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Buying Twitter Followers

Don’t buy Twitter followers without reading reviews first. Not all services are the same. Our goal is to help you better understand how buying followers works, and make the best decision.

We tested & reviewed hundreds of providers to find the best and root out the scams. Here are the top 5 providers based on over 20 factors:

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Rank Company Highlight Prices Links
#1 MediaMister

High Quality and Instant Retweets.
  • Up to 100,000 Retweets per tweet
  • Instant and Organic Results
  • High-Quality, Organic Users
  • Undetectable Results
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
per 1000

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#2 buycheapfollowerslikes

Reliable, Fast and Excellent Support
  • Up to 15,000 Retweets per tweet
  • Fast and Organic Results
  • High-Quality, Organic Users
  • Undetectable Results
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
per 1000

More Details
Reliable provider. Organic results.
  • Up to 5,000 Retweets per tweet
  • Fast and Organic Results
  • High-Quality Retweets and Likes
  • Undetectable Results
  • 100% Risk-Free Guarantee
per 1000

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#4 Automatic Retweet

  • Up to 1,000,000 Retweets per tweet
  • Solid and fast Results
  • Real looking users / HQ Bots
  • Safe and Tested
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
per 10000

More Details
excellent Excellent
good Good
neutral Neutral
bad Bad


Pros & Cons of Buying Followers

Buying Twitter Followers is controversial, but it’s far from black and white. After five years of experimenting, these are the pros and cons we’ve discovered:

Pros vs Cons


  • It’s a quick way of kickstarting your Twitter account. As opposed to starting from zero to a few dozen followers, now you’ll be launched off with a few thousand followers from the get-go.
  • The best part, arguably, is that it will strengthen your social credibility. Having a following means you have some social proof, causing new visitors to take you more seriously, engage with you online, and follow you to the point of purchasing from you or your company.
  • Different Marketing Campaigns are visibly more effective. That’s a fact. The more followers you have gives you the “bandwagon effect” casting less doubt about your business. This helps you save in the long-run.
  • Social Proof can increase conversion by up to 1400%. Showcase your large following on your website and show others how many people love your brand. This is no joke – source.
  • Gain more organic followers as a result of your positive social proof. When you have thousands of followers, users are more likely to perceive you as “worth following.”
  • Attract more impressions and engagements – With a larger following, your tweets are able to reach a larger audience and attract more engagements. This doesn’t work with shitty tweets.
  • It’s a Deal Maker. If you’re a professional, artist, or a small agency, the number of followers you have can affect how potential clients, fans, agents, record labels, and many more decision-makers perceive you. More followers can help make deals happen, or give you an upper hand in negotiations.


  • Twitter Followers are typically not relevant or targeted. While many companies offer geo-targeting options, most of the followers you buy will not directly cause more sales, leads, or clicks.
  • You can lose the followers you buy later on. This is especially true with cheaper providers and fake followers as Twitter removes them. It is important to note that some companies do offer replacement guarantees or warranties.
  • Buying Twitter followers is seen as a shortcut, so you’ll want to keep the transaction a secret, assuming you follow through with it.
  • Scams are universal. Low-quality Twitter follower vendors lurk in (almost) every YouTube comment. These low-quality followers can actually hurt your reputation and kill all the benefits you may gain. Just do yourself a favor and read reviews, and then use your common sense, before ordering so that you can avoid this.

High-Quality Follower vs Low-Quality Follower

Not all followers are the same. When you buy followers, you want to make sure you buy Real or High-Quality Twitter followers and steer clear of companies or providers selling Fake or Low-Quality followers. To better understand what we mean by this, compare a High-Quality vs Low-Quality Follower:

Original Image Original
Modified Image Modified

High-Quality Followers

  • Unique Profile Photo
  • Unique Header Image
  • Unique Bio
  • Frequently Tweets
  • Retweets & Likes Others
  • Has Followers of Their Own
  • Doesn’t Follow too Many Users
  • Low Risk of Unfollowing You
  • Low Risk of Getting Suspended

Low-Quality Followers

  • No Profile Photo (Default)
  • No Header Image (Solid Color)
  • No or Poorly Written Bio
  • No or Little Tweet Activity
  • Anti-Social
  • No Followers of Their Own
  • Follows too Many Users
  • High-Risk of unfollowing you
  • High-Risk of Getting Suspended

High vs Low Quality – Their Impact on Your Profile

The difference between real and fake followers is pretty obvious, and can really impact the appearance of your profile, as well as your reputation. What’s even worse is that companies selling low-quality, fake followers will regularly send you porn followers – and it’s not pretty.

