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Why You Should Buy Auto-Engagements With Twitter Followers

While you’re busy wracking your brain for ways to increase your following on Twitter, don’t neglect one of the most crucial elements to a campaign’s success: engagement.

On Twitter, engagement means retweets, comments, @mentions and replies – all signals of your followers’ reception of the content you put out.

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Numbers alone will not make you popular on Twitter. An astronomical following may be good enough to impress an untrained eye, but it is not enough to make you truly influential.

Engagement is what differentiates a Twitter-star-wannabe from the real thing, and neglecting to pay attention to it is a rookie mistake that many brands and budding influencers make.

Having 200,000 followers and a low engagement rate can only be perceived in two ways: either your content is not valuable to your followers, or your followers are bought. Both can damage your reputation and hurt your chances of rising to the top of the platform.

Fortunately, providers also offer auto-engagement to go along with bought followers. Auto-engagement is a social media boosting service that sends a predetermined number of retweets and likes to your account on a regular basis, helping you create a buzz around every single tweet you put out.

Auto-engagements can take your campaign to a whole new level – keep reading to learn how you can leverage success with a well-thought-out bought follower strategy.

Benefits of Purchasing Followers

Purchasing followers is an age-old social media marketing technique. It’s one of the fastest and most practical ways to build a following without breaking a sweat.

Luckily for you, we’ve made a list of all the great benefits you can gain from purchasing Twitter followers – just in case you need a little more convincing.

Instant Influencer Status

Before you reach your full influencer potential, you have to look the part first. Building a following is especially difficult in the beginning – it’s hard to come up with groundbreaking content that will shake the world if the world isn’t aware that you exist, right?

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Buying Twitter followers from a reputable provider is like dressing to impress on a very important job interview. It sets you up for success. With a lot of followers under your name, people are more likely to take you seriously – and they might follow along as well.

People are naturally curious and they always want to be in the know. If they see that almost half the town is following you, they’ll want to know what the commotion is all about!

With a Great Following Comes Great Authority

Numbers aren’t everything, but they are important on Twitter. If people begin to see that you have a respectable amount of followers, they are more likely to follow and check out any links you post.

Having a good number of followers gives the impression that you put out valuable content that won’t be found elsewhere – making you an online force to be reckoned with.

The Ripple Effect of Success

Once you’ve become an influencer of some note and a level of authority has been established, gaining organic followers will be a breeze – causing a ripple effect of success to you can watch in real time, right on the screen in front of you.

It has been proven that buying followers can lead to success, as long as you choose a good provider. Driving a large number of followers through bought efforts to your account should be enough to create a buzz around you – leveraging the power of a large social following without having to deal with the unpredictability of organic growth.

You’ll be the Talk of the Town

Buying Twitter followers from a trustworthy provider means opening yourself to the possibility of viral growth. Once you’ve established yourself on social media and organic followers begin swarming your account, becoming a household name is not so far fetched!

Your followers will be eager to watch your every tweet to see what’s so interesting – and if you’re already producing good content, your chances of becoming viral are exponentially increased. You can be the talk of the town – Twitter Town.


You will be Everywhere!

The more followers you have, the more Twitter’s algorithm will suggest you to users in the same interest group or demographic – that means your avatar can eventually be on some prime pieces of Twitter real estate!

Next to purchasing followers, being suggested is one of the fastest ways to build a following. These suggestions will help increase your organic growth and spread brand awareness.

If you run a business or just want to make a name for yourself on the platform, you know that brand awareness is one of the most crucial elements of a marketing campaign’s success.

Whether they follow you or not, people will at least know your name. That’s the first step towards building a relationship.

The Cons of Purchasing Followers

With all the benefits mentioned above, it’s easy to think that purchasing followers is almost fool proof – and it is, as long as you choose a good provider.

Not all providers are top-quality, however. Here we discuss some of the dangers of purchasing followers from low quality providers.

They are Not Real

It’s easy to buy a whole bunch of fake, bot followers if you don’t do your research. There are a lot of providers out there who offer insane amounts of followers for cheap, and this is usually a tell-tale sign of low quality.

