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The guide to buying Twitter Retweets and Likes effectively

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Buying retweets and likes is the most effective Twitter marketing secret. You can gain massive exposure as you boost your boost engagement, and even get more clicks as you attract more followers and sales. Getting these results all comes down to choosing the right provider that knows how to do it right.

We tested and reviewed 100+ Retweet and Like providers to find the best and root out the scams and duds. Here are the top 5 providers:

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#1 MediaMister

High Quality and Instant Retweets.
  • Up to 100,000 Retweets per tweet
  • Instant and Organic Results
  • High-Quality, Organic Users
  • Undetectable Results
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
per 100

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#2 buycheapfollowerslikes

Reliable, Fast and Excellent Support
  • Up to 15,000 Retweets per tweet
  • Fast and Organic Results
  • High-Quality, Organic Users
  • Undetectable Results
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
per 100

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Reliable provider. Organic results.
  • Up to 5,000 Retweets per tweet
  • Fast and Organic Results
  • High-Quality Retweets and Likes
  • Undetectable Results
  • 100% Risk-Free Guarantee
per 100

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#4 Automatic Retweet

  • Up to 1,000,000 Retweets per tweet
  • Solid and fast Results
  • Real looking users / HQ Bots
  • Safe and Tested
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
per 1000

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excellent Excellent
good Good
neutral Neutral
bad Bad

The Benefits Of Buying Retweets

As many marketers will tell you, Twitter is a never ending battle for attention. When you tweet, you’re seen for a few seconds or minutes before being overtaken by other tweets in the feed.

There is an exception to this rule: engagement. As your tweet receives more retweets and likes, it stays on top of your feed and search results longer. This is where buying Retweets and Likes can benefit you greatly.

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  • More Visibility — Your tweets gain more visibility instantly as it ranks higher on feeds, has a larger font and stands out more.
  • Social Proof — The perceived popularity and importance of your tweet gets a big boost, resulting in positive social proof. This is the monkey see, monkey do concept at work.
  • Improve Credibility — When your tweets have tons of engagements, you gain more respect and credibility from your followers, potential followers, and the entire Twitter community.
  • More Impressions — One of the biggest benefits is an increase in the impressions your tweets receive.
  • Attract Organic Engagements — This is a benefit of social proof. When users see a popular tweet with lots of retweets and likes, they’re more likely to like and retweet it as well.
  • Increase Conversions — A major benefit for businesses is an increase of conversions from Twitter traffic. Traffic from Twitter is more likely to convert if your tweet is more reputable and popular.
  • Boost Revenue and Sales — A follow up from your conversion boost, is an increase in revenue and sales. If you promote products or services on Twitter, you’re more likely to receive sales.
  • Attract Organic Followers — As you reach a larger audience and increase your Social Proof, you attract more profile clicks and organic followers.
  • Rank Higher and Longer on Search — Retweets and Likes are a major factor in Twitter’s ranking algorithm. The more engagements you tweet has, the higher it ranks and longer it stays up on search results.
  • Top Tweet Status — Your tweet gains Top Tweet status on Twitter for a few days or weeks. This can attract a lot of additional attention to your tweet and account.
  • SEO Benefits — Google doesn’t index every tweet, but it does like indexing popular tweets. Buying retweets or likes on a tweet will get you more SEO muscle.

Automatic Retweets are a powerful retweet tool

There is an extremely valuable service called Automatic Retweets which many are not familiar with. Here’s all you need to know about automatic retweets so that you can decide how to use it:

  • How it works: You sign up for the service, specify the total daily number of retweets and favorites that you want, and from that moment on your tweets will be retweeted and favorited by the company you subscribed to automatically up to your limit.
  • Benefits: Automatic retweets and favorites help your tweets reach a wider audience, they boost the value of your tweets via social proof, and help you build a digital reputation. Retweets directly impact the ranking of your profile. More retweets on a consistent basis make you rank better, which can be huge if you use the topic of a trending hashtag.
  • Where to buy: Some of the best companies that provide this type of service, seen on our review page for automatic retweets, are very reliable as they deliver your retweets and favorites like clockwork. These companies allow you to customize the ratio of your retweets, as well as adjust your desired geo-targeting, for even better results.

Retweets inject social proof into your profile, impressing your current, and other potential, followers. All of this improves the growth of your Twitter account. Combining automatic retweets with purchasing Twitter followers will result in some incredible Twitter success.

Frequent Questions and Answers

  • Why would I buy retweets and likes?
    Buying retweets and likes is a highly effective social media marketing tactic for building social proof and boosting your online image. Buying retweets and likes is a quick and effective way to make your audience notice you and engage with your tweets.

