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Buying Twitter Followers

Don’t buy Twitter followers without reading reviews first. Not all services are the same. Our goal is to help you better understand how buying followers works, and make the best decision.

We tested & reviewed hundreds of providers to find the best and root out the scams. Here are the top 5 providers based on over 20 factors:

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Rank Company Highlight Prices Links
#1 MediaMister

High Quality and Instant Retweets.
  • Up to 100,000 Retweets per tweet
  • Instant and Organic Results
  • High-Quality, Organic Users
  • Undetectable Results
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
per 1000

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#2 buycheapfollowerslikes

Reliable, Fast and Excellent Support
  • Up to 15,000 Retweets per tweet
  • Fast and Organic Results
  • High-Quality, Organic Users
  • Undetectable Results
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
per 1000

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Reliable provider. Organic results.
  • Up to 5,000 Retweets per tweet
  • Fast and Organic Results
  • High-Quality Retweets and Likes
  • Undetectable Results
  • 100% Risk-Free Guarantee
per 1000

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#4 Automatic Retweet

  • Up to 1,000,000 Retweets per tweet
  • Solid and fast Results
  • Real looking users / HQ Bots
  • Safe and Tested
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
per 10000

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excellent Excellent
good Good
neutral Neutral
bad Bad

Pros & Cons of Buying Followers

Buying Twitter Followers is controversial, but it’s far from black and white. After five years of experimenting, these are the pros and cons we’ve discovered:

Pros vs Cons


  • It’s a quick way of kickstarting your Twitter account. As opposed to starting from zero to a few dozen followers, now you’ll be launched off with a few thousand followers from the get-go.
  • The best part, arguably, is that it will strengthen your social credibility. Having a following means you have some social proof, causing new visitors to take you more seriously, engage with you online, and follow you to the point of purchasing from you or your company.
  • Different Marketing Campaigns are visibly more effective. That’s a fact. The more followers you have gives you the “bandwagon effect” casting less doubt about your business. This helps you save in the long-run.
  • Social Proof can increase conversion by up to 1400%. Showcase your large following on your website and show others how many people love your brand. This is no joke – source.
  • Gain more organic followers as a result of your positive social proof. When you have thousands of followers, users are more likely to perceive you as “worth following.”
  • Attract more impressions and engagements – With a larger following, your tweets are able to reach a larger audience and attract more engagements. This doesn’t work with shitty tweets.
  • It’s a Deal Maker. If you’re a professional, artist, or a small agency, the number of followers you have can affect how potential clients, fans, agents, record labels, and many more decision-makers perceive you. More followers can help make deals happen, or give you an upper hand in negotiations.


  • Twitter Followers are typically not relevant or targeted. While many companies offer geo-targeting options, most of the followers you buy will not directly cause more sales, leads, or clicks.
  • You can lose the followers you buy later on. This is especially true with cheaper providers and fake followers as Twitter removes them. It is important to note that some companies do offer replacement guarantees or warranties.
  • Buying Twitter followers is seen as a shortcut, so you’ll want to keep the transaction a secret, assuming you follow through with it.
  • Scams are universal. Low-quality Twitter follower vendors lurk in (almost) every YouTube comment. These low-quality followers can actually hurt your reputation and kill all the benefits you may gain. Just do yourself a favor and read reviews, and then use your common sense, before ordering so that you can avoid this.

High-Quality Follower vs Low-Quality Follower

Not all followers are the same. When you buy followers, you want to make sure you buy Real or High-Quality Twitter followers and steer clear of companies or providers selling Fake or Low-Quality followers. To better understand what we mean by this, compare a High-Quality vs Low-Quality Follower:

Original Image Original
Modified Image Modified

High-Quality Followers

  • Unique Profile Photo
  • Unique Header Image
  • Unique Bio
  • Frequently Tweets
  • Retweets & Likes Others
  • Has Followers of Their Own
  • Doesn’t Follow too Many Users
  • Low Risk of Unfollowing You
  • Low Risk of Getting Suspended

Low-Quality Followers

  • No Profile Photo (Default)
  • No Header Image (Solid Color)
  • No or Poorly Written Bio
  • No or Little Tweet Activity
  • Anti-Social
  • No Followers of Their Own
  • Follows too Many Users
  • High-Risk of unfollowing you
  • High-Risk of Getting Suspended

High vs Low Quality – Their Impact on Your Profile

The difference between real and fake followers is pretty obvious, and can really impact the appearance of your profile, as well as your reputation. What’s even worse is that companies selling low-quality, fake followers will regularly send you porn followers – and it’s not pretty.

Original Image Original
Modified Image Modified

Frequent Questions & Answers

  • Can you really buy Twitter followers?
    Excited-Really-Spongebob-Reaction-GifYes, you can really buy followers for Twitter. It’s extremely simple, it’s well known, and millions of people have bought followers.

