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The 10 Most Followed Accounts on Twitter

Building a solid following on Twitter can be a challenging task, with many choosing to buy Twitter followers to look better as they grow, but popular celebrities and personalities often make it look easy. Luckily, you can learn a trick or two from them by studying how they engage their fans. Here is a look at the top ten most followed accounts on Twitter as of July 9, 2018…but don’t worry, we’ll update it when there’s a change!

1. @KatyPerry – 110 million

Katy Perry remains as the most popular person on Twitter after years at the top. Her strategy for attracting and maintaining that following is simple: she runs the account herself. There are no Twitter staff who write and post for her.

This makes her tweets more real and personal, revealing a lot about her personal thoughts.

Fans also enjoy how irreverent she is on Twitter. She posts stuff which should be 100% personal, but she says anyway for the lolz:

2. @JustinBieber – 107 million

Justin Bieber already had a large following even before he came to Twitter. Whenever he tweets now, that loyal army of fans are ready to share his posts, like this one:

Just take a look at the number of retweets that he got for this seemingly meaningless tweet – 59,000!

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3. @BarackObama – 103 million

Even after stepping down from office in 2016, Barack Obama still remains a highly influential personality. His millions of followers on Twitter are testament to that influence, even now that he is a private citizen.

His tweets are considered as words of wisdom, like this one:

This tweet has been listed as the most liked tweet…ever!

4. @Rihanna – 89 million

Rihanna has steadily climbed to the top of the charts to become the fourth most followed person on Twitter. Her bold personality is considered by fans as one of her major draws.

That feistiness is not just limited to matters relating to her career. Rihanna speaks her mind on important social issues, such as education.

That willingness to call on global leaders to support a cause helped endear her more to fans and non-fans.

5. @TaylorSwift13 – 85.5 million

She might have been overtaken by Rihanna as the fourth most followed person on Twitter, but Taylor Swift’s millions of Swifties are still impressive. This is despite not being as active as other celebrities on Twitter.

Most of her tweets are promotional materials for her albums, videos, and concerts:

This doesn’t lessen the interest of her fans. She definitely has a soft spot for them even in these promotional tweets.

6. @LadyGaga – 78.9 million

Lady Gaga’s eccentric personality is one of her biggest draws on Twitter, attracting millions of followers. It’s not just about the clothes she wears. The singer is also well-known for her funny tweets.

Beyond these eccentricities, Lady Gaga is also loved for her vocal stance on social issues, such as her support for the LGBTQ community.

This has endeared her to many people.

7. @TheEllenShow – 78.1 million

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is well-known for her humor and wit, which has attracted million of her fans to Twitter for her latest funny quip.  She doesn’t disappoint those fans as she frequently posts gems like this one.

Her Oscar tweet from 2014 still holds the record for being the second most retweeted tweet of all time.

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8. @Cristiano Ronaldo – 74.3 million

Football star Cristiano Ronaldo is a steady climber in the list of most followed accounts, moving up from the 10th spot last year to 8th this year. With 2018 being a World Cup year, his numbers took a big climb. He also received massive exposure on Twitter across all of Twitter as people, sporting accounts, and celebrities reacted to his sensation goal in April 2018 against Juventus:

Aside from tweeting about his games and career, Cristiano also posts a lot about the various endorsements and promotions he has.

He even promotes his own merchandise.

All of these tweets feature his signature candidness.

9. @YouTube – 72.3 million

YouTube is the only company to be in the top 10 list of most followed Twitter accounts. This isn’t surprising, as the global reach of its own platform attracts a lot of followers who want YouTube videos even when they’re on Twitter!

Most of YouTube’s tweets are promotions for its stable of creators and channels, like this one:

These promotions give the channels an extra boost, attracting new viewers.

10. @Jtimberlake – 66 million

Musician Justin Timberlake slips down to 10th place this year in the list, but his follower count is still an impressive.

Like other artists, Justin uses his account to promote his latest albums and concerts. But he does this in fun ways that attract the attention of followers.

He also maintains that attitude in his personal tweets, endearing him a lot to fans.

Be Twitter famous like these Twitter accounts

Creating engaging content is a good start for building your Twitter following. Be funny and interesting but also be genuine in your engagement with followers. This will draw them closer to you s being real is always an important Twitter marketing tactic!

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