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Things You Need to Know About Twitter's Product Drops

Things You Need to Know About Twitter’s Product Drops

So, you saw a tweet from your favorite brand. It’s about a limited product that’s about to drop soon. Naturally, you are so excited about it.

 However, companies often post about product launches weeks before they become available. And when product launch day came, you forgot about it. At the end of the day, when you get home, you open Twitter. Then, you discovered that the new item you wanted was now gone.

Things You Need to Know About Twitter's Product Drops

Now, you have to find real Twitter Followers willing to sell you the item. But since it’s limited, there’s a high chance no one would be like that.

You will be thinking about that for quite a long time. It’s annoying, and you have no one to blame but yourself.

Don’t worry. That won’t happen anymore. Twitter is launching a new feature called “Product Drops.” It’s the feature you need. 

Twitter says merchants have been posting products on the platform even when there was no native product support. Additionally, people come to Twitter to talk about products and product drops.

Twitter wants its users to have the best experience possible. So, it released a new feature that allows users to stay on top of product launches that matters the most to them.

Merchants will also benefit from the Product Drops feature. It provides them with a new way to engage consumers around big product moments.

Product Drops

Twitter once had Shopping features. But it was ahead of its time. It did not work well, so Twitter discontinued it. Now, e-commerce has become popular, partly thanks to the pandemic. People realized the value of being able to shop directly from social media platforms where they look at products. So, Twitter reintroduced a slew of shopping features.

Product Drops is the latest addition to the Twitter Shopping family.

How does it work? Suppose you see a brand tweet about an upcoming launch. At the bottom of the tweet, you will find a “Remind Me” button. Click that. You will receive two in-app notifications when launch day comes in your Notifications tab.

The first one will pop up 15 minutes before the scheduled launch. You will receive the other one when the product becomes available for purchase.

When you click a notification, you will see a “Shop on the website” button. That will allow you to buy the item from the merchant’s website.

Hopefully, with this feature, you can beat out other shoppers. But please note that you are not the only one with access to Product Drops. So, if you want an item so badly, you must click the shop button as soon as it becomes available. 

Things You Need to Know About Twitter's Product Drops

Details About the Product

You don’t go clicking the “Remind Me” button every time you see it. That would fill your Notifications tab with notifications you actually don’t want. Of course, you want to know what you are signing up for before clicking the button.

Clicking the merchant’s tweet will open up the Product Details Page. That is a full-screen space containing all the information you need to make informed decisions. It shows you the product name, product description, and price. You can also find clickable hashtags that will show you what other shoppers on the platform are saying about the product.


Twitter is still testing Product Drops. So, it’s not available to all users and merchants. In a blog post, Twitter announced that only shoppers in the US who use Twitter on iOS or Android could engage with Product Drops. Using Twitter in English is also a requirement.

Select managed partners have access to Product Drops. The list includes Home Depot, Dior, Fossil, JeffStaple, Lego, and Union Los Angeles.

Tapping into the FOMO

People nowadays have serious fear of missing out (FOMO) issues. They want to be first in line when something new comes and be up to date with what’s trending. Social media platforms like Twitter help them.

People can follow their favorite brands on Twitter to monitor launches or restocks. That’s made apparent by the users regularly visiting Twitter to know if Playstation 5 and graphics cards have been restocked.

That said, you can say that Twitter has become essential for keeping tabs on product launches. Thus, Product Drops’ addition to Twitter Shopping is inevitable. 

Twitter staff product manager Justin Hoang wrote in a blog post: “We’re excited to give shoppers a way to do more than just talk.” He added that with Product Drops, Twitter is making it easier to go from conversation to product discovery to purchase.

Other Shopping Features on Twitter

The Product Drops feature is not yet finalized. Twitter can apply changes depending on how the users will receive it. So, stay tuned, as the company promises to share more as the testing progresses. Also, it will update you when they are bringing Product Drops to more merchants and more shoppers.

In the meantime, you can check Twitter’s other shopping features. Maybe there’s something you don’t know about.

Shop Spotlight

Shop Spotlight allows merchants to showcase their best-sellers on their Twitter profiles. It also allows shoppers to find products worth buying quickly.

When you visit a business profile with Shop Spotlight enabled, you will see an additional section at the top. It’s a carousel of products where you can tap through each one to learn more about it. Shop Spotlight also allows you to purchase the product without leaving Twitter. 

Things You Need to Know About Twitter's Product Drops

Live Shopping

Livestreaming has changed how people shop online. So, it makes sense that one Live Shopping is part of the Twitter Shopping family.

While watching a Live Shopping stream on Twitter, you can take several actions. You can check out the Shoppable Banner and the Shop tab on the Live event’s page. Also, you can toggle back and forth between the Latest Tab and the Shop Tab throughout the live stream. That allows you to join the conversation as you check out products. On top of that, you can continue to watch the live stream on the merchant’s website within an in-app browser while making a purchase. That ensures you don’t miss a thing.

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