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Company: FastFollowerz (USA)
Founded: 2012
Service Reviewed: Twitter Followers, Retweets, Sponsored Mentions
Methods: Internal Network & Social Media
Price: $4 and up
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Review Summary (Short & Sweet)

FastFollowerz has been in the top 5 Twitter Followers providers list for the past 3 years. Their biggest highlight is their Customer Dashboard as well as their optional 5-Year Protection (which cost even more). They also offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you’re not satisfied. However, we have received complaints from some customers that drops in followers occur frequently and their customer support is slow to respond to issues.

About FastFollowerz

FastFollowerz is one of the top Social Marketing providers, offering multiple Twitter Marketing Services, including daily and targeted followers. They’re a US-based Company operating from Las Vegas, with a strong three year background. Their packages start at $4 for 100 Followers, which is about the same as our other providers. We recently have downgraded our rating from 5 stars to 4 stars since we have gotten complaints that their twitter followers have dropped on several occasions. They have replaced the lost followers, but we can’t give 5 stars to a company that has to constantly replace followers.

FastFollowerz – Our Detailed Review

We’ve used FastFollowerz several times for a handful of Twitter accounts testing all of their services

FastFollowerz offers three Twitter services: Twitter Followers, Targeted Twitter Followers and Enterprise Daily Followers. All the services vary on price and timeframe based on quantity. Their lowest amount of followers is 100 (pro) that costs $4. The most popular plan is 2,500 followers for $39. Their most basic packages are the fastest as the majority of orders are completed in less than 24 hours. No following is required which means no password or login is needed. Their other plans however, DO require your password as they will be following and tweeting for you in the hopes they get you targeted, real followers.

The Order Process

The ordering process is simple enough and we’ve never had a problem here.

Buy Twitter Followers from Fast Followerz
1. Their homepage displays all of their Twitter Services: Targeted Followers, Fast Followers or Daily Followers. The most popular is their Fast Followers option, which ranges from 100 followers ($4) to 1 Million Twitter Followers ($2999).

2. When you select a package, you’re taken to their Dashboard to “Customize” the order. Here, you’ll enter your Twitter Username and can enter additional options from the speed (normal or Super Sonic) to the location of followers you’ll receive. You’ll also have the option for “5-Year Followerz Protection” which ranges in price from 10% to 20% extra of the purchase price.

3. The next step is Checkout. You’ll see the summary of your order and the Billing Details you’ll have to enter. They accept Credit Cards and PayPal through 2Checkout. Once you pay, you’ll receive an email and wait for the completion.


Buy twitter followers fast followerzTurnaround Time
All of their Twitter Follower packages take about 24 hours or so to begin once you’ve ordered; smaller orders such as 100 and 1000 Twitter Followers are completed within a day of starting. Larger orders such as 10k and above usually take a few days to complete, since followers aren’t deliver all at once. Their targeted followers service is significantly slower because they are actually tweeting and following people for you, looking for real followers on your behalf. Know that if you choose to use this service you will be required to share your login info with them. This is a clear violation of the Terms Of Service provided by Twitter, so you are putting you account at risk of being suspended. The daily followers is a service that takes 30 days to complete as they send you followers per day. Make sure you understand the package you are buying before you commit.

Twitter Follower Quality
We received high quality Twitter Followers from FastFollowerz. High quality followers means that these followers look-real with profile photos, bios, tweets and followers of their own. While they’re not really “real” people, we had no complaints. The image below is a screen shot of the followers delivered to us by FastFollowerz:

Buy twitter followers from fast followers example

Twitter Follower Retention Rate
Our oldest order with FastFollowerz was placed May 24th, 2013 for the account @FFzReview. Of course, this username was changed after the order was completed. We ended up with 1078 Twitter Followers, but after a few days, we did notice drops in followers. After a week, or follower count dropped under 1000 followers. At the moment, the test account has over 2000 followers. We are not aware of the origin of these additional followers, someone may have used a FollowerBomb on the account. 🙁

Targeted Followers
targeted-twitter-followersFastFollowerz also offers a number of options, including Targeted Followerz. We tested out their USA Targeted Option and we were overall impressed by the results. This service requires you to give them your login credentials however. They will follow some people within your niche with the hope that they will follow you back. They will identify people that they feel are influencers in your market and interact with them. This service is a little different than most follower sales as it does involve trust with your account. They will tweet for you with the idea that they know they Twitter landscape better than their clients. This is a good service, but make sure you are comfortable sharing your information with them before you sign up for it.

An excellent service by an great company. Their services are solid, with tons of extra options to choose from. They have a 30-Day Money-back guarantee and a 1 Year Replacement Guarantee, which they do stand by. However, we didn’t like the instability of their followers and that they don’t offer any services to actually reach a real targeted audience on Twitter, such as Sponsored Mentions.

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 9 reviews
by JOHN H on Blank Product Name

I pay around $600 a month from these guys. I bought 2500 followers a day and reweets. I lost over 80k followers even when i paid for the 5 year warranty. Nothing but a bullshit scam. They are a registered business in Montreal. I live in Canada as well. I'll be taking LEGAL action against these scammers. You shouldn't register a business if your going to commit fraud and take peoples money. I will let you know what happens.


pricey but if you catch the promos and use points its worth it for the quality

by jamal on Blank Product Name
would order again

i used fastfollowerz for some twitter followers to my artists page. the service was good but im rating 4 stars because when i went to place a second order the website was down for updates. but after a few hours i was about to place the second order

by Jonathon on Blank Product Name

Very pleased with Fast Followerz! The customer service is top quality and best part is they will replace any followers lost at no cost 🙂

by Anonymous on Blank Product Name

FastFollowerz has some of the best quality followers I've seen, but it just sucks that they're not reliable. I ordered 25,000 Twitter followers 3 months ago and everything was going well into about a month ago when I starting losing followers at a rapid rate. I contacted them and they said they would replace them, which they did, but I kept losing even after that. It's such a hassle. 🙁

by Jodi G on Blank Product Name
Escort service

After using fast followerz for over a year and 100$ I was made aware every follower they sent was a escort service. Tweeting they want company and room service if you go under the persons favorites you will actually the the Escort service displayed. They gave me one refund for 31$ and wouldn't oh our four other purchases this is a scam

by James on Blank Product Name

FastFollowerz was incredible! Easy to order and they delivered quickly. They have a cool dashboard and tons of services. A little pricey, especially for Twitter Follwoers, but overall worth it. I’ve recommended them to a lot of peers.


Maybe it's brutal review but I'm telling you, dont use FastFollowerz's service because you'll just have your followers for 3 days and after that, GONE! SO, DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH FASTFOLLOWERZ.COM, IT'S NOT WORTH IT. go to Devumi if you want to buy Twitter followers. and if FastFollowerz team has objection, they can come to me. I'm ready to fight them and their bad service!

by Eleni on Blank Product Name

A little pricy but offers amazing service!