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BLACKPINK Now On Twitter With 19.1 Million Tweets in Just Seven Days

BLACKPINK Now On Twitter With 19.1 Million Tweets in Just Seven Days

BLACKPINK, a well-known Korean girl group, has recently come back with a new song called “How You Like That.” This became one of the hottest topics on the platform, along with their #TwitterBlueroom live session. The latter has drawn more than 2.2 million viewers from around the globe.

The #TwitterBlueroom live session was arranged as an official signification of the comeback of the Korean girl group. In addition, it also marks the opening of their official Twitter account.

BLACKPINK Now On Twitter With 19.1 Million Tweets in Just Seven Days

Ever since the opening of BLACKPINK’s Twitter account, its members have actively participated with their fan group called BLINK worldwide. This drew a lot of attention from fans even before the #BlueRoom live stream. In addition, the group is using new Twitter features like Fleets and Voice Tweets as they communicate with fans on the platform. In fact, their “See you soon! @BLACKPINK” voice Tweet gained more than 949,000 views, 60,000 retweets, and 207,000 likes.

The Hashtag #BLACKPINK Trended at Number One Globally on Twitter

Moreover, the Korean group’s live stream gave their fans the chance to look at the softer and lovelier side of BLACKPINK’s group members. This, contrary to the charismatic vibe that they send out when they perform on stage. In addition, the live stream gave fans a glimpse of what they could expect in the future.

BLACKPINK has already been breaking several #TwitterBlueroom records even before their own live stream. But as soon as the group’s session began, many fans logged in to participate in the conversation. During the live stream and after it ended, the hashtag #BLACKPINK trended at number one globally on the platform. 

In addition, BLACKPINK opened their official Twitter account as they unveil their new song, How You Like That, on June 26, 2020. This garnered more than five million tweets from around the globe in just 12 hours. Similarly, the hashtags #BLACKPINK and #HowYouLikeThat ranked top among the trending topics on Twitter worldwide. Needless to say, the Korean group’s popularity is sky-high.

Moreover, the group launched five special emojis, four of which were created by the member s themselves. These emojis are the commemoration of the opening of BLACKPINK’s Twitter account and the release of their comeback single. The emojis that look like the group’s heart logo automatically applies when fans use the hashtags #BLACKPINK, #HowYouLikeThat, and #블랙핑크. 

BLACKPINK Now On Twitter With 19.1 Million Tweets in Just Seven Days

On the other hand, the emojis created by the group’s members will automatically appear when fans write their names with hashtags in either English or Korean. These special emojis can only be found on Twitter.

BLACKPINK Created Album Covers as Gifts For Fans

Even before the beginning of the Q&A session, BLACKPINK members prepared gifts for their fans who would ask questions. Each gift was an album cover that the members created with various stickers, adding their unique touch. The group’s members decorated the album covers in intricate details. In addition, they delighted their fans by saying that it was “great fun.” They also said that they would want to “do it again.”

The album covers were given to fans who asked #TwitterBlueroom questions. They were selected through a raffle. 

Moreover, BLACKPINK members introduced the Twitter emojis that they themselves designed during the #TwitterBlueroom live stream. They also talked about how they created them as well as what went behind the scenes. In addition, they gave cute names to each emoji that they created. Jisoo named her emoji “Angshu (Angry Shumon),” which she got from the character “Shumon” that she always enjoys drawing. On the other hand, Rosé named hers “Rosie.”

Jennie’s emoji looked like a dumpling, prompting her to name it “Mandeuki.” According to her, many people see her emoji as an onion, but it is not. Instead, the emoji is actually a mandoo (dumpling). This explanation gained a burst of laughter from fans. 

Buying More Tweets Means Buying Twitter Followers

During the Q&A, the #TwitterBlueroom live main event, some questions were posed and answered. Some of the questions asked to the group were about their new song. For instance, they were asked which part of the song’s music video was inspired by each member’s ideas. They were also asked which part of How You Like That they think is the killer part. The group communicated well with their fans and shared the behind the scenes anecdotes as answers to their fans’ questions. 

Moreover, other questions that BLACKPINK answered included, “If you could eat only one type of food, what would it be?” You take a lot of photos together. What are the key points you have in mind when taking these photos?” But there was one question that all the group members had the same answer. When asked, “If you could live as another member in your group, who would you like to be?” Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa all answered that they would want to be Jisoo. This showed all the love and support that each member has for each other. 

After the Q&A session, fans could tune into the Korean girl group’s new song, “How You Like That.” BLACKPINK also talked about many anecdotes related to the song. In the end, they finally revealed their custom covers to BLINK members globally. Their meteoric rise in followers proved buying more tweets essentially means buying more Twitter followers.

Conclusion: More Tweets Mean More Twitter Followers

Furthermore, the group closed the #TwitterBlueroom live stream by asking their fans to follow their Twitter account. They also promised that they would communicate via their Twitter account more frequently. As a first step to keeping their promise, the group tweeted a fun image using the Twitter 360 booth. Jisoo and Rosé made different gestures, expressing their character, while Lisa and Jennie their “BLACKPINK in Your Area” signature pose. These two Twitter 360 videos posted by the Korean group drew a lot of attention from fans worldwide. It recorded more than seven million cumulative views.

BLACKPINK Now On Twitter With 19.1 Million Tweets in Just Seven Days

In just a week after the group launched its Twitter account, it generated 19.1 million tweets worldwide. This demonstrates the huge popularity of the girl group on Twitter.

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Published on: 17 December 2020
Posted by: Joy P
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