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Short and Sweet is a free web-based tool that provides you with quick analytics for public Twitter accounts. The tool shows a variety of information, including the number of followers an account has, what times the account is the most active, and the hashtags associated with the account.

The tool’s biggest attraction is its ease of use. To get your data, simply provide the account username. The results are divided into sections for easier navigation. You can also hover your mouse over some sections to get additional information.

Since the tool is a small project done by a single programmer, there are limitations on the data it provides. It also lacks customer support and some policy declarations. This does not limit its use though for doing Twitter research. You can do limited Twitter research on it, but it isn’t an alternative to a proper analytics program.

About is an online application that lets you view the statistics of any public Twitter account. It breaks down its analysis into six different sections:

  • Information: Lists the publicly available information about the account.
  • Statistics: Shows the number of followers, friends, and the follower-to-following ratio.
  • Topics: Gives information about the topics, hashtags, and mentions associated with the user.
  • Inside tweets: A view of the account’s latest tweets, including retweets and replies.
  • Attitude: scans for smiley emoticons on the user’s tweets to determine general emotions.
  • Time: This shows what time the account user is most active at, based on their tweets.

All the sections are presented in an easy-to-read format, with each section featuring additional details you can read by hovering your mouse over them. example. Screenshot was taken on April 23, 2019 homepage

The tool also displays live examples on its homepage. says these are taken from the most recent searches on its site. You can view these examples in the same way as regular searches.

Service Plans is an entirely free-to-use tool. You just input the username you want to search, and you get the information within a few seconds. There are also no calls for donations on the site.

Terms and Guarantees

Terms of Service says that it uses Twitter’s API to collect its data but states that it is not affiliated with Twitter. The site states that the tool was created by programmer Konstantin Kovshenin in 2009. The site says that it filters some of the profiles shown on its Live Examples section to improve the user experience.

There is no information on the site or Kovshenin’s blog about any restrictions on the tool’s use.

Privacy states that all the pieces of information it displays are taken only from public Twitter profiles. The site adds that it might display some information not seen on public Twitter pages, like the user’s join date or the follower ratios.

There is no mention of how anonymous your searches are or how the site handles and store the searches you do.

Customer Support

Being a simple online tool, does not have anything in the form of user assistance, but the site connects you to Kovshenin’s personal blog. You can also send him an email message at or tweet to his Twitter handle @kovshenin.

Order Recommendations is going to be a useful tool for anyone who wants to do a quick lookup of a public Twitter profile. The amount of information it offers helps you better gauge the popularity of a certain account. This also lends itself well to finding and gauging influencers you might want to connect with.


We really like how simple works. You only need to provide the Twitter handle you want to check, and it gives back plenty of data. The Topics section, in particular, will be a lot of help if you want to know which hashtags to use to draw the account user’s attention. The fact that it’s absolutely for free is also a great bonus.

One thing you might find a bit worrying is the lack of policy declarations about the tool’s use. User support is also limited to only contacting the developer. Despite these issues, is still a useful tool for doing a quick analysis of different Twitter accounts.

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