Original Image Original
Modified Image Modified

Frequent Questions & Answers

  • Can you really buy Twitter followers?
    Excited-Really-Spongebob-Reaction-GifYes, you can really buy followers for Twitter. It’s extremely simple, it’s well known, and millions of people have bought followers.

    To buy followers, you simply:

    1. Choose a company or provider, preferably a reputable one.
    2. Choose how many followers you want, from a few hundred to a few million.
    3. Place your order.
    4. Wait. This may take a few hours to a few days.
    5. Start receiving new Twitter followers on your account.
    6. Finish receiving your followers.
    7. Viola! You bought followers.
  • How does buying Twitter followers work?
    There is no simple answer to this, as different companies use different methods to deliver followers. The most common methods are:

    • Follow First (Requires Password) — The original method of getting Twitter followers is to follow thousands of users in the hopes that they will follow you back, then unfollowing the ones that don’t and repeating the process. This method requires sharing your password with the company and is very risky. Not recommended.
    • Robot Followers (Does Not Require Password) — This method is how most companies deliver fake followers. The company uses software to create and manage a network of followers, and simple commands them to follow you. You don’t need to share your password, and this method doesn’t risk your account.
    • Reward Followers (Does Not Require Password) — A few companies are known to use this method to deliver real followers. The company runs a platform that rewards Twitter users for following you with cash, gift cards, or followers of their own. No password is required, the followers are real, and there can be some targeting. The main downside of this method is that the followers are typically not relevant since they’re only following you for a reward.
    • Twitter Ads (On Twitter) — The last method of buying Twitter followers is directly from Twitter. Yes, Twitter sells followers through its “Promoted Accounts” Ad program. They’ll promote your account to targeted followers, and charge you per follower gained. This method is likely the best option for buying genuine Twitter followers but is extremely expensive – costing as much as $2.50 per follower or $2,500 per 1000 followers.
  • Are followers that I buy going to unfollow me?
    why unfollow me

    The fact is, your followers can unfollow you at any time, whether you buy them or not. That’s the nature of Twitter. However, when it comes to bought followers, things are slightly different:

    • On average, the followers you buy are more likely to unfollow you. This is because most bought followers are typically not interested in your tweets.
    • Fake followers will not unfollow you, but they can get suspended or deleted by Twitter.
    • Each company has a different follower retention rate, so how many users may unfollow you can vary depending on which company you choose. The better the service, the higher the retention rate.

    It’s also important to note that many top providers include a replacement guarantee in case you lose followers. Make sure the company you choose guarantees this.

  • Does buying Twitter followers actually work?
    Yes, it really works.
  • Am I buying real or fake followers?
    It depends on the company and the method they use to deliver followers. Some companies sell real followers but are typically irrelevant. Most companies, however, sell fake followers because it’s easier, quicker and cheaper.
  • Why should I buy followers?
    Buying followers is not the only way to gain followers, and it’s far from the best way, but that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore or avoid it. Buying followers is beneficial in many areas. You should buy followers if you want to:

    • Gain more followers quickly
    • Gain more followers cheaply
    • Get more followers easily
    • Increase your social proof
    • Improve your brand or self-image
    • Boost your reputation and credibility
    • Attract more organic followers
    • Increase your reach and tweet impressions
    • Feed your narcissism
    • Look more popular on Twitter
    • Want others to take you seriously
    • Want to appear more socially established

    There are other benefits to buying Twitter followers. Learn more in our Pros and Cons section above

  • Is buying followers a scam?
    No, buying followers is not a scam in and of itself.

    However, there are plenty of scammers that sell followers. These scammers will sell fake or poorly managed followers that will unfollow you or get suspended by Twitter almost immediately, leaving you with nothing to show. These are the providers you want to avoid, which is why we’re here.

  • Is buying followers safe?
    It is 100% safe to buy Twitter Followers. You won’t get in trouble, your account will never be penalized, suspended or banned. This is because most services are completely external. While you’re buying Twitter followers on another site, on Twitter you’re simply gaining followers naturally.

