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Devumi vs. TwitterBoost: Who Sells Better Retweets?

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To build an authority on Twitter, you need more than a huge number of followers. Your tweets also need engagements to get there. This is what has led to the growing popularity of buying retweets. By buying retweets for your tweets, you will attract attention and build credibility. There are several websites that sell retweets, but which ones actually provide a high-quality product? Let’s go through a comparison of Devumi and TwitterBoost, two popular providers of retweets, to help you start evaluating options.


This is a US-based online company that exclusively provides Twitter services. TwitterBoost offers three basic services: followers, retweets and sponsored mentions. The company is best known for the quality of their services, and their professional and reliable customer support. Furthermore, they offer their clients a 100% money-back guarantee.


Devumi is one of the most popular providers of various social media boosting services, including their high-quality Twitter services. Their Twitter retweets service is mostly known for its high reliability, since they offer high-quality retweets with the lowest drop rates in the industry. They are also known for their great customer support and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Pricing and discounts


  • Competitive pricing
  • $5 to $149 for 50 to 10,000 retweets


  • Competitive pricing
  • $9 to $149 for 100 to 10,000 retweets

The two companies have very attractive prices for their retweets services. TwitterBoost offers various packages, ranging from 50 retweets to 10,000 retweets. Their prices start at $5 for 50 retweets, $39 for 1,000 retweets, $97 for 5,000 retweets, and going up to $149 for 10,000 retweets.

Devumi also has several packages. They are capable of providing from as little as 100 to over 10,000 retweets. Their retweet prices are at par with those of TwitterBoost, starting at $9 for 100 retweets, $39 for 1,000 retweets, $97 for 5,000 retweets, up to $149 for 10,000 retweets.

Ordering Process


  • Straightforward ordering process
  • Three-step ordering
    • Choose a package
    • Customize package with add ons
    • Checkout


  • Straightforward ordering process
  • Four-step ordering process
    • Choose a plan
    • Customize your order
    • Review your order
    • Checkout

When buying retweets, you want a provider whose ordering process is smooth and can be easily followed even by novices. How do the two companies compare here?

TwitterBoost’s ordering process is pretty straightforward and devoid of hassles. It’s composed of three easy steps. In step one, you review the information they have provided on their website and choose your desired package. In step two, you customize your chosen package and select any add-ons you might need. The last step is checkout, where you pay and you are good to go.

Devumi also has a simple ordering process involving four simple steps. First, you review available plans and choose the one that suits you best. Next, you click on the order button and customize your order. In step three, you review your order to confirm that all the details are correct. The last step is checkout, where you pay and then sit back as you wait for them to deliver your retweets.

Turnaround time


  • retweets start coming in after 24 hours
  • retweets continue for up to a month


  • retweets start coming in after 10 minutes
  • retweets continue coming in for 24 hours

How fast do they deliver your retweets? For TwitterBoost, their retweets service usually starts within about 24 hours after you place your order. The retweets continue to be delivered gradually for up to one month.

With Devumi, you will start receiving the retweets for the tweet you are promoting within 10 minutes after you order. Their retweets are normally delivered within a period of 24 hours, though this is can be dependent on the number of retweets ordered.

Retweet quality


  • High-quality, real retweets
  • Option for geo-targeted retweets


  • High-quality, real retweets
  • Lowest drop rate in the industry

When buying Twitter retweets, you want to be sure that they provide high-quality retweets that aren’t easily detected. TwitterBoost’s retweets come from real active Twitter users, therefore they have a very low drop rate and are unlikely to get you on the wrong side of Twitter’s terms of service. Unlike low-quality providers, TwitterBoost does not use click farms, bots or scripts to generate retweets. They also offer optional geo-targeted retweets.

Devumi is known for the high-quality retweets it provides, which it sources from real and active Twitter users, using safe and proven promotion techniques. The retweets come exclusively through external marketing. As a result, their retweets are 100% safe. They also have the lowest drop rates amongst all providers. What’s more, in case they fail to deliver the retweets as promised, you will get a full refund with their 100% money-back guarantee.

Final verdict

Both Devumi and TwitterBoost have established themselves as top-rated providers of Twitter retweets. There are more similarities between the two than there are differences. Their prices for various Retweet packages are similar. They provide their clients with simple and straightforward ordering processes. However, Devumi’s turnaround time is definitely shorter than TwitterBoos. Both companies provide high-quality retweets sourced from real and active Twitter followers. We are confident in the services from both providers, but ultimately, but ultimately Devumi has a slight edge over TwitterBoost when it comes to providing high-quality Retweet at an agreeable price.

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Published on: 14 June 2016
Posted by: Vivi
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