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Best Ways to Analyze Twitter Data To Increase Followers

Best Ways to Analyze Twitter Data To Increase Followers

Twitter has been around for a long time now. Due to its large number of users and high levels of engagement, brand owners have found the medium to come as a great avenue for the marketing of products and services. Marketers will always have to work their way towards understanding how their campaigns are performing.

Getting the best out of Twitter for your brand or business has been made a lot easier. But sometimes, things could get complicated. Looking into the data provided to you by the platform could come in handy.

When taking analyzing Twitter Data, there are several unique ways it can be done. If you are not alert of some of these ways, then we will dive into some of them in this article. Here are the best ways through which you can easily analyze Twitter data efficiently.

Best Ways to Analyze Twitter Data To get more Twitter Followers

Use Twitter Analytics

Twitter is a comprehensive platform and has got tons of features which marketers find very useful for their job. As someone who has got themselves dealing with a lot of promotion and posting of content, you will find that there is a lot of data involved. To handle such a scenario, keeping track of each data and watching the performance of what you promote can help you. You must understand what areas need brush-ups and focus and what areas need to be removed. But doing this can be a lot hectic that many would think, and this is where Twitter Analytics comes into the picture.

Twitter’s Data is Comprehensive

Twitter Analytics is Twitter’s very own tool, which allows users to track and analyze data derived from their tweets on the platform. Through the tool, marketers can get the chance to access information relating to their audience and the engagement they have with all of their tweets. The Analytics tool is a unique in-built tool designed by Twitter to help marketers gain specific insights into the performance of their content on the platform.

Generally, people are met with data such as retweets, likes, and shares. However, with the Twitter Analytics tool, these users can have access to a whole lot of other additional data that can be very useful for advertisers and marketers.

Twitter’s Tools Are Free

From the tool, people can easily access their tweet activity, which gives them a broad overview of the number of tweets they have delivered and their organic impressions. Asides from their tweet activity, they stand a chance to access information that deals with their audience. For every business or marketing strategy on Twitter, targeting an audience is a necessity. Luckily, this is something Twitter Analytics can help you figure out. Through the audience insights offered by the tool, just about anyone can study their audience and know what interests them. People can also learn what engages them with their brand the most.

Understand the key metrics

Understanding the key metrics generated across your content on Twitter is a great way to figure out what is working and what is not. Through the key metrics offered by Twitter to people to study, they can easily get a grasp of knowledge on how exactly their content on the platform performs. Today, there are some metrics that you can pay close attention to. Here is a brief overview of some of those metrics.


The impression is one of the many key metrics you should be keeping track of today. When it comes to analyzing Twitter data, you should never forget to review the number of impressions you get on your tweets. This provides you with some level of information for the view count.


The reach of your tweet refers to how many Twitter users could have seen it. This comes in handy in many numbers of ways, especially when it comes to setting marketing strategies.

Audience type

The audience type metric should never be left out of the picture when considering a list of metrics you could track. With the audience type metric, you stand a chance to figure out who your audience is, where they are from, and sometimes, what they do.

Follower growth

Follower growth is a fundamental metric you need to keep track of. This allows you to understand how well your fan-base may be growing! It also will let you know when and how your followers are coming in. You can always buy Twitter followers if you don’t want to put in all this effort!

Video completion rate

Videos are considered to be one of the best forms of content on social media. This is due to the very fact that videos account for a large percentage of the total user engagement generated. Keeping track of your videos can help you understand if you need to work on improving them or refocus them. The video completion rate metric is offered by Twitter. People can quickly see how many times users watched their videos and stuck to the end.

get more twitter followers using twitter analytics and third party

Use third-party tools

Third-party software tools can do a lot of good, especially when it comes to analyzing Twitter data. Unique tools have been developed to assist marketers, and advertisers analyze the data generated by Twitter for their tweets.

These software tools come as online tools equipped with various features that enable people to access a series of information. This provides them with the insights they need to better improve their brand/marketing strategies. Usually, these online tools come as free tools. But when it comes to accessing advanced features, users may be prompted to purchase laid plans.


Sometimes, using your Twitter account to market your business can get a bit technical. Remember to understand what is being presented to you. Are you someone who finds some difficulties in working with data generated from your Twitter account? The above guide should help you figure out some of the best ways to make your analysis.

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Published on: 8 March 2020
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