    The only time when it’s unsafe is if you share your password or login details with the provider, company or seller. In these cases, the provider has full access to your account and can do things as you that can get your account suspended. We highly recommend that you NEVER SHARE YOUR PASSWORD.
    Do not share Twitter password

  • Is it illegal to buy followers?
    No, buying Twitter followers is not illegal. Some methods such as Follow-First and Robot Followers are against Twitter’s terms of service, but it’s still perfectly legal.
    perfectly legal
  • Can a company remove bought followers after delivering them?
    This is highly unlikely, and we’ve never run into an issue like this. In most cases, if you lose followers it is because they unfollowed you naturally, or were deleted by Twitter.
  • Will bought followers pass Fake Follower Checkers?
    It depends on the provider and how they deliver followers. Almost all cheap followers will appear as FAKE or INACTIVE on these test. Followers acquired from premium providers or Twitter will appear as REAL.

    Fake follower checkers such as StatusPeople and TwitterAudit will only check a small percentage of your followers and will look for different factors to determine whether the followers are real or fake. These factors include tweet activity, follower to following ratio, profile photo and/or bio.


What Even Is Twitter in 2022?

Twitter is a digital medium that facilitates the distribution and perusal of succinct communique referred to as “tweets.” These tweets can encompass a maximum of 280 characters and may comprise text, hyperlinks, images, and videos.

One of the salient characteristics of Twitter is the capability to track the tweets of other users and view them in one’s feed. Additionally, one can interact with these tweets by expressing approval, reposting, or commenting on them, enabling engagement with other users and expressing one’s thoughts and viewpoints on various subjects.

In addition to tracking individual users, one can also monitor hashtags, which serve as labels for grouping tweets together based on a specific theme or occurrence. For instance, if one is interested in technology news, one could monitor hashtags such as #tech or #technology.

Twitter also boasts a feature called “moments,” which are curated compilations of tweets pertaining to a particular event or subject. These moments can be generated by Twitter or other users and can be an excellent means of staying informed about current events or discovering new content.

One aspect that differentiates Twitter from other social media platforms is the immediacy of the content. As tweets are succinct and effortless to produce, users can share their thoughts and experiences in real-time, making it an optimal platform for staying current with news and events as they unfold.

In summary, Twitter is a rapid-paced, versatile digital medium that enables users to disseminate their thoughts, opinions, and experiences with others in real-time. If one is interested in remaining connected with the latest news and trends, it is worth giving it a try.

What Is A Twitter Follower?

A Twitter subscriber is an individual who has elected to track one’s account on the digital medium. Upon subscribing to one’s account, they can view one’s tweets in their feed and interact with them by expressing approval, reposting, or commenting on them.

There are several methods by which one can acquire subscribers on Twitter. One approach is by disseminating intriguing and engaging content that other users find valuable, such as tweets about one’s thoughts and viewpoints on various subjects, hyperlinks to intriguing articles or videos, or behind-the-scenes glimpses into one’s personal or professional life.

Another strategy for gaining subscribers is through active engagement with other users on the platform, such as expressing approval, reposting, or commenting on their tweets, or participating in discussions via hashtags. By cultivating relationships with other users and showing an interest in their content, one can attract more subscribers to one’s account.

It is crucial to note that Twitter subscribers are distinct from associates on other digital media platforms. While one can subscribe to anyone on Twitter, they are not obligated to reciprocate the subscription. This means that one can have a substantial number of subscribers while only tracking a smaller number of other users.

In conclusion, a Twitter subscriber is an individual who has chosen to track one’s account on the platform and will be able to view one’s tweets in their feed. One can acquire more subscribers on the platform by disseminating intriguing content and engaging with other users.

What is Twitter Follower Engagement?

Twitter engagement pertains to the degree of involvement and participation that individuals have with a Twitter account or tweet. This can encompass likes, retweets, replies, and mentions.

Retweets are when a user redistributes another’s tweet on their own Twitter feed. This facilitates the dissemination of the original tweet to a broader audience. When a tweet is retweeted, the retweet count increases by one, and the tweet is also added to the retweeter’s “Tweets & replies” tab on their profile.

Replies are responses to a tweet that are directed at the original tweet’s author or anyone mentioned in the tweet. Replies are visible to anyone who can see the original tweet, and they are marked with the @ symbol followed by the username of the person being replied to.

