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Provider Spotlight: TwitterBoost’s New Look

twitterboost-redesignOne of our top-rated providers recently unveiled a new design for their website. TwitterBoost launched the new layout just a couple of weeks ago, and it looks great. They’ve incorporated LEGO characters, which makes them more inviting. LEGOs aren’t the only changes though, so let’s break it down a bit more.

New content

The old front page for TwitterBoost was a set of eight boxes with different packages. It was a quick way to pick the amount of followers you wanted and start your order. With the new design, they’ve simplified this to a much smaller form right on the front page.

Now, when you navigate to, you’re immediately met with a simple question: How many followers do you want? Here, you can now see the list of packages and their pricing. Choose a package, and enter your Twitter @handle and your email. Make the payment, and the order will start making its way to your account.
In addition to how they display their packages on the homepage, TwitterBoost has also added all the details you need to know about them. Previously, there was just a quick sales pitch and some information about their guarantees. Now, there’s a chart to show how they compare against other providers, followed by testimonials, Q&A, and “The TwitterBoost Difference.”
On other pages, the new, simpler order form is present. Everything is right there on a compact drop down list with all the information you need.

Super fast new site …

One thing that amazed us with the TwitterBoost redesign is their new need for speed. For one, the order process slimmed down to two steps, and takes even less time to complete than it used to (it used to take about two minutes, from arrival to checkout; this time, it took us less than one).
The other thing that blew our minds was TwitterBoost’s load time. The site now loads in less than a second. It’s so fast, in fact, that we were suspicious – and tried it on a bunch of different computers, as well as different mobile phones. Super fast, every time. We don’t know how they did it, but TwitterBoost really means business with their new site.

… Same old quality

In light of all the changes, we contacted TwitterBoost to ask them about the redesign. They were quick to respond, and assured us that nothing under the hood had changed. Same prices, same quality, same Satisfaction and Money-Back Guarantees.
We tried out a new service anyway, just to double-check. We ordered a 1,000 Followers package ($12, same as before), and sure enough, our new followers came in quickly. Nothing bad to say here.

In a nutshell

Overall, this redesign is great for both new and recurring customers. It simplifies the ordering process even more than it was. It’s also nice to see them putting more love into the design, and going with the beloved LEGO as their main design point.
Both aesthetically and practically, the BuyTwitterFollowersGuide team is definitely a fan of the new TwitterBoost.
They’re one of our top providers, and we vouch for them. Make sure you head on over to and see what all the fuss is about!

Published on: 24 March 2016
Posted by: Vivi
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