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The Value of Inclusion and Diversity To Twitter: Looking Through Leadership, Transparency, and Accountability

The Value of Inclusion and Diversity To Twitter: Looking Through Leadership, Transparency, and Accountability

The end of 2020 is almost near. Of course, yer end always comes with year in review pieces that highlight how companies were able to navigate a remarkably unprecedented year. The social media giant Twitter is one of those companies. 

The Value of Inclusion and Diversity To Twitter: Looking Through Leadership, Transparency, and Accountability

According to Twitter, it takes pride in how it was able to constantly pivot. First, it was able to protect and support its employees during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Next, it increased its commitment to understanding and combatting anti-Blackness and systematic racism not only in the US but all around the world. 

However, the BuyTwitterFollowersReview said that it would be a disservice to all of its hard work if it would only focus on the curveballs that occurred this year. 

At the beginning of 2020, the company revealed a bold vision for the year 2025. It also publicized a plan for the hard word that this vision will require in order to drive progress across Twitter. The vision that the company set this year for 205 is that at least half of the global workforce will be women. In addition, at least a quarter of the US workforce will be composed of underrepresented minorities  

Now, despite all the unpredictable events that happened this year, Twitter is proud to announce that it was still able to make meaningful progress against its goals. 

Along with this bold vision, the company has also doubled down on deeper commitments in terms of transparency, leadership, and accountability. These were all done to drive progress along Twitter’s journey towards being the most diverse and inclusive tech company in the world. 

Below are some of the highlights from Twitter’s work across its company:


For Twitter, accountability remains the top priority. For this reason, it has a set of company-wide goals that are set for workforce representation. In addition to that, the company worked with its executive team in order to clearly define their proportional share of responsibility in terms of driving progress The size of the business they lead, projected pace of hiring, their open headcount, and average attrition rates will also be taken into account. 

According to Twitter, in order for this approach to work, each employee, and not only the executive team needs to be aligned with what the company is trying to achieve. This is the reason why the company created an internal diversity dashboard last year. Through this effort, any Twitter user can track in real-time how the company is doing against its global workforce representation goals by gender. The same goes for the company’s efforts in terms of race or ethnicity in the US. In addition, this effort has filters for technical, non-technical, and leadership roles. All in all, this internal diversity dashboard will hold Twitter accountable when the efforts are not met.

Moreover, Twitter recently launched version 3.0 of its diversity dashboard. This version dramatically expands transparency across the said metrics. It provides visibility across the board in order to provide Twitter with an opportunity to examine in a critical way how the team is doing. This way, they will be able to be part of the solution. 

In diversity dashboard version 3.0, the only occurrences when the company restricts visibility on the dashboard is when the size of the team is significantly small. This is to maintain their privacy. 


In addition, Twitter also spent this year exploring how it could build its industry-leading transparency with regards to workforce representation. The aim of this effort is to include impact or outcome that is based on metrics. One of the many things that the company is looking at is the representation in pay equity and leadership roles. 

The Value of Inclusion and Diversity To Twitter: Looking Through Leadership, Transparency, and Accountability

The company’s first step in this effort is to examine differences by gender. According to Twitter, it will share the result of the examination in an annual report early next year. 

Twitter is also working to increase pay transparency beginning in 2021. 

One more important effort that Twitter did this year was around promotions. Similar to other companies, Twitter often gets questions from people who want to understand better how promotion decisions are made. This is why the company began sharing the results of the conducted review of the audit of promo data. Apart from that, Twitter also launched a Consistency and Fairness Taskforce that will review Twitter’s promotions process from end to end. 

The aforementioned work will explore new measures in order to discontinue potential bias. It will also provide increased consistency and transparency in the frequency and a data-informed  promotion readiness pipeline. There will also be makeup and process of promotion committees and increased training and communication regarding the process.

Growing Twitter Followers with Values

Furthermore, Twitter has also announced that it made even more strides this year when it comes to inclusive hiring. Based on what the company learned from its previous program last year, Twitter was able to expand its DSI or Diverse Slates Initiative. Now, DSI covers everyone from Senior Director roles, all managers, and to roles across the company. 

Moreover, for a hiring decision to be made on whatever open role, at least one woman (global) and one Latinx or Black candidate (from the US) must be considered by the entire interview panel. This is a consistent and passive strategy to grow Twitter followers globally

This expanded DSI is combined with an Inclusive Hiring e-learning module that is centered on five principles that Twitter wants its people to understand and follow.

The first principle is to always hire the most qualified candidate. Next, the hiring process must begin with a candidate pool that is able to reflect its communities. 

Third, Twitter wants to make sure that there is a fair and equitable hiring process. 

On the other hand, the fourth principle is to map candidates to core competencies and Twitter’s values. This is because Twitter hires for culture and not a culture fit.

The Value of Inclusion and Diversity To Twitter: Looking Through Leadership, Transparency, and Accountability

Lastly, the interview panel must lead with diversity and inclusion all throughout the interview experience.


Twitter’s efforts this year are no doubt excellent. The company was able to represent the extraordinary efforts of its employees across every part of its business. Furthermore, each of the efforts is intended to push the company and the entire industry forward. 

Published on: 18 March 2021
Posted by: Kam R
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