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How to Turn Fake Twitter Followers into Real Twitter Followers

You have been following some Twitter stars, and just like them, you also want to rack up your follower count on the platform. To keep up with the bigwigs, you buy followers, with the hope that you’ve found the secret solution to Twitter success. Easy, right? You then sit back and watch as your follower count goes up.
However, a few days down the line, you realize that instead of continuing the growth trend, your follower count is actually shrinking. To successfully grow your Twitter following, you should combine buying followers with other winning strategies. Here we will walk you through other strategies that you can combine with buying followers to propel you towards success on Twitter.

Create great content

First and foremost, you need to create great, compelling content for your account. By buying followers, you have already created the perception that your Twitter account is an interesting one worth a follow. To have new users follow you and maintain the current ones, you need to makes sure your posts have something to say. Your posts shouldn’t bore anyone, instead, they should have a takeaway message or have something worth reading or viewing.
However, it is not enough to only have interesting content that your followers love and want to share. A steady stream of tweets drives Twitter forward, and therefore, to keep your followers hooked, you need to keep pushing out tweets on a regular basis. By all means, avoid letting your account fall inactive. Inactive accounts make it difficult to gain any more followers. You might even find current followers unfollowing you if you let your account become inactive.

Optimize your profile

Now that you have your content in order, it is time to optimize your Twitter profile. With short-attention spans and millions of profiles competing for eyeballs, you only have a few seconds to convince a Twitter user that your account is worthy of a follow. You need to take advantage of these few seconds by impressing them from the first glimpse they get of your account. To do this, make sure your profile picture, your background picture and your bio provide an accurate and interesting preview of what your account is about.

Share your account on other channels

Having optimized your profile and given it a boost by buying followers, you still need to keep your follower count growing. To do this, you should create awareness for your Twitter profile, that is, you need to let people know about it. Share links to your Twitter profile with your Facebook friends, on your website and on your email list. If you have a brick and mortar store, put up a banner showing your Twitter handle and ask your physical customers to follow you on Twitter. You can have your staff wearing t-shirts printed with your Twitter handle. Think of unconventional ways to create awareness for your Twitter profile.

Be responsive

As your Twitter presence and following continues to grow, you will find more and more people using your Twitter account to contact you on matters concerning your business. They will contact you either requesting for information about your products and services or asking for help with something. Always make sure to swiftly respond to these people. Do not be a Twitter snob. Additionally, remember to maintain the social aspect by saying hello to your followers every now and then, by favoriting, retweeting and sharing. This will help you create a network of loyal followers around your profile.

Establish a voice

Another thing you should ensure is that every tweet, link or image you share is consistent with the image of your brand. Establish a particular voice on Twitter that you want to your users to identify your brand with. Before posting anything on your profile, make sure that it is in line with this voice. By creating a voice that is consistent with your brand and sticking to it, you build trust and confidence from your followers. At the same time, you are making your brand more ingrained in the minds of your followers.

Advertise your profile

Once you have all the above tactics working for you, you can still gain more exposure and reach more people by advertising and promoting your Twitter profile. One way is to set up a follower campaign with Twitter’s official ads and increase your follower count that way. You can also purchase promoted or sponsored tweets to ensure your posts reach a wider audience. Additionally, you can promote your profile through mentions by influencers and brand advocates, as well as through crowd marketing.

Going forward

Although the purchase of followers will move you towards growth and success on Twitter, it is a strategy that cannot be used in isolation. Ensure that your content is compelling and consistent, optimize your profile, create awareness for your profile and get social, maintain your brand image and advertise and promote your profile to move the ball forward after you purchase. If do this, you will be on your way to the mastery of Twitter as a tool for marketing and brand building.

Published on: 12 May 2016
Posted by: Vivi
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