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Short and Sweet

StreamInSocial offers Twitter followers that look real, for the most part. The followers have pictures and bios, and they tweet actively.

However, their website is lacking some information on the kind of followers they are offering, including the retention rate, and they haven’t been responsive to our questions.

Overall, we would still recommended StreamInSocial as they deliver on time and as advertised, and the followers are pretty good quality.



Service Reviewed

500 Twitter Followers


Mixed Methods



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SIS follower page

– Before You Buy –

Let our review help you make an informed decision

About Streamin Social

Based in Panama City, Panama, StreamInSocial offers social media followers, likes, and views for various sites.

Their website is laid out fairly well, although on closer inspection you’ll find some bad writing and misspelled words.

The navigation on their site is easy, and the services they offer are immediately apparent. StreamInSocial offers services for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Service Plans and Options

For Twitter, the company offers Followers as well as Retweets.

Twitter Followers

500 Delivered Within 3 Days $7
1,000 Delivered Within 4 Days $12
2,500 Delivered Within 6 Days $25
5,000 Delivered Within 10 Days $48
10,000 Delivered Within 12 Days $90
20,000 Delivered Within 15 Days $170

– Add On’s –

English Only Service

They offer services from English-speaking users for an additional fee, depending on package.

Terms and Guarantees

Terms & Conditions

  • There are no terms and conditions available on their website.


  • There is no Privacy Policy mentioned on the website.

Refunds & Cancellations

  • They offer a 100% Money-Back guarantee, but how to go about claiming it was unclear.

Retensions & Replacements

  • There are no Retention and Replacement Guarantees mentioned on the site, which would cover you in case you lose any followers you buy.

Customer Support

Their website includes a Contact Us tab on the top navigation bar, which makes it very easy for customers to contact them. They do also have on-page chat easily seen at the bottom of the page.

However, of the two attempts made to contact them, neither received a reply. There is also nobody online in the chat whenever we look.

Pre-Order Questions

– Planning Your Order –

How to plan your order

Order Recommendations

Twitter followers from this company will help you look more popular, attracting more attention to your account. Your posts could have a better chance of going viral, though you won’t be gaining real followers directly from this company.
You won’t end up with a lot of NSFW followers, who could hurt your reputation.

Look More Popular

  • Service is good for this

Go Viral

  • Service is good for this

Attract More Attention

  • Service is good for this

Ruin Reputation

  • Doesn’t Help with this

Gain Real Followers

  • Doesn’t Help with this

Getting Sales & Leads

  • Service is good for this

– After you Order –

What you can expect

Turnaround Time

The company advertises that delivery begins within 48 hours, and our order started coming in within 24 hours. It was completed on time.

Followers Growth Rate

Number of Followers


Number of Days to Achieve

SIS twitter followers multi 2
StreamInSocial followers multi
SIS twitter followers single 2
StreamInSocial follower single

Quality of Followers

The followers from this company have profile photos and most have unique bios. They tweet actively, and are SFW.

  Profile Photos   Unique Bios
  Good F/F Ratio   Active Tweeter
  Engage Your Tweets   SFW-Only Followers
100% TwitterAudit Check

Retention Rate

The company did not provide information on their retention rate. We ordered 500 followers, and at the time of writing we have 495 on the account.

1 Day
2 Days
7 Days
30 Days – N/A Yet
60 Days – N/A Yet
90 Days – N/A Yet

– Conclusion –

Even with the few misspelled words and ungrammatical sentences in their text, the company seems legit enough on first impression. They deliver as promised and their followers look real enough, although we have lost some since the order was completed.

Their prices are fair for the service they deliver, although the lack of a response from customer support is a bit troubling, in case you need to get in touch with them.

All in all, we can recommend this company to casual buyers who aren’t looking to spend a lot on followers. If you want a more professional company with better customer support, we recommend going with any of the top rated Twitter follower providers in our list.

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– User Reviews –

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Buy Twitter Followers Reviews
 by Carole

I am just glad that i came to know about this service from a friend who had been using it. The quality of followers that were delivered to me was amazing just like i had seen on my friend's account. This is a service everyone that is looking for high-quality followers should use.

 by Margaux

You'll never regret using the service. Quality is superb. There's nothing else in the market.

 by Sheila

Customer support was exceptional throughout the time that we engaged with them. They answered our questions satisfactorily. The quality of followers was excellent with a large number having complete bios and profile pics.

 by Oliver

The entire process of acquiring the followers went smoothly thanks largely to a very prompt and responsive customer support team. The quality of followers was great and they delivered them pretty fast.

 by Joshua

The twitter followers came in pretty quickly. The quality was great with complete bios and pics as well as some actively tweeting. The customer support team was quick to respond and was really helpful. Try them out.

 by Joshua

The twitter followers came in pretty quickly. The quality was great with complete bios and pics as well as some actively tweeting. The customer support team was quick to respond and was really helpful. Try them out.

 by John
Good delivery

They delivered exactly what they promised me they would and actually surpassed by quite a huge deal. Their customer support team was really helpful. I had a conversation with a smart kind lady called Christie. Pass my regards to her.

 by Mark
Remarkable work

My followers came in quickly on the same day that i paid for them. I loved the quality of the followers that these guys delivered. A huge number looked like real followers . That is why i will keep coming back for more.

 by Joshua

The twitter followers came in pretty quickly. The quality was great with complete bios and pics as well as some actively tweeting. The customer support team was quick to respond and was really helpful. Try them out.

 by Becky
excellent work

The customer support team working at streaminsocial was amazing and helpful throughout my engagement with them. My followers were delivered within 48 hours as agreed. The quality was remarkable. Most followers had complete bios and pictures. Some even tweeted me.

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