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Company: FollowerSale (USA)
Founded: 2012
Service Reviewed: Twitter Followers
Methods: Internal Network / Follow-First
Price: $12 and up
Editors’ Rating: ★★★☆☆




FollowerSale Review Summary (Short & Sweet)

FollowerSale is a Twitter follower provider based in the US that has been in business since 2012. We liked the fact that FollowerSale offers four different services for Twitter followers, their prices are fair with a turnaround time of 48 hours for their smallest plan.

Unfortunately, that’s when things take a turn for the worse. Their support team doesn’t answer their phone and emails take about 2-3 days to receive a reply. Their follower retention is consistent with lower-quality providers and the only provide a 45 to 90-day warranty.

Overall, we weren’t happy with FollowerSale’s service. While they delivered on time, it seemed over-priced for the quality and lack of support. We would recommend going with a different provider.


FollowerSale – Our Detailed Review

About FollowerSale

Follower-Sale-logoFollowerSale has been around for a while and we’ve tested them out a few times in the past with varied results. They’ve never really “wowed” us. Their site is a little awkward to navigate, and you have to really hunt for the active widgets and links. There are no visible menus, which is a bit frustrating.

Before you Order – Plans & Pricing

FollowerSale offers three different Follower services: Inactive, Real and Targeted. The prices from FollowerSale vary based on the service you select. For example, you can buy 1,000 inactive followers for just $12, but that same $12 will only buy you 100 “real” followers. Their Targeted followers are even more expensive, starting at $20 for 100. The prices for larger packages basically follows this trend, all the way up to 500,000 inactive followers for $1,699; 250,000 “real” followers for $2,899; and 100,000 Targeted followers for $999.

FollowerSale uses bots for all of their services (contrary to their claims). Some bots are low quality (hence their cheaper inactive followers service) while other bots are more real-looking and tweet regularly (their Real, Active followers service). Their Targeted service is similar to their Real, Active followers except they tweet about things within a particular industry – so you’ll receive followers with a close-industry match to your account.

In summary, FollowerSale’s plans are fairly complex, with prices at or above the industry average. They claim to offer “Real Twitter Followers”, but we have debunked this during our tests. If you choose FollowerSale, we recommend going with their “Real, Active” Followers due to better quality and a longer warranty.

The Order Process

FollowerSale’s website is very difficult to navigate and its far from the prettiest website we’ve reviewed. Everything you need is scattered on their homepage, with no navigation or menu to speak of.

Once you find and choose the plan you want, a pop-up then appears asking only for your Twitter handle and the referring website. When you then click on the “Order Now” button, you are immediately taken to PayPal for check out. They don’t ask for a name or email address, so that’s is a concern as they won’t be able to contact you if there were an issue.

This is also a huge privacy / confidentiality issue as they won’t have the ability to verify whether you’re a customer or someone fishing for information when someone contact them regarding an order.



Turnaround Time

The delivery times that they promise vary with the size of the package ordered. As you scroll through options, you’ll notice that the text in the red box changes as the order size changes.

According to them, inactive followers take anywhere from 2-4 days for the smallest package, all the way up to 4-18 days for the biggest ones. The “real” followers take a lot longer, especially for larger packages where it can take up to 2 months for them to complete your order.


Twitter Followers & Retweet Quality

FollowerSale-QualityTheir inactive followers are not very impressive, containing only the bare minimum of information and tweets. (Don’t believe the example given on the homepage of their site.)

The active followers that they deliver certainly look better and do tweet every once in awhile, but their claim of being “real people” is completely false – we’ll call them “Higher-Quality” bots. Furthermore, it seems highly unlikely that your account would be “manually promoted by experts” as it claims on their website. In any case, the Real, Active and Targeted followers are of higher quality, but they were still way over-priced. We find similar quality Twitter Followers by default from other companies such as those found on our Top Twitter Follower providers list, many of which charge the same rate as their Twitter followers service with high quality accounts.


Follower Retention Rate (Do they last?)

The first disappointing thing about their retention rate is that the only guarantee the “real” followers for 90 days, and the inactive followers / targeted followers for 45 days. Right off the bat, this does not inspire confidence. The industry average is 1 year (365 days), which tops companies such as TwitterBoost, Devumi and FastFollowers offer.

Beyond their policies and guarantees, our experience with the actual retention of their followers is even more disappointing. We started losing followers a few days after ordering, and things just got worse over the course of a week or so. We saw that they did, in fact, replace some of the lost followers eventually, but the total number never did regain the full amount of our initial order.


Customer Support

FollowerSale raves about their customer support. In fact, the first thing you see on their website (above their logo) is a phone number. While this may give the illusion of excellent support that you can call at anytime, it’s actually misleading.

We attempted to call them on multiple occasions and they either hang up or sent us to voicemail. We have even left voicemails with callback numbers, but never received a call back.

Their email support is a little better but not by much. We contacted FollowerSale on multiple occasions and received responses 2 days later.



FollowerSale appears to be a legitimate company, such that it is. The package options and quality of their real followers are pretty much in line with industry standards, while their inactive followers are definitely below par.

However, they strike us as little more than an automated website, abandoned by human interaction long ago. Their plans are far more complex than need-be and their prices are well-above average. They offer a limited replacement guarantee and refund policy, which we don’t like whatsoever.

While FollowerSale is far from the worst provider we’ve tested, we still wouldn’t recommend them. We would recommend considering one of the Top Follower providers instead for your Twitter follower needs.


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Average rating:  
 12 reviews
by Brenda on FollowerSale
Great service

My followers were delivered on the same day and were of high quality. the customer support was extremely helpful and responsive. This is a service that i can recommend to anyone who wants to increase their twitter following.

by keith on FollowerSale

I am happy i bumped into this service while doing research on similar service. The price was close to what i had in my budget and i dont regret going over budget since the followers i got are value for money.

by Gilbert on FollowerSale
Good referral

I got referred to followersale by a friend and after buying followers I can confirm it was worth it all.

by James on FollowerSale

I got them to do the job for me as it was my first ever time buying Twitter followers to try grow a business account for social proof. It turned out all good.

by Peter on FollowerSale
Lost followers

I have lost almost 30% of the followers they added me. As of now, I don't see myself getting a replenishment of the same.

by Tinda on FollowerSale

I never thought that it would be possible for me to buy Twitter followers and not be asked to give my username and password for the service provider to actually add the followers to my account. Once followersale assured me that they wouldn't need my password, I signed up and the results were as I expected. They loaded me the followers and my numbers have grown.

by Timothy on FollowerSale

I bought retweets and likes off their site. I did not see any problem with how they worked on my tweets, but I take note of other reviews that claim to have had a not-so-good experience with them.

by John on FollowerSale

I ordered Twitter followers and the results were exciting. Having a huge following organically attracted a lot more Twitter followers to me.

by Tori on FollowerSale
I recommend them

I was keen to have more Twitter followers on my business account. I placed my request and they acted in a few days, delivering with over 200 followers. The retention rate is something I’m yet to look at, so will comment later on that.

by Paige on FollowerSale

They were relatively effective and I got a bunch of Twitter followers. That's all.

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