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Automatic Retweets & Likes Reviews

Reviews, Tips and Guides on Getting Automatic Retweets & Likes

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Your tweets are only as good as the attention they get. That’s why automatic retweets and likes are the easiest and most effective way to boost your tweets and maximize exposure. With constant engagement, you’ll watch your profile grow and the organic retweets and likes roll in.

We’ve tested dozens of automatic Twitter engagement providers to identify the bots, the organic, and everything in between. Here’s our Top 5 list for Automatic Twitter Retweets and Likes services:


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Rank Company Highlight Prices Links
Most Organic, Best Results.
  • Up to 10,000 Daily Engagements
  • Real and Active Users
  • Choose Quantity of RTs and Likes
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Most Natural Delivery
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
per month
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#2 FastFollowerz-logo2

Most Engagements Available.
  • Up to 20,000 Daily Engagements
  • High-Quality Accounts
  • Control All Engagements
  • Must Subscribe to a Monthly Plan
  • Change Settings Anytime
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
per month
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#3 Twitter Boost

Easy to Order & Reliable.
  • Up to 6,000 Daily Engagements
  • High-Quality Accounts
  • Natural Spread for Engagements
  • Must Subscribe to a Monthly Plan
  • Easy & Fast Order Process
  • Worldwide Engagement Targeting
per month
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#4 CoinCrack

Good Provider. Limited Options.
  • Up to 3,000 Daily Retweets
  • High-Quality Accounts
  • Must Subscribe to a Monthly Plan
  • Easy Order Process
  • Only Engage 3 Tweets Per Day
per month
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#5 Automatic Retweet

Solid, Flexible Small Plans
  • Up to 15,000 Daily Retweets
  • Plans Per Week, 15 Days, or Month
  • Mixed-Quality Accounts
  • Only Offer Retweets, No Likes
  • No Money-Back Guarantee
per month
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excellent Excellent
good Good
neutral Neutral
bad Bad




How Automatic Retweets & Likes Work For You

In addition to drawing attention to your account and growing your reach, Automatic engagements give your profile life.

Like manually buying retweets and likes, auto engagements help ensure that your tweets are seen, every time. However, there’s more to buying automatic retweets and likes than just impressions – read the longer list of benefits below.

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  • More and More Engagements — It’s hard to be the first one to retweet something, especially when it’s been out there for a while. Enable faster organic engagements by kickstarting your tweets each time.
  • Better Visibility — More engagements mean that Twitter is more likely to see your tweet as popular, and display it high in users’ feeds. This leads to higher impressions, and higher organic engagements.
  • Strong Reputation — Having constant engagement on all your tweets improves your Twitter profile’s reputation. After all, if you have followers and high levels of engagement, it must be because you’re worth listening to.
  • Social Proof — Simply the concept that people follow what the crowd does, you can use social proof to your advantage by encouraging organic engagements with automatic retweets and likes.
  • Appear Higher on Search — Just like having a highly-engaged tweet will help it appear higher in relevant term and hashtag searches, having a large amount of highly-engaged tweets will help your whole profile appear higher in Twitter search.
  • Go Viral — Interested in hopping on a trending topic? Choose a provider that will allow you to manually set your automatic engagements, and load up RTs and likes on a tweet that you’d like to see go viral. Then just sit back and watch.
  • Increase Engagements — Engagements lead to more engagements. Give your tweets a boost with engagements every time, and your followers will be quicker to retweet and like you as well.
  • SEO Boost — Boost your online presence with automatic engagements that drive organic traffic to your profile. The more engagements and followers you get, the more likely you are to appear in search, both on Twitter and on Google.
  • Appear in Moments — Twitter Moments is where popular topics are aggregated. If your profile is relevant to a current hot topic, you can boost your tweets and watch your profile climb up the ranks of Twitter Moments.
  • Become Who To Follow — Having a high amount of constant engagement on your tweets helps improve your profile’s reputation in the eyes of Twitter’s algorithm, too. Garner followers, tweet interesting things, and improve your chances of being picked up and suggested as Who To Follow.

Frequent Questions & Answers

  • What are automatic retweets and likes?
    Automatic retweets and likes are a constant, guaranteed stream of engagement to your Twitter feed. They are likes and retweets every time you post a tweet, which will both extend the life of your tweet and attract organic engagement to your profile. You’ll get a continual stream of engagements for as long as you continue paying a monthly subscription.

  • Why would I buy automatic retweets and likes?
    To get more attention and engagement on your tweets. Not only will other Twitter users take you more seriously and be more likely to like and retweet you, but you’ll also appear higher in feeds and in search results.

  • How do automatic retweets and likes work?
    To buy automatic retweets and likes you pay a monthly fee and you’ll receive a constant stream of engagements every time you post a new tweet. The accounts that retweet and like you will either be bots or paid-for real, active account.

  • How do automatic retweets and likes look?
    At first glance, they will all look the same as they show up as retweets and likes every new tweet you put up. With a little digging though, differences will appear depending on the company you purchase from. High-quality companies will use real, active Twitter accounts to engage with your tweets. Low-quality providers, on the other hand, will use spammy, inactive accounts to retweet and like your tweets.
    Here’s a tweet from an account with automatic engagements:
    auto RTs

  • Who will be liking and retweeting my tweets?
    It depends on who you purchase from. Low-quality providers will use bots to retweet and like your tweets, while high-quality providers will use real, active-looking accounts.

  • Will Twitter ban my account for buying automatic retweets and likes?
    If you choose a high-quality, trustworthy provider recommended by us, there’s no chance that Twitter will be able to tell you’ve bought engagements and they’ll have no reason to take action against your account. However, if you buy from a low-quality provider there’s a good chance that Twitter will find out. In this scenario, at the very least, they’ll eliminate your purchased engagements, but they may even ban your account from their platform under certain circumstance.

  • Will my followers know that I’m buying automatic likes and retweets?
    The only way your followers will find out is if you buy from low-quality providers whose fake Twitter accounts have nonsense bios in foreign languages and an egg for a profile picture. When you buy from high-quality providers, however, it’s impossible for your real followers to tell the difference, even if they do some digging.