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Boosting Your Twitter Impact: Five Ways To Pull It Off

Boosting Your Twitter Impact: Five Ways To Pull It Off

Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites, but marketers still find it difficult to get people to notice them. To help you deal with that challenge, we list five of the simple but effective ways to make a splash with your tweets.

#1. Keep everything short and simple

When creating tweets, you can sometimes go way too far as you think about how to fill every one of those 280-characters. Here’s a simple tip: don’t push yourself. Remember that most people nowadays are accessing Twitter on mobile devices where they want to read things as quickly as possible. This means your tweets need to be short and concise.

One way to do that is to use a caption and a link to your site. When writing tweet captions, keep them catchy and conversational. They should also speak directly to your audience to better draw attention. National Geographic does this adeptly for the feature articles they tweet about.

When adding your links, don’t just drop them as they are. Use link shorteners or create custom links. This gives you more room to write your link descriptions and make the link more eye-catching.

Make sure the links that you tweet have immediate value for your readers. For instance, you can link to informative articles that answer people’s questions. This gets people interested enough to click on the link and converse with you. Then sustain that interest by tweeting more useful links related to the first one.

#2. Tweet during peak hours

Tweeting during the times when most of your target audiences are online will guarantee plenty of engagement. Typically, this is between 10 AM and 12 PM your local time, but it can vary depending on your audience. Study their behavior to determine the best times to post. For help with this, use a tool like Tweriod.

Still, don’t just tweet random things during these times. Instead, talk about the specific topics that will interest them. You can get ideas by reading their conversations during peak hours. This ensures that people will indeed take time to read your tweets as they browse through their feeds.

#3. Use the right hashtags

Hashtags are an effective means of filtering content on Twitter and ensuring people will see your posts. You can also use hashtags to join ongoing conversations online and discover potential followers.

When searching for hashtags to incorporate in your tweets, don’t just focus on popular ones. Make sure that they are always relevant to your niche to attract the correct audience. Also stick to using one to three hashtags to generate the right amount of relevant traffic, too many hashtags just become spam.

Also, you need to incorporate hashtags in a natural manner, like the Phillies do here:

Doing so tells people that you are indeed interested in the conversation and not just spamming the tag. They then become more likely to engage you and become potential followers.

#4. Participate in ongoing conversations

Being part of trending conversations on Twitter is an excellent way to make yourself more visible on the platform, but you should show genuine interest in the conversation too for better involvement. Feel free not only to answer people’s questions but also ask your questions about the topic to immerse yourself further.

Also remember that Twitter is a more informal communications channel. Use a small dash of humor, lighthearted commentary, or even emoticons to add personality to your tweets. Fast food brand Wendy’s is well-known for this approach, making them one of the popular Twitter pages.

Tagging specific people in these conversations is also a good strategy. This tells the tagged ones that you notice them, giving you an opening to engage with them more. Encourage them to tag you back to create a continuous interaction.

#5. Get potential customers to follow you

Once you begin interacting with potential followers, you should give them a good reason to follow your Twitter account eventually. Highlight the value of doing that, like showcasing the useful information you provide regularly. You can also ask them what exactly they want to see and then deliver those materials to them.

Being a follower yourself is another essential tactic for gaining more followers on Twitter. Find interesting people in your niche, follow them, and engage their tweets in a meaningful manner. Once they notice your responses, they could become interested in your contents and return the favor.

These tips are just a small portion of the useful strategies to make your Twitter presence felt more. Incorporate them into your overall marketing strategy and explore other ways to boost engagement. These tactics will guarantee that you will get the impact you want to establish on Twitter.

Published on: 7 May 2019
Posted by: Rich Drees
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