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Twitter is Relaunching Verification, Here Are The Things You Need To Know

Twitter is Relaunching Verification opportunities for all Twitter Followers

Social media sites like Twitter have done a fantastic job at connecting people. In these platforms, users can keep connected to family and friends even if they are apart in the real world. Aside from that, Twitter also connects users to strangers. It allows new relationships – platonic, romantic, or camaraderie- to blossom. 

Because of that, Twitter is one of the best tools celebrities and public figures can use to 0connect to their fans and people. On the platform, famous people can interact with them. In addition, they can engage in conversations to learn more about each other.  

Twitter is Relaunching Verification, Here Are The Things You Need To Know

Can Any Twitter Follower Get the Blue Checkmark of Verification?

Unfortunately, even outside of social media, posers are a thing. They are individuals who pretend to be someone else. These people do it primarily for malicious intent, like doing scams. On the internet, it is easier to do. All the posers need to do is download photos of the person whose identity they want to steal and make a believable profile. Just like that, they can trick and manipulate unsuspecting fans. Unfortunately, the victims of the scams are not the only ones that are damaged, but also the public figure’s reputation.

Thankfully, social media networks recognize the danger identity theft poses. So, they have introduced a feature that allows users to see which accounts are legitly owned by their leaders and idols. The feature is called account verification. Obviously, these accounts often have so many Twitter Followers that even if you could buy that many it would cost a small fortune.

Verified Accounts

Different platforms have different criteria for how to verify an account. But, they share one common goal. That is to allow users to distinguish the authenticity of accounts that are of high public interest. Thus, it is a tool that would save them from being fooled. Furthermore, it will help preserve the reputation of the owners of those accounts. 

When an account is verified, a blue badge appears next to the display name. So, with just one glance, you can tell if the account is trustworthy or not. Twitter researches have shown that that type of safe environment leads to healthier and more informed conversations. 

Twitter is rolling out its new and improved verification application process and reviewing public applications for verification. The network has been working with the public to improve its operation. Now, Twitter excitedly announced that the fruit of their hard work is finally being implemented.

Verification on Twitter

This new process brings clarity to the verification eligibility criteria. Furthermore, in line with the changes, Twitter launched a new policy shaped by public feedback. The approach is also enforced on already verified accounts. In fact, Twitter has begun removing badges from accounts that no longer meet the updated criteria for verification. Prime examples are accounts that are incomplete or those that are inactive. 

New guidelines for verified accounts also accompany the new criteria. The guidelines aim to encourage healthy conversations for the betterment of the Twitter community. It also states that verified accounts should serve the public conversations authentically, respectfully, and with consideration. Furthermore, they are expected to follow the philosophy of leading by example. Moreover, they should Tweet others how they want to be Tweeted. Finally, as you might expect, verified accounts that have repeatedly violated the Twitter Rules will lose their blue badge.

Twitter says that the rollout marks the next milestone in its plans. With it, Twitter can give more transparency, credibility, and clarity to verification on the platform. The platform acknowledges that it cannot achieve this without the help of the users. For that, they expressed their thanks.

Who Is Eligible For Verification?

Again, verification is for accounts that are of high public interest. You would not need it if you are an ordinary college student or work as a family driver. The only people that would be eligible for verification are those that fit in the following categories:

Twitter is Relaunching Verification, Here Are The Things You Need To Know


These are accounts of key government officials and offices. The category includes heads of state, elected officials, appointed ministers, institutional entities, ambassadors, and official spokespeople. Political candidates for the state- or national-level public office may also be verified depending on their country.

Companies, brands, and organizations

These are accounts representing prominent organizations and secondary affiliated accounts. It includes companies, brands, non-profit organizations, as well as their leaders and other prominent executives.

News organizations and journalists

This category is for any official accounts of the qualifying news organization. Accounts of journalists employed by qualifying organizations may also be verified. But, the account should be public and refer directly to the qualifying organization’s name and official URL. 

Freelance journalists’ accounts can also get verified by providing at least three credits in qualifying publications. They should have been published within six months before applying.

So what are the qualifying organizations? The list includes newspapers, magazines, broadcast, cable, satellite, and streaming TV and radio news networks, stations, and programs. Digital news publishers, podcasts, and similar media are also included. 


Accounts owned or managed by film studios, TV networks, and music entities are eligible for verification. Likewise, accounts of artists, performers, directors, and others in similar public-facing roles associated with such entities or their productions are also eligible. 

Sports and gaming

Accounts of professional leagues, teams, rostered players, and coaches listed on the official team website can apply for verification. Those qualifications apply to both sports and esports. 

Twitter made it clear that it will not verify accounts of those who compete in minor leagues. But, they will do it for athletes who are participating in global competitions such as the Olympics and Paralympics.

Twitter is Relaunching Verification, Here Are The Things You Need To Know

Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals

The last on the list are accounts outside the professional categories defined above. These are for people who use Twitter to bring awareness, share information, or bring about socio-economic, political, or cultural change. Also under this category are people who foster community or rally community members around a cause.

There are different criteria for each of the six categories. Check Twitter’s Help Center’s “About Verified Accounts” page to learn more about them. 

Elon Musk Tweets from his Twitter Blue-Checkmark Verified Account Indicating New Lawsuits Against The Government

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, usually stays out of politics. However, it was not until recently when he became pretty vocal about his political preferences when Alameda County, California, rejected his request to re-open his Tesla factory.