These followers are are obviously not authentic, and anyone who investigates them will be able to see what they’re like:


Fake followers won’t let you get everything you can out of Twitter marketing. They won’t engage with your content, so you won’t be able to have a real experience with them – and your customers want to see real experiences.

Your Follower-to-Engagement Ratio

One of the biggest disadvantages of purchasing followers – without auto-engagement – is the lopsided metrics.

Purchasing followers does not necessarily translate to a high engagement score, and a bad follower-to-engagement ratio is not a good thing, especially if you’re building your credibility online.


Having a ton of followers and a less-than-healthy engagement score gets you nowhere, and can even raise red flags among authentic followers. It just looks wrong.

Potential Loss of Credibility

Once authentic followers begin picking up on those red flags and arrive to the conclusion that you are purchasing followers, your credibility can easily be tarnished. They will take your content less seriously and may even consider unfollowing you.

Everything you’ve worked so hard on could become meaningless.

It Does Nothing to Your Klout Score

If you are big on data and serious about building a presence online, you would know that purchasing followers does nothing for your Klout Score. The Klout Score is a social influence measurement tool that relies heavily on the amount of interaction and engagement your content receives.

Having a militia-sized following gained through bought efforts that generates zero engagement can actually affect your Klout score negatively – which is a bad thing for any budding influencer. Auto-engagements help fix this problem.

You Might be Called Out

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but people are quite fond of calling people out for purchasing followers. With the rise of websites that claim to determine whether a certain user’s following is saturated by fake accounts, people don’t think twice about digitally shaming accounts that purchase followers.

While this may sound like a huge disadvantage, that’s not quite true. You have to keep in mind that you’re only putting yourself at risk if you purchase fake followers from less-than-reputable providers. Cheap followers (usually sold in bulk) are an annoyance to have around and can contribute to your online downfall.

Ultimately, high quality followers purchased from reputable providers won’t get you in trouble. They won’t put you at risk, but you must take proper precautionary measures and choose your provider wisely so as not to be called out by fellow tweeters.

How Auto-Engagement Can Bring Success

Purchasing auto-engagements may seem like an additional expense, but trust us when we say that they’re the best investment you can make to go along with your bought followers. Auto-engagement is worth the extra buck, for a variety of reasons:

They are Real People

As long as you find a reputable provider, auto-engagements are gained through legitimate social media marketing methods and aimed towards authentic users. That means they are real people.


You don’t have to worry about putting your name at risk because the engagements you get are from trustworthy, legitimate sources.

They can Balance out your Metrics

Having a healthy amount of engagement to go with your new army of followers is the best way to look the part of a legitimate internet success.

Having 120,000 followers, 0 retweets and 2 likes is a recipe for disaster. This is where auto-engagements can be your saving grace, as they can give you a well-balanced analytics score. This will help legitimize your efforts to become a big name on Twitter.

Authentic Followers can’t Tell

We mentioned earlier how Twitter users are quick to call out anyone they think is purchasing followers. Auto-engagements from high quality followers will make it impossible for prying eyes to figure out whether your following is bought or not.

It Actually Helps Your Klout Score

Once people begin seeing engagement with your content, their curiosity will naturally be piqued. They would want to know what everyone is talking about and can potentially drive traffic to your account, while creating a buzz around the tweets you send.

The amount of traffic you can get from this will consequently improve your Klout score, and that is something to be happy about!

Auto-Engagements Make You Look Legit

If you think purchasing followers is all it takes for a successful Twitter campaign, you are gravely mistaken. While it does help make you look the part at first glance, that initial impression can make a quick turnaround once followers see the unbalanced engagement.

Numbers alone do not make you influential – you need engagement too. Purchasing auto-engagements to go along your brand new followers is the fast way to look like an internet success, without putting you at risk of public Twitter shaming.

Furthermore, auto-engagements can encourage authentic followers to jump into the conversations that you brew – in 140 characters or less.

Simpsons choose

When choosing a provider, find one who can give you high quality followers and auto-engagements at a reasonable price – and avoid jumping to the next cheap alternative.

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