or week afterwards. This is one aspect where Devumi excels, holding the reigning title of Highest-Retention provider in the industry. Currently going for 3-years with a 99.2% Retention Rate (Industry Average is 62%).
online_supportCustomer Support
Devumi is one of those rare companies that you hardly ever need to contact. You give them an order and they get it done as soon as possible (at least, that’s been our experience). We have contact their support to ask a few questions and they were always quick and helpful. We have also received a lot of feedback from customers you’ve requested refunds and received their money-back within the same day.

Devumi’s service is definitely one of the best we’ve had the chance to experience. From their reliability to their customer support. If you’re considering buying twitter followers, retweet or just want to gain more popularity and exposure on Twitter – Devumi is our recommended choice.

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 23 reviews
by Mr. Amazing Twitter Account on Devumi
Came to buy followers. Ended up with an AMAZING TWITTER ACCOUNT!

Devumi is really on a class of its own. It doesn't even compare to any of the other companies that sell followers. After reading a lot of positive reviews, I bought 25,000 followers, 1,000 auto engagements and 500k sponsored mentions. It was an expensive buy but I was very hopeful. After a few days, I had all the fruits with little labor. I was getting new followers every single day at a nice pace, all of my tweets were gaining retweets and favorites, ranging from a few dozen to a hundred plus each (again, SUPER ORGANIC). The sponsored mentions service was what REALLY got me launched though. It started a week after I ordered. I was getting people on Twitter, pretty popular people, recommending ME to their followers. I had about 40+ people recommend me and each of those mentions gained tons of traction. The results were clear - my twitter analytics skyrocketed thoughts days. I think I gained about 10,000~15,000 new, targeted followers from the sponsred mentions service. Not a bad investment considering I not only gained real followers at 35 cents a pop (Twitter charges more like $0.50 to $1 for the same), but I gained a lot of exposure and credibility by getting mentioned by these popular people. It's been 3 weeks since I ordered and everything is done. I have about 36,000 new followers total and still getting my engagements. A pretty good investment in my book.

by Alex Dumont on Devumi
More than expected. Great work!

I purchased 2,500 Devumi Followers and everything was delivered professionally. They actually over-delivered and I received about 3,900 followers. It's been 2 months and I haven't lost anything. I've actually gained 800 more organic followers. Great service! Definitely recommended.

by Mikeal on Devumi
Awesome services

I've been with Devumi for almost 2 year now and as a customer. I am very much satisfied and happy with the services they offered and how they deliver it. One thing I really do like is there customer service support.. There are times that my order is delayed and of course as a customer I get pissed with that but their customer service agent handle me in professional way. So happy with their services right now. I have daily and monthly subscriptions with them.

by James on Devumi
Not good. It's AMAZING!

Great service and experience all around. I've bought Twitter followers and Auto engagements from Devumi and it's top notch. The followers look very real (but aren't really) and the auto engagements works GREAT for getting all your tweets an immediate boost. With a $200 investment on Devumi, I've been able to make over $4,000 from Twitter. Not bad if you ask me.

by Jenna on Devumi
Amazing Customer Support!

I'm so happy I decided to go with Devumi for my Twitter Followers. I ordered about 5 months ago and they delivered all my 50,000+ followers. A few days ago, I ran into an issue where some followers drops for the first time. I reached out to Devumi and they replaced all the followers I lost for free and than doubled that. Very easy and swift support and experience. Would definitely recommended!! Top notch service and company.

by Alex on Devumi
Really great!

Ordered followers from Devumi a few weeks ago and ran into some issues this weekend with it. I contacted them and their support was so fucking great! They fixed my probelm quickly and without a hassle. A+++ work!

by Zach Thomas on Devumi
Top Notch

No Devumi is not a scam what so ever, i totally switched over from authentic views to Devumi, do not be afraid to take any risk spending your money if you have it with Devumi and build your fan base this is the best marketing site out and i hope this marketing site goes world wide for all business to use and i truly believe this site should have a high rating on and i hope it does one day.

by Tim on Devumi
Amazing Customer Support Won Me Over

HUGE difference from the other companies I've done business with in the past. I moved from BuyRealMarketing to Devumi a few weeks ago and it's like night and day. Devumi's Followers actually stay around, they look pretty legit and most importantly, Devumi's Customer Support is actually there!! I usually get a response in about 2-3 hours (compared to 1-2 days from BRM).

by Angela on Devumi

Devumi delivered. I spent close to $100 with twitter followers and sponsored mentions. Everything was done in a week, and the results were great! The followers are real!!

by Peter K. on Devumi
Fast Service. Good Quality Followers.

I bought 1,000 followers from Devumi about 10 days and to my surprise, the followers were extremely high-quality compared to others I've purchased in the past. They actually look real and I haven't lost a single one. However, they pretty inactive for the most part, so don't expect to gain any interaction from their followers.

I give them a 4/5 Stars for the amazing quality, price and so-far, reliability.

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