    To buy followers, you simply:

    1. Choose a company or provider, preferably a reputable one.
    2. Choose how many followers you want, from a few hundred to a few million.
    3. Place your order.
    4. Wait. This may take a few hours to a few days.
    5. Start receiving new Twitter followers on your account.
    6. Finish receiving your followers.
    7. Viola! You bought followers.
  • How does buying Twitter followers work?
    There is no simple answer to this, as different companies use different methods to deliver followers. The most common methods are:

    • Follow First (Requires Password) — The original method of getting Twitter followers is to follow thousands of users in the hopes that they will follow you back, then unfollowing the ones that don’t and repeating the process. This method requires sharing your password with the company and is very risky. Not recommended.
    • Robot Followers (Does Not Require Password) — This method is how most companies deliver fake followers. The company uses software to create and manage a network of followers, and simple commands them to follow you. You don’t need to share your password, and this method doesn’t risk your account.
    • Reward Followers (Does Not Require Password) — A few companies are known to use this method to deliver real followers. The company runs a platform that rewards Twitter users for following you with cash, gift cards, or followers of their own. No password is required, the followers are real, and there can be some targeting. The main downside of this method is that the followers are typically not relevant since they’re only following you for a reward.
    • Twitter Ads (On Twitter) — The last method of buying Twitter followers is directly from Twitter. Yes, Twitter sells followers through its “Promoted Accounts” Ad program. They’ll promote your account to targeted followers, and charge you per follower gained. This method is likely the best option for buying genuine Twitter followers but is extremely expensive – costing as much as $2.50 per follower or $2,500 per 1000 followers.
  • Are followers that I buy going to unfollow me?
    why unfollow me

    The fact is, your followers can unfollow you at any time, whether you buy them or not. That’s the nature of Twitter. However, when it comes to bought followers, things are slightly different:

    • On average, the followers you buy are more likely to unfollow you. This is because most bought followers are typically not interested in your tweets.
    • Fake followers will not unfollow you, but they can get suspended or deleted by Twitter.
    • Each company has a different follower retention rate, so how many users may unfollow you can vary depending on which company you choose. The better the service, the higher the retention rate.

    It’s also important to note that many top providers include a replacement guarantee in case you lose followers. Make sure the company you choose guarantees this.

  • Does buying Twitter followers actually work?
    Yes, it really works.
  • Am I buying real or fake followers?
    It depends on the company and the method they use to deliver followers. Some companies sell real followers but are typically irrelevant. Most companies, however, sell fake followers because it’s easier, quicker and cheaper.
  • Why should I buy followers?
    Buying followers is not the only way to gain followers, and it’s far from the best way, but that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore or avoid it. Buying followers is beneficial in many areas. You should buy followers if you want to:

    • Gain more followers quickly
    • Gain more followers cheaply
    • Get more followers easily
    • Increase your social proof
    • Improve your brand or self-image
    • Boost your reputation and credibility
    • Attract more organic followers
    • Increase your reach and tweet impressions
    • Feed your narcissism
    • Look more popular on Twitter
    • Want others to take you seriously
    • Want to appear more socially established

    There are other benefits to buying Twitter followers. Learn more in our Pros and Cons section above

  • Is buying followers a scam?
    No, buying followers is not a scam in and of itself.

    However, there are plenty of scammers that sell followers. These scammers will sell fake or poorly managed followers that will unfollow you or get suspended by Twitter almost immediately, leaving you with nothing to show. These are the providers you want to avoid, which is why we’re here.

  • Is buying followers safe?
    It is 100% safe to buy Twitter Followers. You won’t get in trouble, your account will never be penalized, suspended or banned. This is because most services are completely external. While you’re buying Twitter followers on another site, on Twitter you’re simply gaining followers naturally.

    The only time when it’s unsafe is if you share your password or login details with the provider, company or seller. In these cases, the provider has full access to your account and can do things as you that can get your account suspended. We highly recommend that you NEVER SHARE YOUR PASSWORD.
    Do not share Twitter password

  • Is it illegal to buy followers?
    No, buying Twitter followers is not illegal. Some methods such as Follow-First and Robot Followers are against Twitter’s terms of service, but it’s still perfectly legal.
    perfectly legal
  • Can a company remove bought followers after delivering them?
    This is highly unlikely, and we’ve never run into an issue like this. In most cases, if you lose followers it is because they unfollowed you naturally, or were deleted by Twitter.
  • Will bought followers pass Fake Follower Checkers?
    It depends on the provider and how they deliver followers. Almost all cheap followers will appear as FAKE or INACTIVE on these test. Followers acquired from premium providers or Twitter will appear as REAL.

    Fake follower checkers such as StatusPeople and TwitterAudit will only check a small percentage of your followers and will look for different factors to determine whether the followers are real or fake. These factors include tweet activity, follower to following ratio, profile photo and/or bio.

Buy Twitter Followers Reviews

Buy Twitter Followers Reviews