Compare Techniques

Some followers are worth more than others

There are different ways that companies deliver Twitter followers, and each has their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Let’s compare and run through the top four methods that Buy Twitter Follower companies use to deliver results.

HQ Bot FollowersLQ Bot FollowersFollow-BackFavorite Method
HQ Bot FollowersLQ Bot FollowersFollow-BackFavorite Method
SummaryFollowers created by a company and are well managed & updated, look real and may retweet. Usually on the pricer side. Followers created by a company / individual, but not well managed. They typically look fake, which makes them very cheap.Followers are real people who follow bacj everyone who follows them. Typically irrelevant / non-engaging.Followers are real people who find you after you favorite their tweet. Very slow and followers are typically active.
Price per Follower$0.01 - $0.05Less than $0.01$0.03 - $0.05$0.03 - $0.08
Delivery SpeedMedium to FastFast to InstantSlowSlowest
Risk being bannedNoNoYesYes
Password RequiredNoNoYesYes
Looks RealYesNoYesYes
Actually Real PeopleNoNoYesYes
Do they care about you? (Are they relevant)NoNoNo (They only care about you following back)Maybe
Required to Follow BackNoNoYesNo
LifetimeYears, minor dropsWeeks, major dropsVariesMonths / Years


As you can tell, not all followers are created equally. Each method is significantly different and has it’s own set of pros and cons. On our Top List, we only recommend providers who use the High Quality Bots Followers method, because not only is it the most popular, but it’s also the safest, fastest and most reliable.

Beware of Low Quality Providers

Out in the wild (whenever you search Buy Twitter Followers on Google or search on Fiverr, you might find some High Quality providers but the vast majority are low quality providers (usually offering followers for a few dollars) and are not recommended. These providers typically don’t managed their followers well, so they’ll look fake and you’ll most likely lose them all within a few weeks (as Twitter deletes them).

The Risks of Follow-Back

If a provider is asking for you Password or states they use the ‘Follow-back’ method, it means they’ll access your account and follow thousands of people in hopes they follow back. While effective at getting real people to follow, we believe it’s more harmful than it is good. You end up following just as many people who follow you (it doesn’t look professional and your timeline is cluttered), and most of your followers will be following you only to be followed-back, so they either don’t care about what you tweet or will never see your tweets due to their own cluttered timeline, meaning they’re irrelevant to you. In addition to this, since you’re giving your account password to someone else, it’s risky. You can get your account stolen or banned from Twitter to aggressive following.