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The Truth About Buying Twitter Followers from Fiverr

Fiverr is a global online marketplace where you can buy products and services for just $5. Twitter followers are one of the common social marketing services sold on Fiverr. While this discount marketplace offers some of the cheapest followers you’ll find online, there are reasons you should be cautious before buying Twitter followers on Fiverr.

Quality concerns with Fiverr

The old adage goes, “When something appears too good to be true, generally it is.” This rings true for many of the Fiverr sellers who sell a cheap product by cutting corners on the quality of service provided. Some sellers won’t provide you with the number of followers you agreed upon, while others will provide you with poor-quality followers, mostly from bot and spam accounts.

To make matters worse, if you become unsatisfied with their quality of service before completion, you cannot give Fiverr sellers a review. You can only get a refund. This means that Fiverr reviews are not an effective method of evaluating a high-quality seller.

Fiverr’s lack of retention

The followers you buy from discount sellers on Fiverr will likely fall off after a short while. Most of them come from fake Twitter accounts. Twitter has in place algorithms that are devoted to rooting out fake accounts and booting them from the system. Therefore you will lose all the fake followers you bought after a Twitter purge.

Some of these sellers also get you followers by running aggressive following campaigns in the hope that these people will follow you back. After a while, some of these people may realize that they are not interested in your content, and will thus unfollow you.

Risks to your reputation from Fiverr

Buying followers is a way of fooling the system and your followers as well. When you buy followers, it gives your account social credibility, where you make people believe you are already popular and your content will interest them. As a result, more people are willing to follow you. However, since cheap Twitter followers from Fiverr are most likely fake, they might get terminated by Twitter’s algorithms.

If you lose a bunch of followers all at once, you risk damaging your reputation because your followers may notice and judge you for trying to trick them. You may even end up losing your real, genuine followers in this scenario.

Your account might get banned because of Fiverr

Twitter’s terms of service prohibits its users from buying Twitter followers. Because cheap Twitter followers from Fiverr are fake and will most likely be delivered in an unnatural manner, it’s very easy for Twitter algorithms to detect them. This may lead to your account getting suspended, or in worst case scenarios, Twitter may even ban your account completely, because it’s within their rights to do so.

Buying Twitter followers: best practices

Be cautious when buying Twitter followers from Fiverr. However, buying Twitter followers does work under certain circumstances. You can avoid the problems listed above by going about it in a careful way.

Before buying followers, you need to research and compare various sellers thoroughly. Read reviews from previous clients to decide whether or not the seller offers a genuine service. Fiverr reviews are not very reliable because of poor controls which means fake reviews can easily be uploaded. Instead, you should check out third parties.

Companies we recommendthumbs up

As a testing and review site for Twitter followers, we have many Twitter follower providers we recommend above Fiverr. When I say ‘many,’ I mean MANY. At this time, we have 20 which are better than Fiverr, and this can change as we review and test more.

It is imperative to the reputation of your Twitter account, and for the better spending of your money. Don’t just settle for whatever’s cheap, you will waste your money.

What to do after you buy

After you buy followers, you can take a few steps to capitalize on your investment. If you are running a Twitter account for your business, think of it as the voice of the company. Drop the “I” and start tweeting as “we.” Create a support account and urge people to use it when they need to have a problem related to your product or service solved.

If you are targeting different time zones, schedule your tweets so that people in different time zones can see them. Work with influencers to push your brand. You can easily do all this using various Twitter management tools including Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Buffer. Just in case you are interested, we have reviewed Hootsuite, we have reviewed TweetDeck, and we have reviewed Buffer for you!

Published on: 10 August 2016
Posted by: Matt
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