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This Mental Health Worker Is Using Tarot Cards to Help Her Twitter Followers

This Mental Health Worker Is Using Tarot Cards to Help Her Twitter Followers

Who would ever think of tarot cards as a way of managing a condition like depression and mental instability anyway? Jessica Dore does. Over the years, conditions like stress, depression, and mental states like PTSD have increasingly found their way to our midst. As a result, cases of insomnia and extreme results like suicide have increased considerably. More often than not, if you cannot control a mental instability, there are high chances that the issue will go overboard to the extent of being mismanaged in the wrong hands.

But now there is something new on the table. Experts are using the simplest things like tarot cards to help and counsel people who need it the most. This might be a pretty much new strategy, but the ease with which it works can never be emphasized more. We have much to learn from Jessica Dore, who has explicitly chosen to begin her helpful therapy with her twitter followers, in case any of them needs her message.

One of the many lessons you could learn from the tweets of Jessica is the power of your mental health. She can never emphasize enough the need for controlling your thoughts as opposed to letting your thoughts control you. According to all the tarot cards she has, each of them has a representation of an aspect of mental health. But all of them have everything to do with trying to control your mental state to ensure you remain stable even in the worst of situations.

Consider intrusive thoughts, for instance. Anything can intrude your thoughts even at times you expect nothing of the sort. What you do with the intrusive thought has a lot to do with how stable your mental health will be long after you have dealt with the situation. Of all the reactions you could have about intrusive thoughts, how many of them result in calming the nerves to avoid the surge of anxiety and blood pressure?

According to Jessica, everything begins to become a lot easier when we understand that not every thought is a message. And we do not have to keep exhibiting different reactions every time we are confronted by an intrusive thought. Instead of sweating away trying to figure out the meaning of an idea, how about looking at it as a mere interruption that you could push aside? In most cases, the effort of trying to put meaning behind a though is the original cause of mental turmoil.

That is not even the most exciting part; every single day of the week, Jessica pulls out a new card. There is no telling of which card she will draw today or tomorrow, though. Remember, cards are so different, with some being a representation of angelic beauty as other features demonic images and gothic features. There is a reason why she pulls out a card per day, and it is most certainly not to predict your future or your mood. It is to try and teach a lesson on how to remain mentally stable.

Jessica has gradually instilled in her followers’ lessons to be treasured by her friends and fans on twitter, judging from the responses and retweets. If you are a follower of Jessica, then you know she updates her daily posts on teachings based on the day’s card, between noon and four o’clock. She has gradually instilled mental health care into her daily teachings, and you will find her followers waiting on her daily teachings. People are already thinking she is buying Twitter followers to help her growth, but you never know!

Today, her tweets are shared and retweeted far and wide. Some of her followers say they have found her tweets in places they could never imagine. Well, the journey is simple and pretty straightforward; a deep focus on mental health teaching depending on the daily pick of horoscopes, which you can relate to.

Jessica has worked with a book publishing company in California called New Harbinger. Even though the books were significantly based on mental health and development, she felt like she still needed more. That is why she resigned from her job in the year 2016 to pursue her calling. She took off to Jamaica, where she learned more and built on what she already knew. She intended to take the tarot cards seriously to first learn of their connections with her life before venturing out to help other people who may also be in positions like hers. She then created her blog and began to share what she learned so far.

Tarot Cards, Psychology, and Mental Health

These three bodies are densely interwoven and related to each other more than we think, according to psychologists. Jessica Dore goes ahead to tell us that there is a long-term and steady relationship between tarot cards and psychology. That the tarot cards have been used before in therapeutic sessions is not a secret anymore. Experts have used the tarot cards to examine how mental health people interpret situations to vary them with mentally unstable people.

The symbols on the tarot cards have a broader perspective, according to psychologists. Their meanings are more profound than the angels and swords, and the more accurately you interpret them, the better your chances of a steady mental state.

Self-reflection, according to Jessica, is the key to a healthy mental state. That is why you will find tarot cards inside the session room of your therapist; he or she is going to use the card to learn more about you. From the way, you pull it out of the stack, to the way you react to the card you chose, and even the way you interpret the image therein says a lot about your mental state and your self-reflection is enhanced.

While different people interpret things differently, it will please you to know that, according to Jessica Dore, you can interpret a tarot card in many ways. Some people may be competent interpreters through reading, others through just looking at an image, and others through seeing. Once you discover what works with you, you have found the key to the knowledge behind tarot cards; it is not magic, or witchcraft, it is an art.

Published on: 27 September 2019
Posted by: mich
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