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What Can Bought Twitter Followers Do For Me?

If you are thinking of purchasing Twitter followers, then you must be thinking about ways to accelerate your growth on social media. This is understandable, as Twitter has 313 million active users and over 400 million tweets per day. It’s one of the most valuable social media platforms for building your brand or your business.

If you want to stand out, be more credible, and appear as an authority in your industry, then purchasing followers can help you do just that. We’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages so you can make the most informed decision possible.

Advantages of Buying Twitter Followers

Kickstart Your Growth

Buying Followers is a quick kickstart for your Twitter account. Starting a Twitter account with a few followers, mostly your family and friends, is how we usually start our social media accounts – but that’s not how it has to be.

If you are aim is to build your personal brand or a business, you can easily get thousands of followers in a few days. Why start with a few when you could start with a thousand?

Social Proof

Having a lot of followers gives you Social Proof. Social Proof is “the psychological phenomenon where people will conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior.”

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Purchasing followers for your Twitter account will give you more credibility and authority. When people visit your page, they’ll usually only see your high follower count, which can be pretty impressive!

Attract Organic Followers

As a result of your Social Proof, you have higher chances of attracting organic followers, and some of them will be targeted for your purposes. As you build your reputation on Twitter, users will perceive you as someone worth following and may share you with their own network as well, if they like what you post.

This will help you reach an even larger audience, attracting more impressions and engagements. New people visiting your page will be more likely to follow and engage with you when they see how popular you are!

More Effective Marketing

You’ll engage the bandwagon effect with your followers, improving the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. You’ll have a higher rate of conversions, and it can also help you land big deals. Having a large following can, in some cases, give you an advantage in making negotiations.

Disadvantages of Buying Twitter Followers

Not Real Followers

The Twitter followers you’ll buy aren’t real people, and they aren’t actually interested in your account. They’re only there to boost your social proof, and will never become paying customers or attentive fans who will click your tweets (unless you pay for that service).

Not Always Targeted Followers

The Twitter followers you purchase are usually not targeted to the audience or location you want. Some follower companies offer geo-targeting options like Tweet Angles does, however, which provides a more customized and useful following.

Lose the Followers

This is somewhat common when you make use of the services of cheap providers – the followers you buy can actually unfollow, leaving you with nothing. It’s important to choose a follower provider that offers high-quality followers, along with replacement guarantees or warranties.

Low-Quality Followers

Going with cheap providers will often end up with you getting low-quality followers. You may get followers with egg-heads, or even porn-related, NSFW accounts.

This means you’d be risking your reputation online, and that’s the exact opposite of what you’re trying to do. This is why it’s important that you read reviews to see which company will give you the most benefits, without hurting your Twitter image.

High-Quality vs Low-Quality Followers

When you do decide to purchase Twitter followers, you want to make sure that they are high-quality followers. If you want to make the most of your buck, steer away from providers who are selling low-quality followers.

To see how they compare, here are the differences between high-quality followers and low-quality followers.

High-Quality Follower

A high-quality follower looks just like a real person, an actual Twitter user. Their Twitter page has a profile photo and usually a header image.

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They’ll have unique bios, and some even have links to their other social media accounts. They’ll have a healthy ratio of following to followers, it won’t be too out of whack.

In terms of Twitter engagement, they frequently tweet. They also retweet and like the tweets of other people. When you buy high-quality followers, you’ll have a low chance of being unfollowed, and you won’t risk getting your account suspended.

Low-Quality Followers

It’s easy to spot a low-quality follower as they typically don’t have an uploaded profile photo, and instead have the default photo. They don’t usually have a header image either, leaving it as a solid color. They have poorly written bios or they don’t have bios at all. They never have links to their other social media accounts.

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The ratio of the people they follow compared to their own followers is already a giveaway. As you can see in the example, that user has just a few followers of their own but is following a lot of people.

In terms of Twitter activity, they have little or none at all, making them appear anti-social. They rarely tweet, retweet, or like other tweets.

When you buy low-quality followers, in many cases they will start to unfollow you – sooner or later. Although you don’t usually risk getting suspended, even with low-quality followers, it definitely doesn’t look good having them attached to your account.

There is a huge difference between high-quality and low-quality followers. Low-quality tends to be cheaper, but make the right choice for your reputation and pay a bit more for quality.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Reaching an incredible follower count is one of the landmark goals of anyone wanting to build a great reputation on Twitter. If you go for purely organic growth, getting those followers isn’t easy.

As mentioned above, it’s important that you carefully choose the service provider where you buy your Twitter followers. Not all services are the same, so it’s important that you research a bit first. We have tested and reviewed hundreds of providers, so check out our reviews for our top recommendations.

Buying followers isn’t a bad thing – 71% of Lady Gaga’s 35 million followers are bought or fake. If you invest in a service provider that will give you high-quality followers, people will never be able to tell that you bought them. You’ll just benefit from the increased social proof, and reap all the marketing rewards to come.

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