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AudienceGain Review

Company: Audience Gain (USA)
Founded: 2015
Service Reviewed: Twitter Followers
Methods: Internet Networks / Bots
Price: $7.50 / 500 Followers
Editors’ Rating:




Review Summary (Short & Sweet)

Overall, AudienceGain offers a solid, dependable service at one of the most affordable price points that we’ve reviewed. With the exception of some minor issues when it comes to execution (which they seem to be working on!), they certainly deserve a spot as one of our recommended companies.
It’s important to note, however, that despite our positive experience with AudienceGain, their lack of a refund or replacement guarantee is worrisome. Until they update these policies, anyone seeking peace of mind should consider one of the other companies on the Top 5 List.


About AudienceGain

AudienceGain Original Logo On the surface, AudienceGain does a great job of presenting their information and services in a clear, concise, and aesthetically pleasing manner. The site is fully functional, well-organized and easy to navigate. Finding the Twitter service offerings was easy, and they have all the order related information available on the same page. They have multiple branches of service offerings that are clearly separated, and each of their services is well-documented.
Additionally, we couldn’t find any broken links or neglected design pieces on the site – all good signs! If you can’t trust the front end of a company’s site, how could you trust the backend? AudienceGain does a great job, however – getting 5/5 stars for usability.

AudienceGain – Our Detailed Review

AudienceGain-PricingThe Order Process
The order process with AudienceGain was painless. After selecting the package we wanted, it was an easy, streamlined process through checkout and into delivery. They offer PayPal as their only mode of payment, which adds an additional level of accountability and ease to the whole process.
When checking out, you’re taken to a simple checkout page. The only information they require from you is the username of the account you want boosted with new followers – then they check you out via PayPal. A very streamlined process that ensures a customer’s privacy warrants a 5 star rating for their order process.


Turnaround Time
With a low-cost offering like AudienceGain’s, you need to be willing to accept compromises. Their turnaround time would be where those compromises would most likely come to bear. While not the slowest service we’ve tested, they also were not the fastest. We started receiving Twitter Followers the next day, but it took just shy of 3 days to receive the entire promised amount.
Again, this is not a slow time, it’s just not particularly fast. If you’re desperate for Twitter followers and on the clock, we recommend you look into any of the other Top Five companies, as they seem to work much faster.

Twitter Followers & Retweet Quality audiencegain (8)
The ‘budget-level’ that AudienceGain is priced for again comes into play when discussing follower quality. The majority of the followers received during this review were perfectly passable inactive accounts – they all have names, profile pictures, a diverse network of social engagements and personalized tweets of their own. With that said, there were some followers received that simply did not make the cut. Whether it was a nonsensical robot-generated name, no bio or a missing cover photo, about 70% of the followers received would fail a visual inspection.
If you do business in a sensitive arena, especially one where your social media plays an important public role – there are plenty of other providers that offer much higher quality followers for around the same or slightly higher price.

Twitter Followers Retention Rate
After a full month of having used these followers, we can confidently say that AudienceGain’s retention rate is a lot better than their quality. In the first month, we experience a loss of 3 followers (0.6%) which is better than 95% of providers.
Additionally, AudienceGain actually over-delivered the number of followers by approximately 8% – somewhat making up for the budget quality of their followers as a whole. It seems like they are aware of the problems they have, and are working to make it right.
Customer Support
AudienceGain’s Customer Support is a bit of a mixed bag. They took a long time to respond to our initial service queries, (24-36 hours) but once we ordered, our questions and comments were handled rapidly and professionally. When it counted and money was on the line, they came through however.
Their support is unfortunately limited to e-mail. Unlike the majority of our Top 5 list, they don’t offer phone support or live chat. As stated earlier though, their e-mail support is generally of a high-quality, but don’t expect immediate support in the event of a time-critical issue with your order or Twitter account.

AudienceGain’s biggest flaw lies in their distinct lack of Money-Back Guarantee or Retention Guarantee. Despite their use of the consumer-friendly PayPal checkout system and their solid post-sales customer support, there is no official documentation anywhere on their site (or in their policies – we asked) that offers these crucial safeguards.
On the ‘package page’, they claim that follower purchases are protected by a 100% MoneyBack guarantee, but fail to elaborate on this promise anywhere else on the site. When pressed about the question, they vaguely intimated that they’d be willing to execute a refund, but offered no knowledge as to when/if an order would qualify.

If AudienceGain was to expand their buyer protection to include a fully disclosed guarantee Privacy Policy, they’d score much higher on this section, however, until that happens, we can’t give them above a 2-star rating.

AudienceGain currently represents a solid B-level entry into the field of Twitter follower promotion. They have several small problems: their relatively small packages, sluggish turnaround, the overall quality of the followers delivered, and their lack of a comprehensive buyer protection offering (refund/replacement policy, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, etc.). Though these issues represent inconveniences, as a whole, AudienceGain does a solid job providing a quality service on a consistent basis.


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