Twitter engagement is significant because it aids in the dissemination of information and ideas, and it can also boost the visibility and reach of a Twitter account or tweet. High levels of engagement can also indicate that a Twitter account or tweet is valuable or interesting to users.

What is the Audience of Twitter Followers?

A Twitter following refers to the aggregate of individuals who have elected to subscribe to a particular Twitter account’s content. This demographic may encompass a diverse array of entities, including private individuals, corporate entities, non-profit organizations, and even public figures. The magnitude of a Twitter following may vary greatly, with some accounts boasting only a handful of subscribers, while others amass millions.

The composition of a Twitter following may also fluctuate. Certain accounts may boast a more generalized following, while others may possess a more specific target demographic, such as individuals invested in a particular subject or industry.

The constitution of a Twitter following may be influenced by a plethora of factors, including the quality and frequency of the content disseminated, the level of engagement the account receives, and the overall presence and activity of the account on the platform.

Possessing a robust and interactive Twitter following can be advantageous for businesses, organizations, and individuals. It can aid in raising brand awareness and reach, as well as providing valuable feedback and insights. Cultivating and preserving a strong Twitter following necessitates consistent and strategic exertion, including the regular dissemination of high-quality content, interaction with subscribers, and the utilization of hashtags and other techniques to enhance visibility.