On May 21, Sunday, the Tesla CEO finally voiced out his preferences regarding politics. He wrote the figure of speech on the social media platform Twitter, “Take the red pill.” He was promptly impersonated by a fake but Twitter verified Blue Checkmark Elon Musk account.

The said phrase was derived from the movie entitled Matrix. In the movie Neo, the main character is provided with a choice to take red or blue pills. If he takes the red pill, his eyes will be opened to see the unpleasant truth. On the other hand, taking the blue medication will make him remain ignorant. 

Through the years that passed, this movie reference became a phrase that describes people’s political opinions. Those who take the blue pill belong to the left or those who choose to remain apolitical. Furthermore, whoever takes the red pill becomes conservative. Get exclusive reports from here.

Tesla CEO Filed A Case Against Alameda County with his Followers Behind Him

The car manufacturing company originally planned to allow a fraction of its factory employees to go back to work by May 19 Friday. However, the health department of Alameda county waned them on a live-streamed town hall that allowing their employees to return to work is considered a violation of the county’s rules.

Elon Musk to File a Lawsuit Against Alameda County

Moreover, Dr. Erica Pan, Alameda county’s interim public health officer, publicized on May 19, Friday, that the Tesla factory did not have any signal to resume its operation. 

The Alameda Health Department issued a statement to CNN Business, saying that they have collaborated with Tesla to create and implement a safety plan that would allow its employees to go back to work while still protecting their health and well-being. The health department also added that Tesla has been responsive to their recommendations and guidance and that they look forward to having an agreement and safety plan soon. 

Influencers Say Elon Could Become De-Verified from Frivolous Lawsuits

It is clear to see that Musk is upset with Democratic leadership. Last week, Alameda County, California, blocked Musk from re-opening his Fremont factory. However, the state lifted the shutdown regulation and let other businesses re-open. This prompted the Tesla CEO to file a lawsuit against the said county. 

In addition, Musk revealed that he would be relocating his Tesla headquarters to either Texas or Nevada as soon as possible. The decision came right after Alameda county refused to allow him to bring his factory back into operation. 

Elon Musk to File a Lawsuit Against Alameda County

Moreover, Musk emphasized that what happened was his final straw. He added that if ever they will keep Fremont factory’s operation, it will largely depend on how the county will treat Tesla in the Future. Notably, Musk’s Tesla company is the only carmaker left in California. 

If there is another clear thing, it is the fact that Musk had enough with the anti-capitalistic behavior that California has. This is also the reason why he has a plan to leave the state, according to him. The rules of Alameda county are irrational and violate constitutional civil liberties.

Fremont, California Mayor Lily Mei Supports Tesla’s Re-opening

Lily Mei, Fremon., California’s mayor, said that she supports Tesla’s re-opening. However, she noted that her support for the company would remain as long as Tesla commits itself to find a thoughtful and balanced approach. 

Mayor Mei’s statement came after the Tesla CEO showed his disgust over Alameda county and decided to relocate his company’s headquarters somewhere out of California. 

On May  18, Thursday, California Governor Gavin Newsom issued new guidance that allowed manufacturing companies to resume their operations. This new guidance also allowed individual counties to implement stricter regulations. The shelter-in-place rules enforced by Alameda county will take effect until May 31, while Texas will enable manufacturing businesses to resume limited operations on May 18. On the other hand, Nevada already permitted many outside companies and retailers to operate on Saturday, May 20. 

Do Twitter Users Need As Many Followers as Elon?

The plan of Tesla’s CEO to relocate his factory out of California was made more transparent last May 21, Sunday, when he published a series of tweets. In a tweet, Musk emphasized his plan of moving his company to Nevada or Texas. In addition, he accused Alameda county of defying the orders of US President Trump. 

Furthermore, Tesla CEO also emphasized how upset he was of the interim health officer, calling her “unelected & ignorant.” According to Musk, Dr. Erica Pan was acting against Alameda county’s governor, the US president, the Constitutional freedoms, and the plain common sense. 

Tesla has already filed a lawsuit against the Northern District of California on the night of May 20. The company is asking for a permanent injunction that will bar the county from implementing its shelter-in-place regulation. According to the company, Alameda county exempted them from re-opening because its operations lie under the definition of critical infrastructure.

Elon Musk to File a Lawsuit Against Alameda County

Could Elon Musk Lose his Blue Checkmark Verification?

Tesla’s Gigafactory 1, a battery company, is located in Sparks, Nevada. However, it has never set its footprints in Texas. Back in February, Musk posted a poll on Twitter where he asked his followers if he should establish a Gigafactory in Texas. Eighty percent of those who participated in the survey said yes. 

In addition, Musk encouraged the shareholders of Tesla to file a class-action lawsuit against Alameda county for the money Tesla lost, given that its competitors in other states have already resumed their operations. According to Musk, the Tesla factory in Alameda county must re-open because it learned how to respond to the coronavirus pandemic through its Shanghai, China factory. Currently, the said factory is Tesla’s only operating plant. 

On May 20, Texas’s Republican Senator Ted Cruz told Musk in a tweet that they will welcome Tesla’s headquarters in their country. The senator added that they love jobs, and the citizens of Texas eagerly want to open up and get back to work while staying safe. Lastly, he told Tesla that Texas manufacturers many cars and trucks, and they would love to have more.

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