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TwitterBoost Review

Short and Sweet

TwitterBoost claims to provide high-quality Twitter Followers that will look just like real users, and that was what we got when we ordered 1,000 Followers from them. The followers we got have profile pictures, bios, and recent tweets, just like authentic users.

TwitterBoost has great protections in place as well, like their Money-Back Guarantee and 1-Year Retention Guarantee. Customer support is responsive and pretty helpful.

Overall, we recommend TwitterBoost if you want to increase your follower count for a fair price – in our experience, you’ll get what you pay for.



Service Reviewed

1000 Twitter Followers


Privately Managed Followers



– Before You Buy –

Let our review help you make an informed decision

About Twitter Boost

TwitterBoost was established in 2013 as a social media boosting company, offering services to help people become more popular online.

Unlike many companies, who provide services for a variety of networks, TwitterBoost only offers services for Twitter. They offer followers, retweets, comments, and likes at affordable prices.

They recently redesigned their website, making it look much more modern. The service is explained better than before, and it’s easy to navigate. Customers can feel safe when ordering thanks to their money-back and retention guarantees.

Service Plans and Options

When it comes to Twitter Followers, TwitterBoost only offers basic Twitter follower plans. There are no targeting options, or extras you can add to your order.

They also offer Likes and Retweets, in a single package or as auto-engagements.

Delivery is supposed to typically begin within 48 hours, and followers will be delivered gradually between 100 to 1,000 followers per day. Turnaround times will vary depending on the size of the plan.

Twitter Followers



















Terms and Guarantees

Terms & Conditions


  • You can find the Privacy Policy here.
  • The policy seems pretty normal, TwitterBoost won’t collect or use your personal info.

Refunds & Cancellations

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • If you’re unsatisfied with the service, you can get a complete refund (some restrictions apply).

Retensions & Replacements

  • 1-Year Replacement Guarantee
  • If any followers leave for 1 year after ordering, they will be replaced for free (contact TwitterBoost).

Customer Support

It’s easy to navigate to their contact page, by clicking the “Support” button at the top right of the page. Or you can scroll to the bottom and click “Contact Us.”

You can get in touch with them by the on-page contact form.

We contacted them with some questions before ordering, to test their customer support. We had no problems getting in touch with them, and their response came very quickly, in about an hour.

Pre-Order Questions

As you can see below, their response was friendly and pretty informative. However, they didn’t answer our question about how long the followers would take to arrive. In addition, we were told that most of our followers would have profile pics and bios, but that wasn’t what we saw in our order.

Pre-Order Response

After ordering, we sent another set of questions to test their response to a paying customer.

Post-Order Questions

The response was pretty quick, coming in a couple hours. It was informative and friendly once again, but they didn’t tell us what to do in case any followers leave.

Post-Order Response

– Planning Your Order –

How to plan your order

Order Recommendations

TwitterBoost can help you appear more authoritative and credible online. Their service will boost your numbers with authentic-looking users, and it would be impossible for anyone to realize you bought them.

Look More Popular

  • Service is good for this

Go Viral

  • Service is good for this

Attract More Attention

  • Service is good for this

Ruin Reputation

  • Doesn’t Help with this

Gain Real Followers

  • Doesn’t Help with this

Getting Sales & Leads

  • Service is good for this

– After you Order –

What you can expect

Turnaround Time

Follower orders are meant to begin within 48 hours, and be delivered at a rate of a few hundred to a thousand per day.

We started seeing followers less than 24 hours after ordering, and the delivery was finished 2 days after ordering. Just like we expected.

Followers Growth Rate

Number of Followers
Number of Days to Achieve

Quality of Followers

TwitterBoost recently upgraded the quality of the followers they offer. When you buy from them you’ll get Twitter users that look basically like real users, and nobody will be able to tell that you bought them.

 Profile Photos Unique Bios
 Good F/F Ratio Active Tweeter
 Engage Your Tweets SFW-Only Followers
100%TwitterAudit Check  

Retention Rate

We wound up with a total of 1,360 Followers, 360 more than we expected.

They arrived on time and in full. No complaints here!

1 Day 51%
2 Days 100%
7 Days – N/A Yet
30 Days – N/A Yet
60 Days – N/A Yet
90 Days – N/A yet

– Conclusion –

TwitterBoost is a professional, legit company with a nice-looking site. They offer high-quality Twitter Followers, along with Likes and Retweets.

The 1,000 Twitter Followers we ordered came right on time, and we got extra – in total we received 1,360. Our followers look pretty much just like authentic users, who have profile pictures, recent activity, and unique bios – they even have header images.

TwitterBoost has good customer support and protections. They responded quickly to our questions with informative answers, and they have a solid money-back guarantee and 1-year retention guarantee on followers you buy.

If you’re looking for affordable followers who can boost your numbers, TwitterBoost will work great for you. 

– User Reviews –

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Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Chapman on TwitterBoost
Very good service

Very good service. I ordered from Twitterboost and received my followers in a few hours. I haven't had any issues since.

by Francis on TwitterBoost

Excellent service! I received my followers in just a few hours after ordering and they looked very high quality. No egg photos or crappy profiles like a few other websites I've ordered from.

by Albert on TwitterBoost
Awesome Service!

I did my research and decided to go with TwitterBoost, and I'm extremely happy I did. I ordered with them Twice. THe first was a test run (they did well) and the second time was going all in - I ordered 10,000 Twitter Followers with their optional Daily Retweets and Sponsored Mentions.

The results were amazing! My followers went up to over 12k, I was getting retweets left and right, and I gained a lot of real followers, interactions and some new clients thanks to the Sponsored mentions.

I'll give this service 6 Stars. An amazing job by team TwitterBoost that far exceeded my expectations.