Top 50 Things Nobody Knows About Twitter Followers

  1. Twitter followers do not necessarily have to follow each other. One user can follow another user without the other user following them back.
  2. A user can have multiple Twitter accounts, but each account must have a unique email address.
  3. Twitter followers are not necessarily real people. Some accounts are operated by bots or automated systems, and these followers may not be genuine.
  4. Twitter followers can be bought or acquired through various means, including the use of third-party services or bot programs. These followers may not be genuine and may not provide any real value.
  5. Twitter followers can be blocked or reported for spam or abusive behavior. This can lead to the suspension or termination of their account.
  6. Twitter followers can be organized into lists, which allows a user to group together specific accounts for easier management and viewing.
  7. Twitter followers can be private or public. Private followers can only be seen by the user and must be approved before they can see the user’s tweets. Public followers can see the user’s tweets without approval.
  8. Twitter followers can be muted, which allows a user to stop seeing tweets from a particular account without actually unfollowing them.
  9. Twitter followers can be imported or exported through the use of tools and services that allow users to transfer their followers between accounts.
  10. Twitter followers can be analyzed using various tools and services that provide insights into the demographics, interests, and activity of a user’s audience.
  11. Twitter followers can be gained through various means, including sharing high-quality content, engaging with other users, and using hashtags and other techniques to increase visibility.
  12. Twitter followers can be lost if a user stops posting or becomes inactive, or if they engage in spam or abusive behavior.
  13. Twitter followers can be targeted by hackers or scammers, who may use tactics such as impersonation or phishing to try and gain access to sensitive information.
  14. Twitter followers can be influenced by the use of influencer marketing, in which popular or influential users are paid or sponsored to promote products or services to their followers.
  15. Twitter followers can be segmented based on various criteria, such as location, interests, or demographics, which can help to tailor content and messaging to specific audiences.
  16. Twitter followers can be connected to other social media platforms through the use of cross-promotion techniques, such as sharing links or hashtags between platforms.
  17. Twitter followers can be analyzed using tools such as analytics and social listening, which can provide insights into their behavior, interests, and preferences.
  18. Twitter followers can be used as a measure of a user’s influence or popularity on the platform, although this is not a perfect measure as it can be influenced by various factors such as the use of bots or paid followers.
  19. Twitter followers can be used as a way to gauge the success or reach of a particular campaign or initiative, as an increase in followers can indicate increased engagement and interest.
  20. Twitter followers can be used to gain valuable feedback and insights through the use of polls, surveys, and other interactive features on the platform.
  21. Twitter followers can be used to create custom audiences for targeted advertising by uploading a list of followers to a platform such as Twitter Ads.
  22. Twitter followers can be used to create exclusive content or events for a select group of loyal followers as a way to reward and engage them.
  23. Twitter followers can be used to build a sense of community around a particular brand, cause, or interest, by fostering regular interactions and discussions.
  24. Twitter followers can be used to track and monitor the success of a particular account or campaign by measuring metrics such as engagement rate, conversion rate, and reach.
  25. Twitter followers can be used to identify and connect with potential partners, collaborators, or customers, by searching for and reaching out to users with relevant interests or expertise.
  26. Twitter followers can be used to measure the sentiment or sentiment around a particular topic or brand by analyzing the tone and content of tweets and replies.
  27. Twitter followers can be used to discover and share news, trends, and other relevant information, by following and interacting with accounts that cover specific topics or industries.
  28. Twitter followers can be used to build and maintain relationships with customers by responding to inquiries, complaints, and feedback in a timely and helpful manner.
  29. Twitter followers can be used to test and gather feedback on new products, services, or ideas, by sharing sneak peeks, surveys, or polls with a targeted group of followers.
  30. Twitter followers can be used to drive traffic to other websites or platforms by sharing links and content that encourage users to visit and engage with additional resources.
  31. Twitter followers can be used to build and maintain a personal or professional brand by consistently sharing content and interacting with users in a way that aligns with the desired image or message.
  32. Twitter followers can be used to share and showcase personal or professional achievements, such as awards, publications, or speaking engagements, to increase visibility and credibility.
  33. Twitter followers can be used to gain access to exclusive events, such as conferences, meetups, or workshops, by following and interacting with accounts that offer these opportunities.
  34. Twitter followers can be used to participate in Twitter chats or Twitter parties, which are online events where users discuss a particular topic or theme in real-time using a specific hashtag.
  35. Twitter followers can be used to access and apply for job opportunities by following and interacting with accounts that post job openings or career resources.
  36. Twitter followers can be used to learn new skills and knowledge by following and interacting with accounts that offer educational content or resources.
  37. Twitter followers can connect with other professionals or experts in a particular field by following and interacting with accounts representing organizations or associations related to the field.
  38. Twitter followers can be used to access and share industry-specific news and updates by following and interacting with accounts that cover the latest developments and trends.
  39. Twitter followers can be used to engage with and support charitable or social causes by following and interacting with accounts that promote and advocate for these causes.
  40. Twitter followers can be used to access and participate in Twitter contests or giveaways by following and interacting with accounts that offer these opportunities.
  41. Twitter followers can be used to access and join Twitter communities or groups, which are online spaces where users with shared interests or goals can connect and interact with each other.
  42. Twitter followers can be used to access and participate in Twitter workshops or webinars, which are online events that offer training or education on specific topics or skills.
  43. Twitter followers can be used to access and participate in Twitter challenges or campaigns, which are online events that encourage users to complete specific tasks or activities in support of a particular cause or goal.
  44. Twitter followers can be used to access and participate in Twitter Q&A sessions or AMAs (Ask Me Anything), which are online events where users can ask questions and receive answers from a particular person or organization.
  45. Twitter followers can be used to access and participate in Twitter trivia or games, which are online events that challenge users’ knowledge or skills in a particular area.
  46. Twitter followers can be used to access and participate in Twitter book clubs or reading groups, which are online spaces where users can discuss and share their thoughts on a particular book or genre.
  47. Twitter followers can be used to access and participate in Twitter writing prompts or challenges, which are online events that encourage users to write and share their work on a particular theme or topic.
  48. Twitter followers can be used to access and participate in Twitter art prompts or challenges, which are online events that encourage users to create and share art or other creative work on a particular theme or topic.
  49. Twitter followers can be used to access and participate in Twitter photo prompts or challenges, which are online events that encourage users to share and caption photos on a particular theme or topic.
  50. Twitter followers can be used to access and participate in Twitter trivia nights or game shows, which are online events that challenge users’ knowledge or skills in a particular area in a game show format.

Twitter Followers Aren’t Necessarily Real People

Twitter followership is not necessarily indicative of genuine engagement, as a proportion of these followers may be attributed to automated accounts, or bots. These accounts, which can be generated through third-party services or specialized programming, are designed to simulate engagement by following, liking, and interacting with other accounts.

The utilization of such bots may be employed to artificially inflate an account’s perceived popularity or influence, but they provide little value in terms of genuine engagement. As they do not represent authentic users with a vested interest in the shared content, they do not contribute to substantive discourse or conversation.

Moreover, there are instances where individuals or organizations may resort to purchasing followers to enhance their numbers, which similarly do not provide any value or engagement.

Recognition of such artificial followership is crucial, as it can compromise the validity of an account’s reach and engagement metrics. In contrast, a smaller number of authentic and actively engaged followers is typically more valuable than a large number of inauthentic or inactive followers.

