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Company: TwitterBoost (USA)
Founded: 2013
Service Reviewed: Followers, Sponsored Mentions
Methods: Internal Network & Social Networking
Price: $9 and up
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Review Summary (Short & Sweet)

TwitterBoost is a Twitter specific company. Their biggest highlight is the quality of followers and the natural way they are delivered. Their price is reasonable, but a little high. Follower retention is as good as the best and customer support is helpful and courteous. Overall a pleasant and professional company to buy twitter followers from.


About TwitterBoost

Twitter Boost is far from the largest provider of Twitter Followers, but they are definitely one of the best. The USA-based company has been around for two years and focuses exclusively on Twitter Services. They offer three effective services including Buy Twitter Followers, Daily Retweets and Sponsored Mentions – they recommend combining all three services, which you can easily do. Their packages start at $9 for 500 Followers, which makes them one of the more affordable quality providers. They include a 100% Money-Back Guarantee and Replacement Guarantee, and they’re one of the only providers to accept Bitcoin for payment.

TwitterBoost – Our Detailed Review

We tested TwitterBoost’s service in January 2014 and so far, we’ve been very pleased. Their service are reliable, they deliver on time and the overall combination of services (as they recommend) definitely take things to another level compared to just buying twitter followers.


The Order Process

The ordering process with TwitterBoost is straightforward.


TwitterBoost Home1. TwitterBoost displays their main package right on their homepage. Their packages range from 500 Twitter Followers ($9) to 100,000 Followers ($397). They explain how their services work on their homepage as well, in addition to their guarantees and privacy policies.




2. When you select a package (we choose 5k in our example), you’ll be directed to their Package / Customization Page. Here, you’ll enter your Twitter Username and select optional add-ons for Daily Retweets and Sponsored Mentions. Once you’re finish, hit the Add to Cart button.




Step33. The next and last step is Checkout. You’ll see the summary of your order and the Billing Details you’ll have to enter. They offer three payment methods (Credit Card, PayPal and Bitcoin). Once you pay, you’ll receive an email confirmation. You can use their Track Your Order page to stay updated.

Turnaround Time

Buy Twitter Followers From Twitterboost TurnaroundTwitterBoost delivered 1,000 Twitter Followers in about 1 day or so. They’ve told us that they deliver about 2,000 followers maximum in a day, so 5,000 would take about 3 days, 10,000 would take about 5 days, and so on. Their Daily Retweets services usually starts within a day or two (it last for 30 days unless you opt for a renewing package) and Sponsored Mentions are completed in about a week.

Twitter Follower Quality

We received high quality Twitter Followers from Twitter Boost. High quality followers means that these followers look real with profile photos, bios, tweets and followers of their own. While they’re not really “real” people, we had no complaints.
Buy Twitter Followers Twitterboost exmaples

Twitter Follower Retention Rate

Our oldest order with Twitter was place about January 4th, 2014 for the account [Anonymous During Evaluation], which started from a flat zero (0) and ended up with 1,206 Twitter Followers after one day. As of March 6th, 2015 we have 1,064 followers. Noone has used a followerbomb on this account and all the followers presented to us from Twitterboost are still there. They did not have to replace any followers, although some of the extra over 1,000 we ordered DID fall off, we are still 64 followers above our order a year after we placed it. Not too shabby.


Daily Retweets

TwitterBoost offers a unique service known as “Daily Retweets”. The service does exactly what it sounds like, it gives your tweets (all of them) retweets everyday for the duration of the service you order. They offer two options as Add-Ons to their Twitter Follower packages, and a Subscription-based Daily Retweets service separately. We tried it one a few of our private accounts and it was pretty awesome – the retweets came in randomly and smoothly. At $40/month, it’s not too bad.


Sponsored Mentions

We haven’t tried their Sponsored Mentions service yet, but it seems very similar to Devumi’s Sponsored Mentions service.



TwitterBoost offers a handful of excellent services, with the guarantees to back them up. Their Twitter Followers service is solid and reliable, with extra services such as Retweets and Sponsored Mentions to move things to another level. They have a Money-back guarantee and a 1 Year Replacement Guarantee, which they stand by. After a year we still have the followers they sent and have had no issues with the account.


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 3 reviews
by Chapman on TwitterBoost
Very good service

Very good service. I ordered from Twitterboost and received my followers in a few hours. I haven't had any issues since.

by Francis on TwitterBoost

Excellent service! I received my followers in just a few hours after ordering and they looked very high quality. No egg photos or crappy profiles like a few other websites I've ordered from.

by Albert on TwitterBoost
Awesome Service!

I did my research and decided to go with TwitterBoost, and I'm extremely happy I did. I ordered with them Twice. THe first was a test run (they did well) and the second time was going all in - I ordered 10,000 Twitter Followers with their optional Daily Retweets and Sponsored Mentions.

The results were amazing! My followers went up to over 12k, I was getting retweets left and right, and I gained a lot of real followers, interactions and some new clients thanks to the Sponsored mentions.

I'll give this service 6 Stars. An amazing job by team TwitterBoost that far exceeded my expectations.