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Best Ways to Manage Twitter Followers

Best Ways to Manage Twitter Followers

Trying to manage your Twitter followers effectively can prove to be a “Mission Impossible” if you don’t have the right skill set. Even the best of social media marketers have wishfully thought of sending out one or two tweets and getting a million followers. As exciting as that sounds, it’s outrightly impossible. 

If you want to manage your Twitter followers effectively, you have to proactively set the right goals, and take strategic actions that will help you to fulfill those goals. You should be patient enough to let your efforts yield results, and when they do, you should stick to the same pattern if you’re getting the desired result. 

Although it might consume time, if it is worth the effort and patience, why not give it all it takes. 

If your strategy is well articulated and you make use of some social media tools that we’ll recommend, you will in no time be able to manage your Twitter followers like a pro. 

Best Ways to Manage Twitter Followers in 2019

1. Find those followers that are new and relevant to your goal 

Finding an account to follow on twitter is probably the easiest to do. In contrast, getting the right followers is the most challenging thing to do on a social media site. 

If you want to get relevant followers in no time, then I suggest that you use the tools provided by twitter. 

However, if you recently signed up for twitter and you’re not following anyone, you can get relevant followers is by uploading your email-address. When you do this, twitter can suggest users for you to follow based on your e-mail contact list. To find followers, go to “Who to follow” on your twitter account, then find and tap “find people you know.” Twitter will then suggest that you follow those you’ve mailed before.

You should follow only people you know because they are the only one that will follow you back as you still seem like a spam account due to your lack of followers. 

You should go to the advanced options feature on your account if you want to follow twitter handles based on keywords, location, language, and even mentions. This method is beneficial if you desire to target a cliché of people.

2. Convince relevant accounts to follow you

You should put all the twitter handle you want as followers into a private list; this will allow you to monitor them as well as interact with them easily. When you consistently engage with their posts and include them in your mention, they will probably follow your twitter handle. 

3. Get rid of your redundant and in-active followers

You must learn how to manage this type of followers. If you refuse to manage them, they may hinder the growth of your Twitter account. These undesirable followers have the tendency to reduce the rate at which your followers engage with you, reduce the level of effect that you have on your target audience, and outrightly lower your twitter experience. 

These followers can be analyzed down into three distinct groups; 

  • Follow-for-follow-back-: You need to watch out for this type of account as they are only there to deceive twitter accounts to follow them. They’ll follow you, and hope you’ll reciprocate their action. Once you do that, they’ll unfollow. They will get you as a follower, while you will get nothing in return. 
  • Bots-: Robots operate this type of account. They select the account to follow based on keywords in their profile, the details of your tweet, and your location on Twitter. Although this type of account adds to the number of followers you have, they won’t engage with your post in any way. 
  • Shuckers-: A great way to identify this group of followers is that they always have a testimony of how they did something remarkable in their bio. It could be that they paid off their mortgage within a year, made a million-dollar after registering for a course, etc. Shuckers are just there to make you undergo an action. You cannot interact with them except you want to buy their product. And they won’t also communicate with you except they want to convince you to take action. Eg. Register for a course. 

It can be challenging to identify a bad follower, but you can make use of some tools to make the process less stressful. For example, a tool like Twitter audit will help you to identify those accounts that are bots; you can then take the step of un-following them. 

A way to identify accounts created for follow-for-follow is that they usually have that hashtag in their bio. You will also notice that the only thing they’ll post will be about getting followers. Eg. Follow anybody that re-tweets this. 

4. Interact with your followers at the best time of the day

The perfect time to interact with your followers differs with their demographics. Knowing the demographics of your followers will help you to determine what type of content to churn out, and when to do that. Timing is everything in social media. 

Be kind to your followers; if they perceive you as being rude or disinhibited, they will hit the unfollow button. 

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Published on: 17 December 2019
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