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How to Throw a Successful Twitter Party

How do you reach out to your audience and get them excited about your brand? How can you stand out in a way that they will actually notice and remember? One great way is to host a Twitter Party!

A Twitter party is an online event sponsored by your brand, and it can be a great opportunity to launch a product, make an announcement, meet your customers, or get people talking about you.

It’s easy and cheap to do but it has the potential to generate hundreds, even thousands, of tweets about your brand. You just have to pick the time, a hashtag, and bring people into the conversation. It doesn’t appear like a marketing campaign to your customers – they’ll see it as a fun way to get to know you better.

So how do you throw an exciting Twitter party? Here are some tips to help you prepare, promote, and host your very own!

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Before the Party

What will your party be about?

Twitter parties are more relevant and exciting during popular events. It may be about trending cultural memes or events happening inside your company. The key is to be able to tie them into your party and get your followers excited about it.

For example, if your brand sells alcohol or liquor, it would be a great time to host a party during the Cinco De Mayo celebration, or the winter holidays. You can publicly honor and participate in the holiday but also raise awareness about your brand. You can plan your tweets around that event, give away swag or product samples, and encourage your followers to share their upcoming plans.

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If you are planning to launch a book, you can throw a Twitter party on your release date to help promote it. This is a perfect opportunity for you to introduce yourself as an expert, a chance to present yourself to your potential readers.

Offer something to your followers

If you’re throwing a party at your house you have to offer something to your guests, right? Same goes for your online Twitter party. Think of ways to give your followers something of value related to your brand or the event.

Brands can give away free products, discounts, or coupons. If you’re doing a book launch, for example, you can do a Q&A session and even give out a few signed copies. You can also consider collaborating or partnering with sponsors.

Use your own unique hashtag

It’s not a Twitter party without a memorable, clever hashtag. Having your own hashtag is a form of brand identity and a way to easily catalog information. You make your brand more searchable, making it easier for users to follow along with your party.

Creating a hashtag and encouraging people to use it will attract even more Tweeters to your party. Remember that when selecting a hashtag for your event, go for something that is easy to tweet and will remind people of your business. Keep it short, simple, but creative.

Promote your party

If you want anyone to show up to your party, you have to promote it. The more you promote your event, the more exposure you will get. So how do you get the word out?

You can promote your Twitter party by posting about it on your other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or writing about it on your blog.

Come up with an easy-to-understand design that will show everyone exactly what to do, like @SITSGirls and @TidyMom did here:

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You can also create a Twitter Party landing page for the event to bring even more attention to it and collect information from your possible “guests.” You can send out email blasts, reach out to bloggers and influencers, and even approach sponsors to mention it.

Purchase Followers and Engagement

If people know that your party will be popular, they’ll be more likely to attend. You can quickly and easily increase your social proof online by purchasing Twitter Followers. This will make you appear more popular and authoritative, and if you go with a reputable company you won’t have to worry about hurting your reputation.

If people see that you have a large following, they’ll be more likely to follow your account and check out your upcoming Twitter party. This will further strengthen your social credibility and invite even more new visitors to follow and engage with you!

During the Party

Remind everyone

Don’t let your followers forget! Send out reminders, do one last blog post about it, send an email blast on the day, or get loud on Twitter.

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Make sure everyone knows that today is the day of the party. The more often people are reminded of your party, the more they will have an interest in it, and eventually, check it out.

Track your hashtag

Now that you have your own hashtag, you have to track it. Your followers are using it, so take this an opportunity to create more conversations.

Check out what they are saying, and see where you can jump in and generate more engagement.

Engage, engage, engage

As the host of a party, your job is to entertain your guests. In the case of a Twitter party, your job is to engage, engage, and engage.

It’s your role to control how the overall conversation will go and to keep it moving. Answer their questions, showcase your brand, share your story, or connect your followers with other followers. It might be a good idea to create a script or a flow of the conversation beforehand so you know how it will it go and what do next.

Be wise

There will be a lot of conversations that will happen during your party. Be genuine with your interactions but also make sure that you do your market research well.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your brand and your website, or lead them to your newsletter or landing page.

After the Party

Evaluate what happened

Unlike a house party, it’s best to evaluate your Twitter party after it ends. This is your chance to take inventory of everything that happened.

You can check how many new followers you got, or how many people you were able to sign up for your newsletter. How long were you able to keep the conversation going? Did people pick up on your hashtag?

You can also go talk to the attendees of your party. Ask if they enjoyed the Twitter party, if their expectations were met, and what would they want in a future party.

Once you have all the data, create your own evaluation report, and see where you can improve. This will help you develop better marketing strategies and have an even better Twitter party next time.

Get the Party Started!

Twitter parties can have excellent results for brand awareness, increasing dialogue between your brand and your followers. This can be very useful when you want to get exposure for your products or services.

You can ask for help from sponsors and influencers, and give away prizes to keep people interested. A unique trending hashtag will increase more awareness for those outside your follower circle.

Remember, you can buy Twitter Followers and other signals of engagement on Twitter to strengthen your online presence. You’ll draw more people to your party as you strengthen your social proof, giving people more reasons to come check you out.

After the party, don’t forget to track your stats and generate some kind of report based on it. This will give you insight into how you can improve,  and help you plan an even better party!

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