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How to Use Twitter Live For Business in 2020

How to Use Twitter Live For Business in 2020

When it comes to the social giant, a business can be promoted in various ways. Since the introduction of the live stream feature known as Twitter Live, people have found surprising ways to interact with their fans and build a following. With Twitter Live, reaching out and passing across ideas to people has become more comfortable.
Of course, the Twitter Live feature is mostly used by regular users; business owners have found it to be instrumental in the promotion of the services and products of their business. However, not all business owners have the courage of knowledge to do this.
Learning how to go live for your brand can have a considerable impact on your overall sales. If you are trying to make use of the feature and do not know how to go about it, this article should guide you through some of the best ways to keep it optimized. This way, you stand a chance to make the best use of the feature in building your brand on the social network.

How to Use Twitter Live For Business

Tips on How to Use Twitter Live For Business

There are baby tips that have been made available for people to engage themselves with to come up with a fantastic strategy for their brand with Twitter Live. Below, we will consider some of these tips and help you work your way towards making the best use of the Twitter Live feature for the growth of your business on the platform.

Make a plan of your live stream before broadcasting

Before going live, you should get yourself prepared. Anyone can do this by laying out a great plan of what one hopes to achieve by using the live stream feature. By making a plan, you stand a chance to avoid making mistakes or trying to figure out what to do next in front of your fans.
Outline the ideas to be discussed when you begin the broadcast. Asides from this, you need to figure out the key objectives you hope to achieve with the live stream. Know your audience and be ready to interact with them in a tone that clearly defines the sole purpose of your brand.

Promote your Twitter Live video

Making awareness that you will be going live should not only be done on Twitter. As the saying goes, “do not put all your eggs in one basket.” If you have got a Twitter group, you should share with your fans that you will be going live on your page. But while doing this, ensure people across other social networks are aware of this. This awareness is a great way to promote your live stream and get more viewers than ever before.
With more views comes more engagement. If you have got more engagement, your reach can be increased, thereby improving the level of your audience.

Practice Quality Twitter Streaming Live

Practicing is a great way to also stay prepared for the broadcast. You can do this by going over the things you will need to discuss when you are living. Speak as if you are genuinely live to gain control. In other words, practicing is very important as it delivers a feeling of confidence to you.

Allow your audience to participate

Giving your audience a chance to participate is a great idea. This doesn’t just engage them with your business, but also an opportunity for them to keep returning even after the live stream. Allowing your audience to participate helps you to build a relationship between them and your brand.
You can do this by throwing random questions. Mentioning unique concepts that can prompt a reply is also a good idea. This keeps them commenting and seeking for attention with their various responses.

How to Use Twitter Live

Create a great description

To ensure you keep your audience informed about what your live stream could be all about, using a fantastic description is sure to help you do this. It would be best if you also were smart with the captions you use, as this dramatically affects winning the interest of a user on the platform.
To create a great description, put in captions that give unique insights into what ideas will be covered within the video. This description is the key to winning the interest of viewers.

Do not make mistakes

Always avoid making mistakes. Luckily, having practiced before the broadcast would have you prepared and ready to meet with your audience. But if at all you do make a mistake, do not be bothered about it.
Practice comes in handy for avoiding mistakes, of course. But if you do, you have to keep going. Many people make a mistake while on the live stream, but they remain unbothered about that. This is an excellent way to deal with errors.

Tag whoever appears in the live stream

If your live stream consists of you, your employees, and other people, tagging them is a great way to give them recognition. By tagging them, your video gets exposed to their fans as well. Luckily, Twitter’s tagging feature can be used by anyone and does not require a high level of technical skill. Today, business owners need to be ready to make the best of this to expose their video to more viewers.

Interact with those who comment and view

Your brand should be ready to interact with its customers on the platform. While live streaming, you will receive comments from followers. Replying to all these comments can be a challenging thing to do. You should be ready to respond to a few of them as this dramatically aids the retention of some of your audience.


Twitter Live has helped brand owners improve the awareness and authenticity of their brand. As one, you should be ready to make the best use of it. The above tips are some of the best tips to help you achieve this.

Published on: 24 January 2020
Posted by: E O
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