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Timing is Everything: Twitter’s New Insights Tool for Publishers

Timing is Everything: Twitter’s New Insights Tool for Publishers

Twitter aims to provide its publishers with more actionable data. This is to allow them to improve their performance on the platform and safely buy real Twitter followers. For this reason, the social media giant is working on a fresh set of Publisher Insights tools that will be accessible within Media Studio. After months of working out on this new tool, the platform will now be launching its first new Insights tool called Timing is Everything.

With Timing is Everything, you will be able to see historical data that shows when audiences are watching and engaging with video on Twitter. This data tells the best time to Tweet video content in order to maximize engagement, viewership, and conversation.

Timing is Everything: Twitter’s New Insights Tool for Publishers

One thing worth noting is that the chart on the tool does not show the number of organic followers that are watching your videos. Rather, in the aggregate, it displays when people and followers on Twitter are generally watching any video on the platform.

Moreover, the social media giant is encouraging publishers to continue publishing posts throughout the day. This is to maximize their reach. But, they should also consider including posting at the most engaging times of the day and week as it is also a good content strategy.

How to Get Started With Timing is Everything and An Overview of Mega Studio

The first thing you should do if you want to get started with Timing is Everything is to go to the Analytics dropdown menu located within Mega Studio. There, choose Insights.

Next, study the graph in order to understand when your audience is online. Once you are aware of this data, you can experiment with tweets of your scheduled tweets at times of the day that have the highest engagement.

As mentioned, Timing is Everything can be found within Mega Studio. This tool is a hub that allows users to upload images and GIFs, as well as organize videos. Publishers can also use this tool to monetize their content on Twitter.

However, access to Mega Studio is given on an invite-only basis. If you are a publisher who does not have access to Mega Studio can contact their account manager.

More About Timing is Everything

Timing is Everything is accessible via Twitter’s Mega Studio. This tool is a hub that publishers can use to schedule posts, monetize their tweets, and view analytics.

When it comes to social media, timing is literally everything. For this reason, being able to access peak engagement times is really a great help for publishers. This is because they will be able to reach the most people while they are active on Twitter.

Users tend to watch videos on social media only at times when they can commit their entire attention to the content. For this reason, knowing exactly when users are sharing videos lets brands make the most out of their efforts. This is because they will be able to post their videos at times when they have the most chance of being seen.

Timing is Everything: Twitter’s New Insights Tool for Publishers

True enough, large user pools provide more significant insight into average user behavior. However,  it is worth noting that peak engagement for your followers may vary based on your industry.

Having Followers Based on Your Industry

That is the reason why as mentioned, Twitter encourages brands to still post content throughout the day, while also posting at peak engagements. This way, they will be able to see what works best for them. 

In other words, it is important that you do not just follow these insights as they are. What you need to do is to test, analyze, and repeat in order for you to draw your own conclusions. 

Another thing worth noting is that despite the tool saying “When your followers are watching,” Timing is Everything does not measure that unique follower activity on your Twitter account. Rather, it shows the peak engagement of the user base of Twitter as a whole. 

The aim of the social media giant in sharing this data is to allow brands to better understand how the average users engage with the platform. Twitter also said that publishers should take the data that is available in Timing is Everything simply as a jumping off point for testing, similar to what they would do on any other industry benchmarks.

The Takeaway

The social media giant Twitter is a platform for conversations. A lot of people use it to stay in the loop about the current events around them. In addition, this platform has millions of active daily users.

For this reason, brands utilize this platform to reach audiences that are relevant to them. But the amount of people who use Twitter is both an advantage and a disadvantage. With Twitter having a significant number of active users, it will be easier for brands and publishers to reach a lot of target audiences. However, the same attribute can contribute to the complexity of reaching out to audiences. 

Timing is Everything: Twitter’s New Insights Tool for Publishers

Conclusion: Timing

The amount of people who use Twitter makes it difficult for publishers to know when the audience that is relevant to them is online. This is the reason why some post continuously every day. However, this strategy does not work every time. But thanks to the continuous development of Twitter’s tools, publishers will now be able to know when the user base of Twitter is active on the platform. Now, they can make their content strategy more effective by feeding their audience with relevant content during times when they are most active. 

Timing is Everything is also a useful tool especially now that the global COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to close their physical stores and switch to online. A lot of businesses are not aware of how online advertising works. So, knowing that they can get a hold of a tool that will help them reach their potential clients during times that they are active is really helpful. This will allow them to adjust on their shift from being a physical business to an online one. 

Needless to say, Timing is Everything is indeed beneficial.

Published on: 9 December 2020
Posted by: Joy P
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