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6 Twitter Marketing Lessons from Don Draper and Mad Men

Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, you can learn a ton from Don Draper and his crew of Mad Men. While the game has changed tremendously since the 1960s, there are still some age-old roadblocks a modern marketer like yourself must learn to overcome.

With over 317 million active users, Twitter may very well be one of the most powerful platforms available to help you achieve those marketing goals.

We’re sure you’re already raring to get your marketing campaign off the floor this year. To help you plan some novel ideas, we’ve collected some of the best pieces of marketing advice from ad wizard Don Draper and the hit series Mad Men.

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Learn to Work With Constraints

Back in the day, ad guys like Don Draper had to work with very limited resources at their disposal. They had to make the most out of the few newspapers and marketing opportunities they had – but they (almost) always hit a homerun every time they were up to bat.

Learning to work with constraints can help you efficiently funnel all your marketing energy and resources. This gives your campaign the razor edge it needs to get ahead of the competition.

For example, it’s worth noting that 79% of existing Twitter accounts are from users who are outside the United States. Knowing this should help you strategize a more precise and targeted campaign. If you’re looking for customers only in the US, you’ll have to deal with this somehow.

Strategize for Proper Execution

Ol’ Benjamin Franklin once said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” This is a piece of advice we reckon Don Draper has kept at heart throughout his marketing career.

He makes it a point to have a strategy ready for any situation – which made him one of the best in the business.

Just like our man Don Draper, you can become the eminent marketing god you’ve always aspired to be. You just have to always plan ahead, and have a backup in case things go south.

Before diving into an ambitious Twitter marketing campaign, be sure to set out some clear goals. These can help you not only determine the best course of action for your campaign, it will let you measure your progress later on.

One great example of a highly strategized campaign would be LG’s Ticket Hunter. The company wanted to boost their sales among 16 to 24 year olds, and they knew that a great way to reach this market is with a certain kind of Twitter strategy.

Image credit: Digital Examples

The company set up a treasure hunt where users could get clues by following #LGTicketHunter on Twitter. The result? Their smartphones quadrupled in sales among their targeted demographic of 16 – 24, they got over 50,000 tweets in total, and went home happy with one successful ad campaign.

Evoke a Strong and Powerful Message

If you want your marketing campaign to really make an impact, you have to be willing to hit some emotional notes.

In one episode, we see Don Draper use this technique as he appeals to a room full of hardened ad execs in an attempt to make a wheel seem more interesting than it really is.

You can definitely put this trade secret to good use in your very own Twitter marketing campaign. Take for example the very successful #SFBatKid campaign organized by Clever Girls Collective.

The ultimate goal of this campaign was to transform San Francisco into Gotham City to make the dreams of five-year-old cancer fighter Miles come to life.

#SFBatKid gained massive virality thanks to its resonating narrative. Even some of the biggest names in Hollywood joined in the fun. In fact, #SFBatKid was such a huge success even the White House couldn’t help but chime in!

Fail Hard, Learn Fast

Don Draper is known for saying “I only have one life and it only goes one direction – forward.” He knows how important it is to fail hard and learn from it as soon as possible.

If you want to find a strategy that works for you, you must be willing to commit mistakes and learn from them.

It may take you a few tries to find the right strategy but it will be worth it. According to a study performed by Wisemetrics, reposting content that has resonated with your audience in the past can garner more engagement.

Based on their experiment, a tweet about news received 86% as much engagement the 2nd time it was posted, and still received 67% as much engagement even after 6 repetitions.

It seems strange, but a tweet is not always a one-and-done kind of thing. Try out this counterintuitive strategy – some people may wonder why you’re posting repeat content, but you’ll be grinning when you see those engagement number going up.

Image credit: Wiselytics

Move with the Times

Marketing is an ever-changing game and Don Draper knows this by heart. He knows that in order to stay on top of your game, you have to welcome change.

There are new emerging digital marketing trends almost daily and if you want to stay in the competition, you need to keep up.

One of the most prominent trends we are seeing in Twitter marketing is the use of automation tools to help manage busy accounts. Automation is a great way to manage your marketing energy more efficiently.

From scheduling posts to auto-responders, the number of automation tools are endless. Some good examples are Buffer, Hootsuite, and TweetDeck. There is no better time to experiment on your campaign than today.

Image credit: LinkedIn Pulse

Be warned, though, too much automation can actually kill your campaign. Be selective and keep the majority of your campaign personable and unique to increase your chances of garnering authentic engagement.

See Things Differently

We all know how big and busy this market can be, so standing out among the crowd is not too easy. If you want get on people’s radar, you must learn to see things differently and provide some interesting, unconventional content in the process.

As a business, you have two main avenues of attack: you can try to please everybody, or you can try to really impress a smaller segment of people. If you’re trying to do the former, good luck; if you’re trying to do the latter, you won’t be able to by staying conventional and mainstream.

This is the best time for you to let your creative juices flow and put out unique content that will impress everyone.

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Tweet like Don Draper

As you can see, you can still learn a thing or two from a classic mad man like Don Draper. The marketing game may have gotten a digital facelift thanks to the internet, but you’ll be better off stashing these classic tips in your toolbelt.

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With the tips above from Don Draper and his Mad Men combined with some bought followers, you’ll be an unstoppable Twitter force!

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