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6 Kickass Tips To Get Your Event Trending On Twitter

For the average Twitter user, a day doesn’t go by without a new hashtag trend. It’s certainly hard to get your voice heard, especially when you’re competing with entertaining tweets from a president or a viral post born from a mix-up at the Oscars.

It helps quite a bit to have a large following. Among other factors, having a lot of followers will give you the power to get hashtags trending more easily, and it improves your social proof too.

That’s why you can buy Twitter followers to attract more attention online, as long as you get authentic-looking users. You’ll still need to apply good marketing principles, of course, and that’s what we’ll be focusing on here.

It isn’t easy to get a hashtag trending, even for a professional. Any good marketer, though, will know that getting a hashtag trending on Twitter can be a great marketing boost for any brand.

We propose that one of the best ways to do just that is to host an awesome event and create a trending hashtag for it! Here are 6 kickass tips to help you on your way.

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1. Stick to One Hashtag

To be clear, a topic is trending not because it’s getting the most tweets, but because a lot of people are talking about it at the same time. Thus, it’s good to stick to one hashtag that’s easy to remember and re-write.

Opt for a Short and Clear Hashtag

It’s important to make one hashtag that is short and clear. It’s really the first rule for getting your event trending on Twitter.

Too many hashtags can blur your message and lower engagement. You also want people to be able to re-write your hashtags with ease. You can also capitalize the beginning of each word to make it clear. Be sure to double-check: you don’t want your event to trend for the wrong reasons.

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Pick a Unique Hashtag

Do some research and make sure the hashtag you’ve decided on hasn’t been used or associated with other events and with other brands in the past. Use your hashtag app if you have one or just use Twitter Search.

2. Educate People about your Hashtag

In the days leading to the event, you can send out Emails and tweets to let people know of your event and its official hashtag.

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Encourage them to use it on the day of the event, while letting them know it’s OK to use it pre-event for updates or if they want to follow the topic. Urge them to share the news or talk about it with their friends. In other words, plant the seed early and create an environment where excitement and anticipation can grow.

3. Monitor and Post Tweets Live on the Day

Hire a social media manager – or you could designate someone – to monitor tweets coming in on the day of the event. Your manager can tweet pictures of the event, the speakers, and the attendees, and tag each of them for added tweet exposure.

Post video clips or a live stream of the event. Aim to have images very frequently, because tweets with images get 150% more Retweets than tweets without images.

4. Encourage Hashtag Use At The Event

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Put your Hashtag on Display Everywhere

Encourage your attendees to tweet by displaying your official hashtag for the day. You can put them on screens, your event posters, giveaways, brochures, press packs, napkins, and centerpieces. Your staff can even wear a shirt with your hashtag on it. Don’t overdo it, though.

You will not only be making the hashtag visible everywhere, you’ll also likely get through to your guests’ subconscious minds. It’s one thing to ask them to use the hashtag but it’s also quite another to get them involved by bombarding their subconscious with visual images of the hashtag.

Studies show that 95% of all cognition comes from the subconscious mind and it’s where decisions are made. So, use the surroundings to connect to your attendees’ subconscious.

Broadcast Live Tweets

You can also appeal to the average Twitter user’s sense of vanity by displaying live tweets on screens where everybody can see them. Seeing their own tweets broadcasted throughout the venue might just get them to participate.

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If a big screen is not feasible, put up smaller screens in strategic locations inside the venue. That way, everybody will still be able to see everything.

Create a Photo-worthy Venue

Of course, it’s also important that you create a photo-worthy venue. If budget permits it, hire an event designer – there are even a lot on Twitter you can look into.

You can also easily design the place yourself, especially if you have the tools available. Google images for inspiration and you’ll be creating a venue worth taking a picture of in no time at all.

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Run Contests

Another way to encourage your guests to participate in tweeting is by running a contest. A contest is a fun and effective way to improve engagement.

You don’t have to limit participation to your attendees either, although it’s probably better to have a separate one for those present at the event.

You can announce that you’ll be holding a contest days before, including the guidelines and prizes at stake. Experts recommend giving away prizes related to your brand for long-term gains.

5. Network with your Speakers

Tap into your speakers’ influence and ask them to promote the event too, using the hashtag. You can even expand your media reach and exposure, covering not only Twitter but also their other social network channels.

Hubspot recommends asking your speakers to take a picture or a short video clip showing the attendees while on stage, and then tweeting it and asking the audience to tweet using the hashtag as well. Also think about integrating a Q&A portion with the speaker before or after the presentation proper, and take questions from Twitter too.

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6. Get Sponsored and Ask Sponsors to Use the Hashtag

Get sponsors, if you don’t have any, and ask them to participate as well. With their large following, a few Retweets from them will go a long way to promote your event.

Retweets can get your hashtag trending. Do you know that some companies offer Retweets as well when you buy Twitter followers? Of course, even if you only buy followers, you’ll ultimately end up with a large following, possibly as big as your sponsors’, especially if you also use other organic marketing tactics along with it.

It’s in the Logistics!

It’s every company’s dream to get their event trending on Twitter. It isn’t easy, but with careful planning and implementation, you can make your events rock the Twittersphere.

Hosting an event and getting it to trend on Twitter is a potent way to boost your brand awareness. Take what we’ve described here as a foundation for your event’s promotional campaign, and see how you can maximize each avenue we explored. Use these tips and make some noise for your event and your brand today! Get cracking!