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How To Get More Twitter Likes And Shares

Twitter may be overshadowed by larger, more dominant social media platforms, but unless you’re Apple— who has no official Twitter account,  with a loyal and cult-like customer base, Twitter is a social platform you shouldn’t ignore.

Conversations happen on Twitter and it’s your chance to not just listen to what others are saying about your brand, but also to promote your business and engage potential and current customers.

Twitter likes and shares will help make the job easier. Your post will rank high and you’ll be able to expand your reach, increase your impressions as well as your engagement. In this post, I’ve put together ways backed by data, on how you can get more likes, retweets and engagement in general.


Why Engagement Matters

Engagement is any interaction you get from your tweets. It could be likes, retweets, replies, mentions and all other clicks on your tweet, like when you expand the tweet or click a link included in it.

Aside from the fact that you won’t want to talk without anybody listening, interaction matters because it opens opportunities for you to connect with people. On Twitter, it gives you the chance to you get feedback on your products and services while promoting your business, and the chance to understand what your market wants.

Getting a good engagement can even help you build a loyal following and lead you to become an influencer in your field. You can kickstart this process by buying Twitter followers to appear popular.

Popular people attract followers and that’s how buying followers can help you draw people to you and gain an organic following!

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How to Increase Engagement

Are you ready to get more likes and retweets? Check out these statistics-backed ways to getting more engagement on Twitter.

Use Quotes

Tweets with quotes are 53% more likely to be retweeted. So find yourself some quotes and take that chance to connect with your followers and appear human. You may not be able to include anything promotional but at least you’ll appear like a real person.

Remember that people tend to trust the words of other people more than they do brands’. So don’t be a faceless company to your followers and become someone they can agree on something with.

Funny quotes sell too!

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Use One Hashtag

Even though hashtagging posts originated from Twitter, the use of too many hashtags in a single tweet apparently amuses no one on the platform. While tweets that include hashtags are 33%  more likely to be retweeted than those without, tweets with only one hashtag are 69% more likely to get retweeted than those with two hashtags or more.

The former Google and Uber engineer intended one hashtag to be used per one tweet only. Don’t spam!

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Don’t Tweet Links

People on Twitter are not a fan of links. So if you think tweeting something with a link, with the hope that people will find it amazing when they open the link is a nice idea, you’ve got another think coming.

As a matter of fact, tweets without links get 25.1% more retweets, favourites and replies than those with links.

But if it’s unavoidable, perhaps you just have to share how brilliant your new post is, then place your link in the middle of your tweet. Twitter users are actually 26% more likely to retweet if a link is in the middle of it.

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Share Images

Tweets with images get more reaction from users. They can get 18% more clickthroughs, 89% more likes and 150% more retweets!

When you share images, make sure it’s not cross-posted from other networks. Images on tweets via Instagram, for example, no longer appear and is now just seen as a link.

Your audience might click the link, but only if they’re too curious.

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Reply Promptly To Questions

Research shows that 60% of users expect brands to answer customer questions within an hour. It takes more than a prompt reply though, to become a brand superstar on Twitter. Good customer service is also a must.

In fact, 76% of users are likely to recommend brands they’ve received friendly customer service from.

Whether answering queries or pacifying angry customers, replying to them is an effective way of turning casual customers into loyal ones.

Her order might be late, but at least the reply from the customer service was prompt.

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In fact, if you’re truly concerned about gaining more followers, consider buying Twitter followers. Don’t just buy any kind though. Make sure you buy high-quality followers that look and behave like real people. They don’t compromise your reputation.

When you’ve got a high follower count, people will want to follow you and you’ll be able to grow your organic followers fast. How important is attracting more Twitter followers?

Your followers can actually bring in revenue. Statistics say that over 67% of users are likely to purchase from brands they follow. How’s that for direct benefits?

Don’t Use Question Marks

You should never use a question mark in a tweet with links to your websites or campaigns. A study conducted by a content marketing company Compedium reveals question marks greatly reduce clickthroughs in tweets. Tweets with question marks get 25 to 52% fewer clicks than posts without.


Be Twitter-Famous!

Invite more people to join in your conversations and create a buzz for your brand on Twitter by trying two or all of these in your campaigns. They’re bound to bring in engagement if the statistics are to be trusted.

Stay active on Twitter and always work on getting responses from your audience to stay current. Because whatever is happening, it’s happening on Twitter!

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Published on: 15 February 2018
Posted by: Chell
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