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Twitter: On the Move to Improve Its Machine Learning Algorithms

Twitter: On the Move to Improve Its Machine Learning Algorithms

Twitter has started a collaborative effort to improve its Machine Learning algorithms. The company-wide initiative is called Responsible ML. It aims to have responsible, responsive, and community-driven machine learning (ML) systems incorporated into its algorithms.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning on Social Media

Machine learning is a branch of computer science that makes computers decide on their own. It is a more advanced form of artificial intelligence (AI). Instead of programming the AI exactly what to do, they are “taught” how to assess the situation. By considering different factors, the AI identifies what actions it should perform. Machine learning is giving AI human-like intelligence. 

Twitter: On the Move to Improve Its Machine Learning Algorithms

These attributes make Machine Learning extremely useful in today’s technologies and internet trends, particularly on social media. ML algorithms have led the social media industry to become what it is today.

In the case of buying real Twitter followers, the impact of Artificial Intelligence is very evident. Before using Machine Learning algorithms, the site will show tweets in reversed chronological order to all of its users. Now, the site uses AI and ML to sort out tweets. The algorithms take in thousands of tweets and perform a speedy analysis to rank them for each user’s feed. This process allows the highlighting of the most relevant tweets for every individual. Because of this, one person’s Twitter homepage looks different from that of another person. 

Artificial intelligence has also helped Twitter in fighting and removing inappropriate content. These posts include racism, hate speech, fake news, and other illegal content. This is great for the said social media network because it ensures the safety and well-being of its users. As a result, users enjoy a worry-free and better experience when browsing the site.

Truly, machine learning has been a blessing to Twitter’s growth and development. And as technology continues to evolve, and new machine learning trends emerge, Twitter has no intention of falling behind.

 Twitter is now looking into the improvement of its Machine Learning algorithms to build an even better product. 

The Creation of Responsible ML

The management team of Twitter acknowledges that algorithms are sensitive. Even small changes in the algorithm can greatly affect the user’s experience. This is due to the subtle shifts causing the system to behave differently. When testing things, specifically, these adjustments can lead to results that are not as intended. 

Knowing this, the team on Twitter is careful about their moves. To avoid committing too many mistakes, they have created an initiative called Responsible ML. 

Responsible ML has to take care of the four pillars of the project. One, they will take responsibility for making algorithmic decisions. Two, they shall ensure the equity and fairness of outcomes. Three, they are expected to be transparent about the decisions made and how they arrived at them. Four, they are responsible for enabling agency and algorithmic choice.

Twitter: On the Move to Improve Its Machine Learning Algorithms

The team is not composed only of people from their Technical solutions department. They also brought in people from technical, research, trust and safety, and product teams. Aside from that, the project is lead by their ML Ethics,00 T010010001100110100101ransparency, and Accountability (META) team. This subgroup is composed of engineers, researchers, and data scientists tasked to assess and identify possible harm caused by changing the algorithm.

Their Goals

The end goal is to make Twitter more customizable for its users. For instance, they want to give people more control over the images they tweet. In addition to that, they want to let Twitter users shape their feeds according to their preferences. It would be done by allowing them to have more control and input. 

By the blog posted by Twitter, they are wary about how the changes in their algorithm will affect different people. Thus, they are conducting in-depth analysis, reviews of how their algorithmic choices can bring potential harm to their users. For transparency, three conducted analyses are promised to be available to the public. They will be released in the upcoming months. 

The first analysis to be released tackles the opinions of different races and genders regarding Twitter’s saliency algorithm. In layman’s terms, this is about image cropping. The second one is about a fair assessment of Twitter’s Home timeline recommendations across a variety of racial subgroups. Last is an analysis of content recommendations for different political ideologies across seven countries. 

Furthermore, the Twitter team is building explainable Machine Learning solutions. They are hoping that this would help people have a better understanding of algorithms and how they affect what they see on the site. 

The Development Approach

The goal is to make Twitter better by improving its ML algorithms. One top priority is to create a better experience for users through these changes. The plan is to perform a series of assessments, analyses, and testing. The findings and learnings will then be studied by the META team. Then, they would apply those findings to Twitter’s system to create a better version of itself. 

Twitter’s blog post also revealed that they are open to collaborations. After all, they need people outside of their team to ask for feedback. They presume this should help them improve their approach. The team strongly believes that by working closely with third-party researchers, they will be able to produce outstanding outcomes. 

In return, they are ready to share their learnings and best practices with everyone. Additionally, they will also release information about their mistakes and unsuccessful attempts. They believe that this would help improve the industry’s collective understanding of Machine Learning Algorithms.

Twitter: On the Move to Improve Its Machine Learning Algorithms

Going Forward

Responsible ML was just launched this year and what they want to accomplish is not easy to do. Naturally, they still have a long journey ahead of them. Even so, the Twitter team is determined to reach its set goals. They are taking on the challenge with positivity and openness.

Contributing positively to the field of technology ethics and taking care of its users are both important to Twitter. So, some support coming from them will be most welcome to the initiative.

If you have questions or you want to help with the development, you can tell Responsible ML using the hashtag #AskTwitterMETA.

Published on: 4 June 2021
Posted by: Joy P
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