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Can You Buy Twitter Followers in 2019?

Can You Buy Twitter Followers in 2019?

Over the years, it has become increasingly important to have as many followers as one can amass on their social media platforms.  If you take a look at Instagram, your fame and success on the platform are measured through the number of followers you have, and the numbers of likes there are on your posts. On Youtube, the more views there are on your video, the more famous you are considered to be. The same applies to Facebook, where the more the people like and react to your updated status, the more you appear to command a large crowd of fans.

Is this any different from Twitter? The correct answer is no. Why. You may wonder? Well, like on all the other social media platforms, your dominance in twitter is measured via how many followers you have in your account, and the number of likes, views, and retweets you have to your tweets. It is, however, not important whether millions of followers follow you on twitter, what is more, important is whether or not the followers you have are active and involved in all your activities on Twitter.

According to experts, after considering the number of twitter followers you have, the next big thing is to look at how active your followers are, and take a few tips on how to build the number steadily. Organic Twitter followers may take time to build but are the safest and most stable followers you will ever have.

Why Buy Twitter Followers in 2019?

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First and foremost, times have changed. As times change, people tend to have developed easier ways of doing right about everything ranging from everyday activities to activities that involve tech and social media. Secondly, some shortcuts seem to work major wonders in the turnout of events. They help us reach our destinations faster in a much shorter time than we had in anticipation. And thirdly, necessity is the mother of invention-having a high number of twitter followers in 2019 has gradually become a necessary tool in all online transactions, and also in the process of having your content reach a maximum crowd, monetary or not.

Is it Safe to Buy Twitter Followers in 2019?

Buying Twitter followers has become a common thing in 2019 and the recent past years. As already mentioned, people have found the urge to take on some shortcuts in order to arrive at their destination faster and more easily. So, the big question is posed, is it a safe practice to buy and sell twitter followers in 2019?

  • It depends on why you are buying yourself, twitter followers. It is advisable to buy twitter followers only as a startup venture. Let us say you want to market your goods and products and you are new on twitter. It might take you a while to reach the maximum crowd, or a crowd big enough to drive home your point. At this point, it is okay to buy a handful of twitter followers so that you may boost your account. If you land a potential client and they get interested in following your account for one reason or the other, they will want to check out your profile and see how credible you are. And as every social media expert would tell you, you will not appear credible if you only command a few followers. At this point, it is okay for you to buy twitter followers because it is a boost to your account. Remember that this is only a one-time venture as you work through building the number of your followers organically over time.
  • It depends on who you are buying your twitter followers from. Buying twitter followers is okay, but it is better to know who you are buying the followers from. Please note that, the era of online businesses and virtual shops has become a hotbed for cons and scammers who are targeting unsuspecting clients. If you have to buy twitter followers in 2019, please ensure that you are buying them from a legit vendor, or a vendor who has been recommended to you by previous clients. Legit vendors tend to sell only legit followers who do not appear as bot followers. Check out the profile of your seller before engaging in business, and ensure you read as many reviews as possible about him or her and stick only to companies or firms known to be legit in their dealings.
  • According to the terms and conditions of service of Twitter, buying of followers is highly prohibited. The primary reason for this is if you happen to land a con seller, it will lead to your account being closed down due to failure to adhere to the terms of service of Twitter. To avoid all that, it is advisable not to buy twitter followers unless you are sure that the dealer is legal. If you have bought twitter followers in 2019, it is vital to try and operate under the strict terms and conditions specified by twitter to avoid going into their bad books.

In conclusion, buying twitter followers is prohibited in 2019. However, the business of buying and selling of followers goes on, months later. As mentioned earlier, we have perfected the art of using shortcuts to arrive at our destinations earlier than usual to save time, energy, and money. Honestly, if buying twitter followers will help you achieve something in three months that you could have achieved in ten months, why not go for the shortcut if it is legit in major ways?

In most cases, the buyers of these Twitter followers are never caught by twitter management; they may escape the long arm of the law. One thing is clear, though, that if you are caught having forfeited the rules of engagement, you risk much more than you could have gained. Top of the list is losing your twitter account for good. So, if you can go through getting organic followers from scratch, it is a lot better than risking your twitter account, so it is advisable to go organic.

Published on: 15 October 2019
Posted by: Kam R
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