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Why Buying Cheap Twitter Followers Will Cost You More

Buying Twitter followers is supposed to be a way to boost your popularity and credibility, and gain social proof to kickstart your success on Twitter. It’s also an affordable method, but what happens when followers are too cheap?

New “buy Twitter followers” sites spring up every day. Every one of them is trying to grab your attention and one of the most popular ways of doing that is selling followers for less. These low prices always come at the cost of quality.

Many companies who sell extremely cheap followers (we’re talking about those “Get 10,000 followers for $5!” types) don’t care or guarantee quality, reliability, and, in some cases, even basic customer support. They are there just for the quick buck. Here is why buying cheap followers from these providers will do you more harm than good.

Cheap Followers look incredibly fake

Cheap followers offered by shady providers are often created en-masse to quickly fill the demand. This means that there is no time to give them proper bios or even unique profile photos. Thus, you end up with a bunch of featureless heads on your Twitter followers list, like those below, which is not pleasant to look at and will surely deter actual audiences.

cheap twitter followers

High-quality followers offered by providers like Tweet Angels are designed to be nearly indistinguishable from regular Twitter accounts. They have unique profile photos and complete bios.

Since they look like real Twitter users, such followers are more effective in making your account appear popular in people’s eyes.

Cheap Followers are not reliable

Low-quality follower providers use bots to quickly generate hundreds of cheap follower accounts for their clients. Due to their nature, these bot accounts often quickly follow and unfollow accounts. This erratic engagement activity will cause your follower count to drop quickly, sometimes in just a few days after your purchase.

Cheap followers are also prone to being removed by Twitter itself. In fact, Twitter deletes a million fake accounts daily as part of its cleanup effort. If you have been purchasing plenty of cheap followers from shady companies, you are in for a rude surprise.

High-quality followers from reputable sources have a much higher retention rate. These providers conduct extensive promotions on their networks to attract followers to your account. Since these followers are real people and not bots, they are less likely to unfollow quickly. Such followers are also less likely to be hit by Twitter purges.

Good providers also offer better protection against follower drops through retention warranties. Under such warranties, these providers will automatically replace any followers that you have lost or have unfollowed you. Providers like Social Media Market even offer retention and replacement guarantees for up to several years. That’s something that you won’t see with those who sell cheap Twitter followers.

Cheap Followers will hurt your credibility

Ultimately, purchasing cheap followers will end up hurting your credibility. The sight of obviously fake followers will do more than just deter people from checking your profile. They will also become outright suspicious of you. That bad impression can quickly spread, as they tell their peers to think first before following you. If you are a celebrity, this will hurt your reputation more.

This loss of credibility negates whatever initial boost in popularity your account might have gained from purchasing cheap followers. Even if you bought them for a low price, that would still be a waste of your money for nothing.

When you buy followers, you don’t want to just buy a bunch of hollow followers. You want all the important things that should come along with them. These include high-quality profiles, reliability, and the true credibility & social proof that you need. Check out the top list of providers we’ve reviewed to find out which ones offer high-quality followers for good prices right now.