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We’re three Internet Marketing Experts with over 13 years of combined experience. In recent months, we’ve seen Twitter Followers Services popping up all over the place, some seemed promising while others seemed like complete bullsh**. We looked for reviews any didn’t find any, anywhere, so we decided to do the only logical thing – Do our own reviews! We tested about 25 different companies/websites offering Twitter followers (spending in excess of $1000 in the process) and ranked the Top 5 Companies. Any company that provided us with awful, unreliable service, horrible or nonexistent Customer Support or over-priced for no reason was completely thrown out the window.


But that’s not all! We don’t only use our own review and experience to rank companies, but we also use your customer feedback as well. If you’ve tried any Twitter Follower Service, and have had a bad experience or (hopefully) a few good experience – Let us know! Be sure to include your Twitter Username (this is how we verify reviews and feedback are real, and not fabricated by cheating companies).


Now when you purchase Twitter followers for your business or personal account, you don’t have to go in blind like we did.


– Steve, Michael & Robert.

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