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Social Media Market Review

Short and Sweet

Social Media Market offers Twitter followers with pictures and bios, which look a lot like real users. The followers are English speakers and are actively tweeting.

They claimed they would deliver within 24 hours, and we saw the followers start coming in within just a few hours of ordering.

Overall, they delivered as promised and we are happy with the order.



Service Reviewed

1000 Twitter Followers



(for 500 followers)


- Before You Buy -

Let our review help you make an informed decision

About Social Media Market

Social Media Market is based in Germany. They offer social media followers and engagement boosting services for Twitter, as well as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

Their promise is to deliver their services within 24 hours from ordering, and at a price that is very affordable.

They believe that the “customer is king” and aim to provide great customer service. They also have a policy to replace any followers you might lose over time.

Service Plans and Options

When it comes to Twitter services, this company only offers Twitter Followers. They have 4 plans to choose from, and customers can buy as few as 500 or as many as 5,000 Twitter Followers.

You can expect delivery of your orders within 24 hours but not later than 48 hours from receipt of payment.

Twitter Followers

500Within 24 Hours$6
1,000Within 24 Hours$10
2,500Within 24 Hours$22
5,000Within 24 Hours$40
10,000Within 24 Hours$75
20,000Within 24 Hours$140
40,000Within 24 Hours$270


Terms and Guarantees

Terms & Conditions

  • The company’s Terms of Service can be found here.
  • Nothing particularly stands out in their terms. They could however, improve its readability by including spaces and paragraph breaks when needed.


  • The company has a Privacy Policy that is good, overall.
  • Nothing stands out in their policy, it seems standard.

Refunds & Cancellations

  • No Refund Policy can be found anywhere on their site, other than that refunds are not available for Instagram services.

Retensions & Replacements

Customer Support

It’s easy to contact the company’s support, and there are several ways to get in touch with them.

Customers can contact them via:

On-page Contact Form

WhatsApp: +49 151 6121 6323

Lukas Kneip
Langstr. 5
66879 Location: Kottweiler-Schwanden

- Planning Your Order -

How to plan your order

Order Recommendations

Social Media Market offers Twitter Followers that can help you look more popular on Twitter, building your reputation or your brand awareness.

You may not gain real followers, but you could get more sales and leads from the attention you attract.

Look More Popular

  • Service is good for this

Go Viral

  • Service is good for this

Attract More Attention

  • Service is good for this

Ruin Reputation

  • Doesn't Help with this

Gain Real Followers

  • Doesn't Help with this

Getting Sales & Leads

  • Service is good for this

- After you Order -

What you can expect

Turnaround Time

The company promised to deliver within 24 hours and they did. We started receiving our followers just a few hours from the time we ordered.

The order was completed very fast, within 12 hours. Larger orders will likely take longer to finish.

Followers Growth Rate

Number of Followers
Number of Days to Achieve

Quality of Followers

The company’s Twitter followers are as good as advertised. They have profile photos and unique bios. They are mostly English speakers who tweet actively and haven’t been engaging with our tweets.

Some of the accounts are a few years old, but most were opened last year only.

 Profile Photos Unique Bios
 Good F/F Ratio Active Tweeter
 Engage Your Tweets SFW-Only Followers
100%TwitterAudit Check  

Retention Rate

Social Media Market does not expect customers to lose followers, but if they do, they guarantee free replacement. Indeed, we have yet to lose any of the followers we bought.

1 Day 100%
2 Days 100%
7 Days - N/A yet 100%
30 Days - N/A yet 99%
60 Days - N/A yet 99%
90 Days - N/A yet 99%

- Conclusion -

Located in Germany, Social Media Market is a legitimate seller of Twitter followers.

The followers are of good quality with profile pictures and bios. They are also mostly English speakers and are active in tweeting.

They don’t clearly offer money-back guaranties and refunds. However, they do offer free replacement for any followers lost.

The delivery and completion of all 1,000 followers order took less than 12 hours. The delivery rate was pretty fast, so keep this in mind if you buy followers.

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