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The Leak Images of the Soon To Be Launched ‘Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Headphones’

Buy Twitter Followers Leak Image of Oculus Quest Headset

Small tweaks, as well as a brand new color scheme. These are the latest integrations into the Oculus Quest headset.

A photo of a brand newOculus Quest virtual reality headset might have leaked online. The said photo was posted by a user named WalkingCat on Twitter. Notably, Twitter Followers already made credible leaks back then. 

The Leak Images of the Soon To Be Launched ‘Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Headphones’

The leaked photo shows a headset that looks ultimately similar to the Oculus Quest existing in the market. The only difference is that its color scheme is black and white. Also, the headset in the leaked image might be potentially slimmer in design. The slim design might be a controversial feature tweak for the popular headset. 

The Quest is Oculus’ flagship product that is owned by the social media giant Facebook. Moreover, the product’s leaked image seems to show an iterative update and not a new generation of the said headset. This is similar to what happened when the Oculus Rift, the tethered version of the Oculus Rift, was released.

The original 2019 design of the headset was black on a black combination of plastic and fiber. But instead of this design, the Oculus Rift S showed an entirely white plastic body with a black face mask. A redesign was also applied to the straps. It was done to either replace the strap with a single adjustment on the back or to make the adjustment feature on each side less prominent. Still, they have the original Qiest’s basic design instead of Oculus’s halo style for the Rift S. Notably, this halo design is more comfortable but is noticeably bulkier. 

The Twitter Followers Leaked Design Looks Good

The design of the headset in the leaked image is shallower, smaller, and lighter. This is consistent with the earlier reports saying that a smaller and lighter version of Quest will be made available in the market. However, it isn’t easy to judge the headset’s said version if you’ll only base on a single, angled image. 

The leaked image shows that the top tracking cameras that have a more side-facing placement. This camera angle allows users to pick up a wider horizontal ranger of controller movement. For the rendering, there is a pair of Oculus Touch controllers. They appear similar to the existing design aside from their white plastic. 

Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Headset is Now Very Popular on Twitter

People love to welcome changes. The Quest’s current version’s front-heaviness is, no doubt, a disadvantage compared to the competing PC-tethered headsets. However, there is also an ominous change. This is the absence of an interpupillary distance slider on the underside of the headset. The IPD slider of the current Quest physically changes the distance between lenses. This then provides a clearer focus to people who have eyes that are either farther apart or closer together than the average. Such a feature was not present on the Rift S. Moreover, it is possible that the same feature will not be present on the Quest. Another possible thing that could happen is that the slider may be moved. This is because we cannot see the top or right side of the headset.

The Leak Images of the Soon To Be Launched ‘Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Headphones’

Whether or not the leak is real, no one knows the specs of this headset or whether the leaked image really reflects the latest design. Another thing that should be considered is the price. The current Quest costs $399. But a version made with slightly cheaper materials might also have a price decrease.

Buy Twitter Followers Make New Leak Again

But it’s not that all. Rumors also say that the headset will be launched soon. According to some, it will be available in the market on September 15. It’s still normal to buy Twitter followers, but it’s less common to share sensitive info like this unreleased product.

On Friday, there are a lot of new images posted on this new Quest headset. It gives some people the thought that it looks similar to the previous version of this device. However, the new version is much easier to navigate, making people want it to be launched sooner.  WalkingCat, a Twitter leaker, credibly leaked things too in the past, who first shared the images of this existing device. According to said leaker, the device will be launched sooner or later. May the rumor be true or not. Facebook stayed quiet about it. Upon the release of the previous version of Oculus Quest in May last year, it was noted that the device might have a convenient tetherless design. Still, wired headsets are more powerful than them. However, the virtual headset is also pairable with smartphones.

Oculus Quest instantly became the center of the attraction and spotlight on Twitter. As mentioned, wired headsets are still very much more functional than the Oculus Quest. Still, we cannot doubt that the new design of this rumored Quest headset is very functional.


In all honesty, the device is beautifully created. So, it is no wonder why it caught so much attention when its leaked image was posted on social media platforms, especially Twitter. To the point that there are a lot of its pictures that got shared and leaked. 

Furthermore, Oculus refused to comment on the leaked image circulating on social media. However, an article from a Nikkei Asian review posted last week claimed that the brand has plans to begin the mass production of a new headset by the end of July. This claim could line up with an announcement or a release date later this year. The announcement might even happen during the Oculus Connect developers conference.

The Leak Images of the Soon To Be Launched ‘Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Headphones’

We cannot deny that the world and technology are changing at a fast phase. There are now many devices that provide people with ease of use, such as this leaked Oculus Quest headset. Whether the leaked image may be real or not, it would be nice to see a much better version of the popular headset in the future.

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Published on: 28 October 2020
Posted by: Joy P
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