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Infographic: The Latest Twitter Content Marketing Trends For 2019

Infographic: The Latest Twitter Content Marketing Trends For 2019

One of the effective strategies for content marketers to keep themselves visible on Twitter is participating in the right trends. Here is a handy infographic showing the latest content marketing trends for 2019 that will help you know which ones to jump on.

Twitter marketing with trendy topics

Prepared by SEMrush, the infographic lists the popular topics that content marketers can talk about in their tweets. The top five topics are:

  • Strategy: 28%
  • Social media: 13%
  • SEO: 12%
  • Statistics: 9%
  • Blogging: 6%

These most popular topics come in as no surprises, as these are the ones that many marketers consider as the most important for ensuring success. Devising a coherent strategy, in particular, is seen as an important pillar for the effort.

Search engine optimization (SEO) also remains an essential topic of discussion, as 34.8% of website traffic still comes from search engines. Content marketers continue to look for new ways to adapt to the changes made by Google to its ranking algorithms. 

Despite being just fourth on the list of popular topics, statistics is another topic that plays a major role in content marketing. One of its uses is to add value to created content. Audiences best respond to tweets that have helpful applications, and statistical data is an effective tool for demonstrating that usefulness. Content marketers also use statistical data for other purposes, like planning their publication schedule and creating alternative strategies. 

To see the full list of the most popular topics, check out the infographic below. Continue reading after the jump to learn more about how you can take advantage of this information.

Infographic: Top Twitter Trends in Content Marketing in 2019

IMAGE: Twitter content marketing trends. Infographic courtesy of SEMrush

Building better content

Another element touched on by the infographic is the popular hashtags used by content marketers in their tweets. These unsurprisingly follow similar trends as that of the popular topics as these tags are the ones that marketers use to make their tweets visible in the discussion. The top five hashtags are: 

  • #digitalmarketing: 61%
  • #seo: 51%
  • #marketing: 39%
  • #socialmedia: 36%
  • #smm: 35%

These hashtags are often used in conjunction with the general #contentmarketing hashtag to ensure that they will be seen by the right audiences. 

Creating more varied tweets

The infographic also gave some useful pointers for creating your tweets. It noted that visual tweets, like this one, now comprise 88% of tweets. 

Such visual content is effective in drawing the attention of audiences and getting them to engage. Some of the popular types of visual content are:

  • Infographics: 37%
  • Statistical images: 17%
  • Videos: 3% 

By knowing how to make use of these content types properly, you can maximize their effectiveness in drawing more people to your tweets and turning them into eventual followers. 

These tips and pointers are just some of the things that you will see in SEMrush’s infographic. Study it again to find more handy content marketing trends, and discover how you can use them to boost your tweets’ prominence. 

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