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5 Ways to Make Money from Your Twitter Account in 2020

5 Ways to Make Money from Your Twitter Account in 2020

Monetizing your Twitter account can be done in a significant number of ways. Doing this comes with a high number of benefits as you get the chance to build an audience with your account while still making some cash from it.
When it comes to earning from Twitter, you do not have to be a business owner or run a specific type of brand on the platform to make money. Twitter is built in a way that allows it to be used in numerous ways.

5 Ways to Make Money from Your Twitter Account

There are LOTS of ways to make money on Twitter in 2020!

Today, digital technologies have been created, which have provided people with surprising ways to earn a living online. Social media networks are not left out of the digital platforms fit for this. Today, Twitter is regarded as one of those social media networks that provide people with the chance to do this. If you would like to make money using your Twitter account, then this article should come as a guide on how to do this. You often need Social Proof to even think about making money, which means you need followers. Have no fear, here are the best sites to buy Twitter Followers from in 2020.

Sponsored Tweets

One of the best ways of making money from your Twitter account is to use sponsored tweets. Just as its name implies, sponsored tweets involve you making tweets that are sponsored by various services to promote them over time.
In other words, Sponsored Tweets come as an ad serving platform that provides users of the Twitter platform with the chance to make money by promoting them. The platform allows people to sign up for accounts and then link those accounts to their profiles. This also leaves users with the choice to set their price-per-click for the ads that they tweet.
After setting up an account and also setting up your price-per-click for ads, you can move on to tweeting from a list of available ads offered by the platform. Although users need to meet specific requirements before being able to make money with the service, they can easily do this as it requires them to have an account of at least 60 days old while still having at least 50 followers, and up to 100 tweets.

Contests and Competitions

When it comes to making money on Twitter, one of the best ways to do this is to host contests or competitions. This is one of the proven great ways of making money on the platform, as there tends to be a significant number of people who are bound to show interests as long as they can obtain fantastic items if they win.
As long as there is a prize, getting the attention of people can be done efficiently. All you have to do is meet with a business or brand on the platform. After doing this, work your way towards creating a contest where users of the platform need to share the brand or retweet their posts. This creates a chain of tweets and offers the business some publicity. With this, you stand a chance to be paid a percentage of the sales that come in.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way you can choose to make money from your Twitter account. The process is not as complicated as many people think, as it merely involves promoting the products of other people on your Twitter feed. Of course, many might believe this is a task that can easily be carried out if they are bloggers. Well, the fact is just about anyone can do this without the need for any technical or digital skills.
Luckily, the process does not require your Twitter account to have had a vast following. This means newbies on the social network can start to make money on Twitter with their new Twitter account. If you are someone willing to do this, all you have to do is sign up on an affiliate marketing platform and start promoting products on your profile.

Use Twitter to sell your products

Turning your Twitter account to a means of making money is not as difficult as it may seem. If you have got some items selling, it would be a great idea to bring them to twitter for a more improved form of promotion.
In other words, one of the best ways to monetize your Twitter account is by using your account to promote and sell your products. Consider this as a way of performing affiliate marketing only that you get the chance to pay yourself and equally sell your products.
Through your Twitter account, you can reach out to followers who are sure to show some. Kind of interest in the products you sell. Luckily, doing this is not by any chance, violating the terms of use of the platform.
Apart from selling your product, if you offer unique services, spreading the word about these services through the use of Twitter is not a bad idea. As you promote your products as well as your services, there is a higher chance of monetizing your Twitter account.

Generate traffic for your website

Do you have a website in need of traffic? Then using your Twitter account to do this is not a bad idea. Thanks to the many followers your Twitter account may have, you can quickly drive traffic to your website to help you make money. Also, if your website sells products or offers tips and services, using your Twitter account to promote it will surely come in handy.
There are many ways to which traffic can be generated for your website. Using your Twitter account to do this is not an exception. Luckily, this offers a more improved chance of monetizing it as you get to drive a lot more visitors to visit your site. And apart from helping you to monetize your account, you can improve your website to achieve a better level of customer retention as the traffic coming in will be your followers.


Since recent times, making money from social media has become more comfortable. However, to help you optimize the process, sticking to a couple of tips should be very helpful. Twitter is a large platform and can be used to make money online. The above ways are described as the top ways you make money from your Twitter account.

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