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Advantages & Disadvantages

Pros and Cons of buying twitter followers

Advantages & Disadvantages

Online marketing is all about having a carefully considered plan, having a bit of fun with your fans, and getting your brand message out there to the people. Buying Twitter followers is an aspect of Twitter marketing that isn’t talked about often, but is still widespread.

We seek to give you a real idea of what you can expect from buying Twitter followers, both the good and the bad. If you plan on including a few purchased Twitter followers as part of your account launch, or as part of a new follower drive, be sure to read this article first. Know what you’re getting yourself into, and make a plan for what you’ll get out of it.


Advantages of Buying Twitter Followers

It’s All About Social Proof


Social proof is a principle in psychology which looks at group behavior in relation to perceived success. This principle applies to Twitter easily. The same people who are out there in the real world being changed by social proof are on Twitter having it change their behavior there too.

To put it in basic terms, when your account has a high followers number it is seen as successful. When people see this success they are more likely to trust your account, and want to join in as well.

On the flipside, an account with few followers is seen as unsuccessful. This leads to a lower percentage of people following them. These accounts with low numbers are typically the ones which most benefit from buying Twitter followers.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

This idea relates to social proof from above, but in a slightly different way. It is quite possible that someone can see your Twitter account, be unimpressed, and move on to another account. When they see your account a second time they will be much more likely to follow you if your followers numbers have gone up.

You can call this “Everyone else is doing it,” or “The Bandwagon Effect” if you want!

Increase Organic Follower Growth

Faster GrowthThis is when buying Twitter followers really does make your account better. Accounts which do not buy Twitter followers see a much slower increase in their natural follower numbers. This is because they are not enjoying the above two points.

The only time anyone ever really gains Twitter followers quickly is if they’re George R.R. Martin, or if they strike it lucky and go viral in some notorious way. Buying Twitter followers is a way to give your natural follower numbers a big push. It will get those real people involved with your account, buying your products, reading your content, and becoming aware of who you are.

More Effective Marketing To Save Both Time & Money

growthmoneyGaining your initial followers without buying followers is a very time consuming process. Having low numbers can also inhibit your business growth and the effectiveness of online / social marketing campaigns.

Buying a few Twitter followers won’t just get your numbers up and increase your social proof, it can push your organic growth forward and help your marketing and social media campaigns become more effective and persuasive. Indirectly saving you both time and money.

Everyone Has Bought Them

There are already plenty of politicians, brands, and celebrities buying Twitter followers. Everyone from President Obama to Justin Bieber have evidence of some purchased followers on their accounts.

Despite this being the case, Obama is still President and Bieliebers still believe. These accounts used Twitter followers services as a way to market themselves as successful online, and hundreds of other accounts have done so as well.


Disadvantages of Buying Twitter Followers


Most Are Not Real

This is something that can’t be overlooked: the majority of Twitter followers you buy aren’t real people. We test for this and write about it clearly in each of our reviews, and you’ll notice that some providers, like Devumi, do provide real followers. However, in general, the Twitter followers you buy will be uninvolved. Whether this is because they’re fake, inactive, or untargeted, when you buy Twitter followers you’re not buying people who will come to your store – you’re buying followers that will boost your Twitter brand, and drive that growth.

Doesn’t Raise Your Klout Score

Klout is a social influence measurement tool that some turn to to figure out how much influence people have online. Buying Twitter followers will not do much to raise their number because Klout is all about interaction as a sign of influence.

That said, Klout’s influence has decreased and Klout score isn’t really looked at anymore. Rather, people look to others to see their actual influence – their followers, their knowledge, and the value they add to the community.

There are Sketchy Providers

The best Twitter follower providers have a highly confidential service with complete anonymity on offer – this includes most of our top providers, including Devumi, FastFollowerz and TwitterBoost.

Unfortunately, this can not be said for every provider out there. Most providers offer low-quality followers that can easily be detected by Fake Follower Checkers. In addition, some providers don’t provide a Privacy Policy, so you can’t be sure what they’re doing with your information. At best, they might sell your email, and at worst, your account might be spammed with “Buy Twitter Followers” accounts, which might hurt your image.

As you read above, it is suspected that even celebrities such as Justin Bieber have purchased Twitter followers on their accounts. We all sincerely wish that this would negatively impact Bieber’s career, but…

There are Scams

Unfortunately, there are many scams in this industry. That’s why we started BuyTwitterFollowersReview – to help you avoid the scams. Scams happen when a provider says they’ll sell you a certain number of followers, but you either never get them, or you do and they quickly disappear. We’ve been scammed before, and many providers we test turn out to be scams, so we’re experts at weeding them out.

Don’t get scammed. Be sure to read each of our reviews thoroughly to avoid the scams, and find the top providers proven to deliver their word.

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