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10 Tips to Keep Your Twitter Followers Engaged

10 Tips to Keep Your Twitter Followers Engaged

With all-time and vibes you’ve put into drafting Twitter tweets, you find it difficult creating engaging tweets, getting people to retweet, and so on.

Mere looking at your headline, it is boring, stinky, your tweets are nothing near what Twitter users want, and you have a boring intro.

So, the pressure to be consistent with tweets made you end up churning out social media content that lacks elements. You are not to be blamed; at least, that is what you read from the e-books you’ve bought. Sure! It is good to be consistent with the content tweeting, which does not mean you should compromise the authenticity and standard of your content.

10 Tips to Keep Your Twitter Followers Engaged in 2020

Consistency does not mean you should tweet daily; you can tweet every two days to be different. Doing it right means you won’t have to go back and buy Twitter followers in the future!

Keeping your twitter followers engaged is centered on figuring what does not work and what works, which can be tricky.

So in this post, I’m going to take you through the process; what to do to get your twitter followers engaged and what not to do.

And then, we’re going to examine the reasons why you need to keep your twitter followers engaged.

Why You Should Keep Your Twitter Followers Engaged

Some people say your twitter followers need to be engaged to get retweets. Others say it is required to gain more reach and impression.


In my opinion: Both counts when it comes to reasons why twitter followers should be kept engaged with different content types. Also, it fosters the relationship.

Twitters have become so advanced. Its methods of making tweets visible to followers have changed, likewise they are the twitter audience. The majority of its users are not looking for another thesis.

Does My Twitter follower’s engagement matter?

Yes, it does. All the favoriting, retweets, mentioning, responding, and click of links matters; they are the ones to determine what your followers think of your content.

Your engagement rate (mentioning, retweets, favoriting, click on links, and responding) tells how relevant your tweets (memes, text, videos, and images) are relevant to your followers.

Let’s take, for example, you’ve 200 followers, and 50 engage with the tweet either by mentioning, clicking links, that’s fair enough. If you have 20,000 followers and only 50 were involved, that’s far from being impressive, and that is an indication that your tweets (content) is not striking some cord or you’re doing something wrong.

Also, know that keeping your twitter followers engaged can serve as social proof. Many people quickly notice twitter accounts or tweets with a perfect engagement rate.

10 Tips Twitter Followers Engaged

Ten Tips To Keep Your Twitter Followers Engaged

Now that you’ve read on possible reasons why you’re finding it difficult getting engagement, hint on what engagement rate and why your twitter followers need to be engaged.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in!

#1. Keep Your Tweets Brief

The 280 post character was meant to create a platform where the text is as brief as possible. It takes time and consistency to master, but limiting words can increase engagement.


Many are no longer interested in content with long words, with shareable tweets around 80-110 characters, with user tags and hashtags, you’re sure to have tweeted with high engagement.

Apart from making tweets easy to read, keeping your tweets brief allows them easy to share by followers. So, if you want your followers to share your tweets, making it easy to retweets.

#2. Respond When People Comment or Retweets

For big brands, this can be a hard task, but for individual or small business, responding to mentions, retweets and comments will go a long way to make others share their thoughts or engage in any different form.

Taking time to respond to retweet or mention is effective, especially in cases your follower’s mention or tagged you in questions and feedback. Also, make sure customers that are not satisfied with your products or services are responded to.

Doing this does not only makes them reply to you, but it also increases the chances of them engaging with your post in the future.

#3. Know When To Tweet

Just like other social media platforms, there is a specific time when twitter users are always active or likely to engage with your tweets. Knowing this time gives your leverages and increases your chances of a high engagement rate.

#4. Make Use Of Twitter Ads

Depending on Twitter, organic reach is not enough; you must be ready to spend some funds to reach a more targeted audience. With Twitter Ads, you can target by age group, demographic location, interest, and so on.

#5. Create Value

Before you think of increasing your twitter account follower’s engagement, know that Twitter is not a dumping ground for content with no value. To keep your twitter followers engaged, you must be ready to share valuable content that makes them more productive, be better at what they do, make them make money, and so on.

#6. Ask Your Followers To Retweet

They are your followers, and they must have values they are gaining from you, for them to have kept it at that. Instead of asking them to do that for free, you can decide to give a discount to people who retweet.


Know that doing this consistently can make you have unloyal followers that immediately you stop giving out discounts and giveaway your engagement rate drops.

#7. Share Image Content

Have you been making use of textbase content alone? How about you create image-based content? 

With the 280 characters limitation, making use of images is the way to go.

Image-based content is more engaging as all information that needs to be passed across can be seen at a glance instead of wasting time crafting text that may end up not being read.

Apart from being easy to read, images are easy to remember.

#8. Use Videos

Just as Image content is excellent, the video should not be left out. You can make many to engage with your tweets more by converting those boring long text into video/animations.

#9. Leverage on Questions

Instead of making use of the same approach always, you can ask them questions on possible problems that might be facing concerning the use of your products, services, or happenings trending happenings around them.

If you are in charge of a restaurant, ask them what they will like your business to improve on and so on…

#10. Recycle Content or Do Throwback

It is no normal to run out for fresh content ideas.

Who told you couldn’t make use of the content you published years back? If your previous content is in text format, convert them to images or videos. This way, you can have more content to work on and tweets for your followers.

Do you have anything to ask on Top 10 ways to get your Twitter followers engaged? Kindly make use of the comment box.

Thanks for reading!

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