Twitter Followers Can Be Organized into Lists

Twitter followers can be curated and grouped together through the utilization of lists, a feature that enables users to create custom collections of accounts for more streamlined management and perusal. To initiate a list, one can access their profile and select the “Lists” tab, proceeding to click the “Create List” button and input a title and description. Accounts can then be added to the list by visiting the profile of the desired account and selecting the “Add or remove from lists” button. Lists may be made visible to the public or kept private, visible only to the list creator. Lists can be employed for various purposes, such as categorizing accounts by subject matter, industry, geographical location or personal interest. For instance, one could create a list of accounts that cover technology news, accounts that represent local businesses or accounts that share content related to a specific hobby. Lists serve as a beneficial tool for managing and organizing large numbers of followers, enabling users to easily view and interact with specific groups of accounts, as well as discover new accounts and content, which can be shared and followed by other users.

What Is The Modern Value of a Twitter Follower?

The intrinsic worth of a Twitter follower is contingent upon the perspective and objectives of the user or account. Generally, a Twitter follower is invested in the content being propagated by the user or account and has elected to subscribe to them to receive updates and interact with their content.

For individuals, accumulating Twitter followers can serve as a means of constructing and preserving associations, disseminating personal or professional accomplishments, and interacting with others of similar interests. For businesses, organizations, and brands, amassing Twitter followers can serve as a means of augmenting brand recognition and reach, promoting products or services, and collecting feedback and insights.

The intrinsic worth of a Twitter follower can also be contingent upon their level of participation and activity. Users or accounts with high levels of engagement, such as those who frequently like, retweet, or respond to tweets, may be deemed more valuable than those who are less active.

Furthermore, the intrinsic worth of a Twitter follower may be contingent upon their influence or reach. Followers who have a substantial number of their own followers or who are highly conspicuous on the platform may be deemed more valuable because they can aid in amplifying the reach and visibility of the user or account.

In summary, the intrinsic worth of a Twitter follower is subjective and can vary greatly depending on the objectives and needs of the user or account.

What’s The Difference Between a Private and a Public Twitter Follower?

On Twitter, a private follower is an individual who has elected to make their account inaccessible to the general public, only permitting approved followers to view their tweets and other content. This is in contrast to a public follower, whose account is readily available to anyone on the platform, regardless of their following status.

There exist several crucial distinctions between private and public followers on Twitter:

Permeability: As previously mentioned, a private follower’s account is only perceptible to authorized followers, while a public follower’s account is visible to any individual on the platform. Public followers possess the potential to disseminate their tweets and other content to a much broader audience.

Approval mechanism: To follow a private account on Twitter, one must first submit a request to the account owner, who has the discretion to accept or reject the request. Public accounts, in contrast, can be followed by anyone without the need for approval.

Secrecy: Private followers have the capability to regulate who can see their tweets and other content, which can be beneficial for those who wish to limit their online exposure or who are concerned about privacy. Public followers, however, do not possess this control, as anyone on the platform can see their tweets and other content.

In summary, the primary differentiation between private and public followers on Twitter is the degree of permeability and control over who can view their content. Private followers have the ability to keep their content more private, while public followers possess the potential to reach a wider audience.

There is a lot of conventional wisdom out there about buying Twitter followers that is just plain wrong. Here are the top 10 myths about buying Twitter followers that you should be aware of. We will explore each myth and explain why it is wrong or misleading. We have done hundreds of tests on every Twitter Follower provider, and here are our Top 3 Best Overall Favorites.


Tested & Approved: Top 3 Overall Performing Twitter Follower Providers


1) There Are No Benefits To It

There is a belief among many that buying Twitter followers is completely and utterly pointless. You cannot buy real genuine followers, so what’s the point? That idea could not be further from the truth.

Twitter Followers Benefits

Buying Twitter followers has countless benefits that stretch far and wide. The moment you go from zero to a few thousand followers, your social credibility skyrockets. You’re seen as more popular and more reputable by Twitter users, potential followers, customers, and peers. Your voice carries more weight among those listening and you’ll naturally gain more organic followers as a result. The benefits and results thereafter increase drastically when you have 50,000 followers, or half a million followers. Safe to say, the more followers you have, the more social pull you gain among both your own genuine followers and complete strangers.

