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New and Improved Twitter.Com: 5 Features That Will Elevate Your Twitter Experience

5 Features That Will Elevate Your Twitter Experience

Millions of people had been using Twitter and relied on the app regarding what’s new and trending worldwide. It’s time for Twitter to level up and give something unique to its users. Twitter rebuilds its website from scratch to a new, faster, and easy to navigate the social site. The updated and refreshed would give you the feel to stay and browse longer. 

The main goal of Twitter is to connect everyone around the globe. However, it seems a little challenging to deliver the features to everyone due to the massive users and the variety of devices they use. To fix the issue, Twitter tried several approaches; however, none of it works well. They think of ways on how they could make more people-friendly, and luckily they came up with a whole new approach—to rebuild twitter and make it new. 

How Did They Build the New

Twitter unified the features of their mobile and desktop sites as their priority. This had been a huge task for its architects. However, it guarantees smooth and easy navigation for Also, the approach of rebuilding Twitter from scratch is a sure solution to deliver the best experience possible to each person. 

Other Social Media have desktop sites separated from the site for mobile. This is to ensure that those using constrained data would still be able to experience fast browsing. The disadvantage of this methodology is that it requires coding highlights on different occasions and keeps clients from getting to the site’s full feature. Therefore, Twitter discovered a way to enable full features, even on desktop sites. 

New and Improved Twitter.Com: 5 Features That Will Elevate Your Twitter Experience

Here are 5 Features You Need To Know On the New and Improved

Twitter has been trying aspects for some time so they could ensure the new site reflected how you use Twitter. Because of the countless reactions we got during those tests,’s highlights make discussions simpler to discover and follow – and slightly more fun. It includes:

Easy Access to Features Like Bookmarks, Lists, and Profile

The bookmark is essential for users as their way of saving tweets they like and might want to revisit. Also, easy access to lists is vital, especially to those who filter the tweets they want to see. This feature works well with business owners and other marketing strategists. Lastly, the profile with its own spot on the page is perfect for making everything smooth and faster to switch tabs.

The New Feature “Explore”

A new way to know more of what’s happening around the world is through Twitter’s new feature, Explore. It could present to you unusual contents found in the applications. Also, you can expect more live videos and moments in any place you are in the world. Top Trends are also included in the updated version so you won’t miss exciting happenings.

Unified Direct Message

Finally! There’s no more hassle in switching screens to send a message since direct messages are all in one place now. Direct Messages have been extended so you can see your discussions and sent messages all from one view.

Switching Accounts is Faster Like Never Been Before

This has been the easiest way to switch accounts since you don’t have to struggle with logging in and logging out. On the side navigation, you’ll already see your other accounts’ icons so you could manage multiple accounts without putting in so much effort. The whole process has been made simpler for you.

Customize Your Twitter Depending On Your Choice

You can now change the theme of your Twitter from light to dark mode. This is an interesting feature for those who love to personalize their sites, especially those who wanted to control their page or timeline’s brightness. Twitter launched different themes and color options and two categories for dark mode.  

New is Business-Friendly

Twitter has always been supportive of any business. However, the new updates on made more features that are extra helpful for entrepreneurs. The purpose of this is to let them maximize the use of social media while they are working. Their approach to making Twitter a business-friendly social media is another genius technique of Twitter to step up against their competitors. Here are some of the features that every entrepreneur on Twitter would like:

You Can Now Control the People Who Reply to Your Tweets.

How is this helpful for business owners? Simple. People with irrelevant and offensive comments can be filtered so they won’t affect the excellent name you are building. Don’t worry because moderating the people who take part in your conversation is an easy task. You have to click on the default setting that says “everyone can reply” and change it to ‘people you follow’ or ‘people you mention’ depending on your choice.

New and Improved Twitter.Com: 5 Features That Will Elevate Your Twitter Experience

Schedule Your Tweets

It’s fine if this is still not the right time to send your tweet. Just prepare it and send it when the right time comes. Most business owners find this helpful because they would just have to spend a day to schedule their promotional tweets. 

Creating Lists of Accounts to Buy Twitter Followers

As I’ve mentioned above, the Twitter list is an essential feature for entrepreneurs. They could create a list of all the accounts beneficial only in their business. It is one effective way to separate business from personal tweets if you are using only one account. Most entrepreneurs have preferred an organized and personalized timeline, so this feature best suits them. Using data from real Twitter followers vastly improves your outlook when your marketing dollars buy new Followers on Twitter.


This feature is made, especially for tweets that need more than 280 characters. Most businesses used Twitter as their marketing strategy but can’t tell everything they need to say in just one tweet. With the help of this feature, they were able to create a longer message for their audience. 

New and Improved Twitter.Com: 5 Features That Will Elevate Your Twitter Experience

Today, Twitter is happy with the result of’s rebuilding, particularly with the positive reviews it got from its users. This is a win-win situation for both Twitter and the people since they were able to reach their goal of connecting people from everywhere in an easy and faster way possible. 

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Published on: 6 January 2021
Posted by: Joy P
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