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Why Buying Cheap Twitter Followers Will Cost You More

Twitter bird follow meBuying Twitter followers is suppose to be a way of boosting your credibility, make you look popular, helps you gain social proof and overall kickstarting your success on Twitter. It’s also pretty cheap, but what happens when followers are too cheap?
New “buy twitter follower” companies and individuals spring up everyday and there are literally thousands of companies that sell followers. Every company is trying to grab your attention and one of the most popular ways of doing that is selling them for less, by sacrificing quality. How important is quality of the followers you buy? Extremely important!
Companies who sell extremely cheap followers (we’re talking about those “Get 10,000 followers for $5!” types) are usually only looking for a quick-buck. They don’t care or guarantee quality, reliability and in some cases, even basic customer support. We’ve tested over 200 providers in the past two and a half years and 80% of them failed to deliver or delivered followers that disappeared days later.

Buying dirt-cheap followers can cost you more than just a few bucks; here’s why:

  1. Cheap Followers look incredibly fake (Egg Photo, No Bio, etc.)
  2. twittereggs

  3. Cheap Followers are not reliable. They will disappear, sometimes as quick as a few days.
  4. Cheap Twitter Followers

  5. Cheap Followers are easy to spot and can hurt your credibility.
  6. FakeFollowers-Tweet


Even in the buy Twitter follower industry, you get what you pay for. When you buy followers, you don’t want to just buy a bunch of hollow followers. You want all the important things that should come along with them, such as high quality profiles, reliability, activeness & engagements and the true credibility & social proof that you need.
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