Outside of Twitter, your website or business will look more credible and socially active. As a business, your sky-high social proof will make attracting more customers or users online easier. As a freelancer, your increased social reputation will make you more valuable so you won’t only be attracting more clients, but you can get away with charging more for your talent. Even if the followers you buy don’t interact with you, the benefits you’ll gain indirectly are truly endless.

2) You Need To Give Away Your Password

Another popular myth out there is that you need to give companies or sellers your Twitter password. While this was once true, those days are long gone. You do not need to give anyone your password and we NEVER recommend you give your password away.

The Twitter Follower services offered for sale by top companies, and most private sellers, only require your Twitter Username – not your password. You can even buy followers for a complete stranger, or a celebrity you want to see on our Top 10 list, if you wanted.

3) You Can Get Banned

bad twitter bird

Buying Twitter Followers alone will never get your account banned. We’ve tested hundreds of providers and we’ve never had an account banned as a result.

Twitter isn’t stupid. They know if they ban accounts with fake followers, they will weaponize fake followers. This will result in competitors buying fake followers on each other’s accounts trying to get them banned.

The notion that you can get banned from buying Twitter followers goes back to our last point – never give away your Twitter password. Giving your password away is against Twitter’s Terms and Conditions, which alone can get you banned. In other cases, companies might promise more followers by aggressively follow and unfollow targeted users, which can also lead to your account getting suspended by Twitter. Rule of thumb – don’t give away your password to strangers.

4) You’ll Get A Bunch Of Empty Profiles

We’ve seen a lot of users come to us with the assumption that bought Twitter Followers are always obviously fake users – users that haven’t changed their profile picture, customized their profile or even tweeted.

Twitter Eggs


While this is usually the case when buying from a cheap provider and seller, it’s definitely not the case for the big names. Providers such as Audience Gain, BuyCheapFollowersLikes, and Tweet Angels, offer high-quality followers with fully customized profiles and, in many cases, fully active users. You might even find it hard to tell them apart from natural followers.

5) You Need To Follow-Back

‘You follow me and I’ll follow you’ has been around since the beginning of Twitter, and many users usually confused this with buying Twitter followers. It’s not the same.

When you buy Twitter followers, you’ll gain followers without doing anything. You can just sit back, grab some popcorn, and watch the followers flood in.

6) Your Account Will Get Spammed

Spamming Twitter Bird

Believe it or not, we get a lot of users inquiring about the possibility that companies selling followers will spam their followers from their account. This is completely false. The only way that could happen is if you were to give someone your password or authorize permission for a company to tweet and message others from your account.

Buying Twitter follower only requires your username, so your account will stay completely safe and spam free.

7) You’ll Become Verified

Being Verified on Twitter is a symbol of authenticity, credibility, and popularity. Unfortunately, buying Twitter followers alone will not get your account verified

While the number of followers an account has is known to be a factor in getting an account verified, it’s far from the only thing. Twitter has a full page dedicated to their Verification process.

8) You’ll Also Get Retweets And Favorites

The Twitter Followers that you buy will not retweet or favorite your tweets. They’ll follow you to the ends of the earth and make your Twitter account look more popular, but that’s about it.

You tweets won’t get any special treatment after buying Twitter followers unless you actually buy retweets or use an Automatic Retweets and Favorites service.

9) Everyone Will Find Out

Twitter Hate

People seem to think that once you buy Twitter Followers, everyone will automatically find out and dislike you to the point that they unfollow you. Unless your followers have sort of pre-cognition, this is just paranoia working it’s magic.

If you buy followers from a reputable company (check our reviews), they’ll deliver high-quality followers gradually so it looks completely natural and your current followers won’t suspect a thing.

10) It’s The Ultimate Strategy

While buying Twitter followers is a good way of getting a kickstart and boosting social proof, you should view it as more of a tactic than a strategy.

Achieving success on Twitter does take a bit of effort. You still need to give potential followers a good reason to follow you by tweeting well, and at a good frequency. Otherwise, users that might have followed you will pass – you have a lot of followers but you never tweet…awkward!

We’ve recommend using a Twitter management tool to schedule tweets in advance and stay more connected with your audience. Alternatively, you can hire a company to manage your account for you.

What Are Other Buy Twitter Follower Myths?

Our list of myths is pretty long, but it’s by no means exhaustive. We’d love to add to it. What myths have you come up against? Let us know.

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