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Why do your Twitter followers drop off?

Amassing a huge following on Twitter has been a hustle. You’ve been engaging in interesting discussions, following a wide range of important peeps and coming up with engaging posts on a daily basis. Finally, your efforts have paid off, and you’ve built an impressive follower count on Twitter. However, one day to your great dismay, you find that a significant chunk of followers has evaporated overnight. Let’s talk about the reasons for a drop in the number of your Twitter followers and what you can do about it going forward.

Your tweets are boring your followers

At times, the loss of followers happens because of something you have done, or failed to do. People follow you on Twitter because they think you’re awesome and your tweets are interesting, educative and entertaining. If you stop posting killer tweets and instead your posts become boring, offensive or irrelevant, you’re bound to lose some followers.

You’ve abandoned your followers

Apart from poor-quality content, failing to tweet can also cost you followers. Instead of going MIA, you should always ensure that you are consistent in your tweeting. When you leave your account inactive, your followers don’t gain value by following you, and as a result, a number of them are likely to hit Unfollow.

Too much blatant self-promotion

The 100 million active daily users on Twitter have provided a new audience for marketers and promoters. Consequently, Twitter has become a very popular platform for marketers. However, it’s important for you as a marketer to tone down your promotional content. Over promotion and being too salesy on Twitter is likely to cost you followers. No one wants their homepage filled with posts pushing them to buy a product or service.

You don’t follow back

The rule of reciprocation is very important in the Twitterverse. You could lose followers for failing to give a courtesy follow to someone who starts following you. To grow their Twitter accounts, some tweeters will go around following various accounts, in the hope that these accounts will also follow them back. In the event that such users follow you but you do not follow them back, some of them will hit the Unfollow.

You’re a Twitter snob

You could also lose your followers for being a Twitter snob. A Twitter snob is someone who largely ignores other users on Twitter. The very essence of Twitter, as well as any other social media platform is to build connections and networks and engage other users. People want to talk to you and interact with you. Therefore, you should also be friendly to people, give replies to your mentions, favorite and retweet other people’s tweets. If someone you follow posts something interesting, share it and talk about it. Failure to do this may cause you to be branded as a Twitter snob, which will cost you followers.

Twitter purges fake followers

If you experience a massive and instant loss of followers, Twitter’s practice of eliminating fake and inactive accounts may be to blame. Twitter’s terms of service don’t allow the operation of bot accounts, and from time to time, Twitter eliminates them from the platform. If the majority of your followers were made up of these fake accounts, then you will definitely see a huge drop in the number of your followers when Twitter finds them and deletes them.

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Losing followers isn’t the end of the world

Twitter is not a perfect world, and therefore, losing some followers on the platform is inevitable. People will Unfollow you every now and then, and there is nothing you can really do about it. However, if you keep posting compelling tweets, interacting with meaningful discussions, and generally making intelligent use of the platform, then you do not have to worry about the lost followers because there will be more coming to replace them.

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