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The Most Accurate Twitter Accounts to Follow for COVID-19 Info

The Most Accurate Twitter Accounts to Follow for COVID-19 Info

From the food markets of Wuhan to the cobbled street of Milan, the dreaded coronavirus has been spreading faster than any epidemic in modern history. The sun-scorched streets of Cairo, and the overcrowded squares in new york haven’t been left alone in this maleficent spread. Day by day, country by country and continent by continent, death, and desolation, and something more ominous is spreading more than wildfire. The Coronavirus battle might seem like a constant one with no success insight. However, there have been several successes in the form of recovery. Still, most people don’t know because no one tells it, or the amount of fake news is more than the real story out there.

With the lockdown initiated in most affected communities and countries, social media has become the source of most news (real and fake) dependable and otherwise. Sadly, the effect of fake news is more deadly than can ever be imagined; here is why.

Twitter and the impact of fake news

⦁ People’s trust is built on a false foundation. In essence, there is a reason why millions of users signed up on Twitter. Twitter is a beehive of activities and a community of trusted scientists, educationists, virologists, and many other professionals. With the spread of fake news from these trusted individuals, most followers can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction. Hence the foundation of people’s belief becomes founded on something false ( misleading information).

⦁ The effect of fake news is worse than people think. Overdosing on chloroquine, drinking hand sanitizers, ignoring health and safety measures are just a few of the impacts of allowing fake news to take precedence over real news. The effect of engaging in these debilitating and self- destructive activities are often extremely grievous. These effects range from poisoning to death.

With Twitter, a random tweet is never just a tweet. A random retweet is not merely a retweet; doctored images and videos are not as innocent or funny as they seem. They are all messages, loaded with meaning. They can and usually are the difference between making the epidemic go away or stay. This false information can cause mass hysteria and can also silence it. Here are a select few that are believed to deliver the facts, truths, and candid observations and instructions for you and your loved ones.

Twitter accounts to follow

Center for disease control ( @CDC gov)

This is one of the most important accounts to follow regardless of wherever you are globally ( that doesn’t matter on Twitter. The center for disease control is the leading health agency in the United States. Before and during the epidemic, they work with several state and federal agencies to measure, access, and protect the life of the citizenry. You will be updated with live facts, accurate information, and health -saving tips about the coronavirus.

world health organization (@WHO)

One other critical Twitter account to follow is the world health organization’s account. This account is another trustworthy account to track to confirm the integrity or otherwise. The united nation’s health representative agency is charged with achieving better health for all the citizens of the world. When you follow this account, you will get live updates about the minute by minute information. This is about happenings in the world, evidence-based safety tips, public health measures that are extremely vital to prevent community spread. However, most importantly the “truth about facts peddled around.”

Local health departments

Every community has health departments that are advocating, testing, treating, and disseminating all the critical information about COVID-19. These local health departments have their respective names and have different areas of specialization. These health departments might be called ministries, departments, and agencies (MDA’s). Their accounts are often verified, and they communicate the words of the minister, commissioner, or head of government in charge of health in such regions.

Generally, epidemiologists have correct amounts of information about viruses, bacteria’s and other forms of epidemics that the general public is not oblivious of. This information is sometimes on their Twitter handles, and they contain well- researched details, observations, and other relevant data. You can check out accounts of epidemiologists and health researchers like Ellie Murray and Eric Feigl- ding.

Health reporters

In this time of global health scare, health reporters are the go-to source of information for everything COVID-19. Their roles include spreading the right information gleaned from global health agencies, epidemiologists, and health departments. Follow accounts like Elizabeth Cohens, Michelle Roberts, and Nick Trigle.


The world is resting on a knife-edge, mainly because of the advent of the coronavirus epidemic. Physical health is failing, economic health is also failing, and as the outbreak continues spreading, fake news is also spreading like an epidemic. In these dark and sorrowful times, only correct information is the light at the end of the tunnel for many.

This guide will share these proper news sources like the accounts of journalists, the WHO to the CDC. There is so much positive information available if you know where to look. You will thank us later for revealing these useful Twitter accounts to follow for coronavirus tips.

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Published on: 10 April 2020
Posted by: E O
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