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Active vs Inactive Twitter Followers

When people look at your Twitter account, they can see how active your followers are. That activity, or the lack of it, often tells a lot about the quality of your followers. Active Twitter users look real, while those who haven’t tweeted or retweeted in a long time (or ever) might be suspected to be nothing but bots, or low-quality bought followers.

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Having low-quality followers or bots attached to your account does nothing to help your online credibility. In fact, they might even hurt your reputation. Worse, you may well be the subject of ridicule for being so “influential” among your group of fake followers. Nobody wants that!

So, if you’re shopping for Twitter followers, you must know that there are two kinds of followers on the market: the good kind and the bad kind. That typically means active and inactive, though there are other qualities to look for.

You only want to buy high-quality, active followers that will affect your profile positively. Be careful that you don’t end up with bad, inactive followers, because then you’ll have wasted your money and put your reputation on the line.

These high-quality Twitter followers won’t put your online standing at risk. Let’s take a look at the major difference between active and inactive Twitter followers.

Active Followers

When you buy Twitter followers you want to get followers that look as much like real people as possible. This means profile pictures, bios, and yes – recent tweets and other activity.

It won’t matter whether the accounts are run by real people or not. If anyone investigates, they’ll see users who look authentic, acting basically like any other Twitter user.

Birdsong analytics defines an active user as one who has tweeted more than 10 times throughout the account’s lifetime, follows more than 10 accounts, and has tweeted within the last three months.

If most of your bought followers don’t generally fit the above description, you didn’t get the highest quality. You should focus on buying high-quality followers, who both look and act real.

What about inactive followers?

Inactive Followers

If activity is one of the hallmarks of a high-quality Twitter follower, then inactivity is one of the key traits of a low-quality user. When a user hasn’t tweeted in years or ever, why should their account even exist? It doesn’t look good attached to your account.

Inactivity is a red flag that can indicate to people that your followers are fake, and that you might have bought them. This defeats the very reason you’re buying followers.

Certainly, you won’t establish yourself as an authority in your niche if your follower list is full of obviously fake followers.

While your bought followers won’t typically engage with your tweets, you can be sure that Inactive users will never retweet nor engage in conversations. Some inactive users, in fact, have never sent a single tweet.

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Indeed, according to stats from 2016, about 44% of all Twitter users have created an account and left before ever sending a Tweet. Twitter actually advises users to use their accounts once they sign up, and to log in and tweet every six months for their accounts to stay active.

So, whether they’re bots or not, you should avoid inactive followers. If you’re going to buy Twitter followers, look for high-quality followers only.

Keep your reputation safe by sticking with our reviewed providers, who have proven that they can deliver high-quality Twitter followers.

Why You Should Buy High-Quality Twitter Followers

More than just boosting your ego, having a ton of Twitter followers can help you build up your online influence. People are more likely to follow you if you have a big following. It’s science.

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Ever heard of social proof? Well, social proof is the unseen force that encourages people to rely on other people’s judgment, even when they could make their own decisions. Many psychological experiments and research projects have proven its validity.

Social proof happens in real life outside of the Internet, as well as online. It is most evident on social media channels and is expressed in views, likes, shares and more.

Social proof is at work when people choose to follow an account with a huge following over an account with a small number of followers, or watch a video simply because it has a lot of views.

So, yes, you need followers, and you need high-quality ones. High-quality followers don’t just actively tweet, they also look like real users. They have profile pictures and unique bios, thus making it difficult to tell they are actually fake accounts or bots.

Aside from profile pictures and bios, high-quality followers tend to have followers of their own, and may also retweet and like posts (though this is usually for an extra fee). Additionally, depending on the provider, you can also target English-speaking followers or followers within your geographical location, making them look even more relevant for your particular account.

The worst of the low-quality followers are easy to spot, with default photos instead of profile pics, no bios, no unique names, and no tweets.

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Where To Buy High-Quality Twitter Followers

You should learn a bit about buying followers before you take the plunge. However, if you don’t know where to start, take a look at our list of the top Twitter Follower Providers, whom we have personally tested and ranked. We are always updating this list as we learn more about each provider, and listen to the feedback we get through customer complaints. Our rankings react to what happens, and what our research shows!

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Inactivity for Twitter followers is a red flag that they could be fake, while activity (as long as it’s not spammy) is a good sign.

Active Twitter followers are the kind of high-quality Twitter followers you should use to make your account look more credible and reputable online. Aside from being active, though, make sure the followers you’re buying also have the other qualities of an authentic user, like profile pics and bios.

To be sure you’re only getting high-quality Twitter followers, take the time to do some research on our reviewed providers and stick with the ones who will offer you quality.

High-quality followers from solid social media boosting companies will look like real users, thus giving you and your brand the reputation you’re aiming for. A high follower count may make you feel good, but it cannot compare to the authority you can gain from a following that actually looks real too.

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