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TheMarketingHeaven Review

Short and Sweet

TheMarketingHeaven has steep prices, but they also offer a very high-quality service.

The Twitter followers we ordered are great, looking pretty much exactly like real Twitter users. They arrived on time and have stuck around.

Customer support was also excellent, responding quickly with good answers to our questions. They also have policies in place to protect you as a customer, showing that they care about your reputation and your buying experience.



Service Reviewed

1,000 US Twitter Followers


Unknown but followers are “pre-screened.”



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About Marketing Heaven

TheMarketingHeaven has been around since 2014, and is registered in England. They offer social media boosting services for three networks: Twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

Their prices are quite steep compared to other companies, but it seems like you’ll be paying for great quality. They offer Twitter followers that are “pre-screened,” which indicates that they care about your reputation.

They also have solid refund/replacement plans, and their customer support is responsive and informative. Overall, TheMarketingHeaven seems like a very high-quality provider.

Service Plans and Options

TheMarketingHeaven offers Twitter Followers which you can target (US or Worldwide), Likes and Retweets. You can also contact them for payment plans on orders above 50,000 followers.

Twitter Followers





Delivery starts in 1-2 Days



Delivery starts in 1-2 Days



Delivery starts in 1-2 Days



Delivery starts in 1-2 Days



Delivery starts in 1-2 Days


Targeted Twitter Followers





Delivery starts in 1-2 Days



Delivery starts in 1-2 Days



Delivery starts in 1-2 Days



Delivery starts in 1-2 Days



Delivery starts in 1-2 Days



Terms and Guarantees

Terms & Conditions

  • The Terms and Conditions is pretty standard.
  • The terms on the website are quite long, but there was nothing in it that we found unusual.


  • Their Privacy Policy is also pretty generic.
  • We didn’t find anything in it that particularly stood out.
  • We did like that their privacy policy was laid out like an FAQ section.
  • They were able to address all of the most common concerns about account security.

Refunds & Cancellations

  • TheMarketingHeaven offers a refund within 30 days if the order hasn’t been started yet.
  • Contact them with your order number for help.

Retensions & Replacements

Customer Support

You can contact TheMarketingHeaven by on-page contact form, or by live chat (which was offline when we checked).

Before ordering, we sent a few questions to test their customer support. They answered very quickly, within about an hour and a half.

As you can see below they answered our questions very well, offering an example of the followers they’ll provide. Not all companies will do that. Overall, customer support was very good.

Pre-Order Questions


- Planning Your Order -

How to plan your order

Order Recommendations

This provider offers great-quality followers that can help any brand or personality gain social proof. Although the prices are a tad bit steep, it’s probably worth the price because these followers look completely real, and people won’t be able to tell that you bought them.

Look More Popular

  • Service is good for this

Go Viral

  • Service is good for this

Attract More Attention

  • Service is good for this

Ruin Reputation

  • Doesn't Help with this

Gain Real Followers

  • Doesn't Help with this

Getting Sales & Leads

  • Service is good for this

- After you Order -

What you can expect

Turnaround Time

According to their website, orders are started within 24 – 48 hours. Based on our experience, the followers started coming in within 12 hours of ordering.

They also came in fairly quickly at a rate of over 1,000 Followers within 24 hours, though this is pretty normal for a small order like this.

Followers Growth Rate

Number of Followers
Number of Days to Achieve

Quality of Followers

The followers look excellent, basically just like real Twitter users. They have profile pictures, header pictures, bios, tweets, etc. Although they are expensive, you’ll definitely be paying for great quality.

 Profile Photos Unique Bios
 Good F/F Ratio Active Tweeter
 Engage Your Tweets SFW-Only Followers
100%TwitterAudit Check  

Retention Rate

While followers purchased from TheMarketingHeaven are expected to stay on your account indefinitely, any lost followers can be replaced for 30 days after ordering.

Since purchasing, we haven’t lost any followers we bought from TheMarketingHeaven. Even the extra 53 followers that were sent our way are still following our test account.

1 Day 100%
2 Days 100%
7 Days - N/A Yet 100%
30 Days - N/A Yet 100%
60 Days - N/A Yet 100%
90 Days - N/A Yet 100%

- Conclusion -

Overall, TheMarketingHeaven delivered high-quality Twitter followers, which is exactly what they advertised.

If you want to buy authentic-looking Twitter followers from a reputable company, who don’t look fake and won’t look like you bought them, you can find them here. Customer support is helpful, and you’ll be able to contact them if you have any questions about anything.

We recommend TheMarketingHeaven if you want Twitter Followers that look perfectly real, with no indication that you bought them. Their prices are on the high end, however, so if you can’t spend that much we suggest you look our Top Providers list right now for a more affordable option.

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Average rating:  
 8 reviews
by Barbie on Blank Product Name
Happy customer

I frequently have the need to buy Twitter followers so as to deliver for various clients. My most recent experience was when I chose to try Marketing Haven. Of course there are similar services at lower rates, but the quality of followers I got in this case was the best. It was good that I went for them and I'm sure to come back.

by Brandon on Blank Product Name
Quite Boosting

My purchase from Haven gave me the ultimate boost. It was not just the random Twitter followers, but the followers also look real, an year later .

by Gerrard on Blank Product Name
Many Thanks

I had been thinking that the Twitter followers services were all embedded with bots as the main commodity. I have since been proven wrong and these guys gave me what looks nothing less like real followers, going by the fact that they are also active. Thanks!

by Hendrick on Blank Product Name

Having been buying followers from other sites and ending up losing them , I tried MH and I haven't looked back since. Never lost what I bought from them.


Ordered 1k US followers and I have to say that I'm satisfied with what they actually delivered. A random check revealed that the followers are real.

Quite a marketing heaven

They are a heaven. Arguably coz they charge a premium. I tried them on a company account that I had earlier on had a not-so-good experience with some other Twitter follower merchant. I paid more, but looking back half an year later, I made the right decision to contract Marketing Haven.

by Samantha on Blank Product Name
Value for money

Their Twitter followers package was quite expensive compared with others in the market. I'd say they gave me value for the money.

by Giroud on Blank Product Name
Good customer service

Their rates for Twitter followers may arguably be among those in the higher ends, but this too comes with one thing; you can always protest especially if you feel like the deal is raw, and they handled that quite well for me. I now have some quality followers to my account.