  • How does buying retweets work?

    Providers use a range of methods to deliver retweets. Some of these are accepted practices in the industry while others are shady tactics that don’t provide quality results. Here are some strategies used by many companies:

    Bots and scripts: With this strategy, providers deliver retweets from inactive accounts within a short a period. While you’d be able to receive your retweets quickly, they do nothing more than increase your RT count, as these users often don’t have followers of their own that would see your retweets.
    Social media promotions: More reliable providers aim to deliver valuable retweets done by real and active users that have followers. They do this by promoting your tweet on their own network. Some also work with social media influencers on Twitter who would retweet your post to their followers. This method has the potential to drive hundreds if not thousands of profile visits and retweets.
    Advertisements: Another strategy used by expert providers are ad campaigns. They will advertise your tweets to ad networks, or even start a PPC campaign for an even wider reach. Similar to social media promotions, this strategy works to provide retweets from real and active users.

    After that, just sit back and watch the retweets and likes roll in.

  • Where is the best place to buy retweets and likes?

    Most providers of Twitter followers also provide retweets and likes, so we’ve tested many services already. If you want to buy retweets, likes, or any kind of engagement, be sure to do research before picking any provider – the last thing you want is a flood of engagements from spammy (or worse, pornographic) accounts.

  • How will buying retweets and likes help me achieve success?

    Buying Twitter engagements won’t instantly turn you into a Twitter success story. However, when you buy retweets and likes, your tweet stays on top of your followers’ feeds and search results longer, and they’ll be more likely to see it. It also pushes your existing followers to engage with your tweets with a retweet or like of their own.

  • Will Twitter ban my account for buying retweets and likes?

    Not if you buy from a quality provider. If you buy from a low-quality, untrustworthy provider that sends 10,000 retweets from spammy accounts in less than a minute, then yes, there’s a good chance Twitter will notice and shut your account down (while also deleting all the followers that swarmed to you). But if you buy from a top-quality provider who sends retweets over the course of a few days from active accounts, Twitter won’t mess with your account.
    Always be sure to read reviews for retweets and likes to make sure you’re not buying something bad.

  • Where do the likes and retweets come from?

    This too depends on the quality. Low-quality providers create an army of bot accounts using software that will then be ordered to like or retweet you when you place an order. This can backfire on you if the followers are all fake, and you may risk being penalized by Twitter.
    The top-quality providers, on the other hand, will come from real, active Twitter users that won’t mar your account or alert Twitter.

  • Can you really buy retweets?

    Of course, you can! Many people buy retweets, and it’s quite simple to do. Here’s how:
    1. Choose a trusted provider.
    2. Pick a retweet package that meets your requirements.
    3. Purchase and settle your payment.
    4. Wait for the company to start delivering your retweets. It may take a few hours to a few days.
    5. Start receiving retweets on your chosen tweet or tweets.
    6. Watch your engagement improve once all retweets have been delivered.

  • Will I lose the retweets I bought?

    Three common scenarios that would result in you losing your retweets are: (1) if the user manually deletes the retweet, (2) Twitter deletes the retweets because the content violates their terms of use, and (3) Twitter decides to delete inactive accounts and all their activities on the network and you’re affected.
    To avoid any of these, make sure you’re choosing a trusted provider that delivers high-quality retweets from actual Twitter users. In addition, it would be a great idea to pick a company that offers a retention warranty. This way, you could just ask for replacements if you see any drop in your retweet count.

  • Does buying retweets actually work?

    Yes! Many businesses, celebs, social media influencers, and even politicians buy retweets to expand their reach and improve their social signals. Although it may still not be widely accepted, the practice of buying retweets is proven to be effective at helping you reach your online marketing goals.

  • Am I buying retweets from real or fake users?

    The kind of retweets you get would depend on the provider you’ve chosen and the strategies they use. If the company uses bots, it’s likely that your retweets will be from fake users. If the company uses methods that promote your Tweets, you’ll have a higher chance of getting retweets from active Twitter users.
    This is why it’s important not to rush in choosing a provider. Don’t just pick the one that offers the lowest price. Take your time to read our reviews, where we actually buy retweets from the companies in question, to see what you’ll really get before you buy.

  • Why should I buy retweets?

    Twitter, like Facebook, is such a crowded space that it’s challenging to grow and attract an audience. It’s doubly hard if you’re just getting started on the network and have literally no followers to retweet your posts. Buying retweets gives you a kick-start to successfully improve your engagement. You should definitely buy retweets if you want to:

    – Expand your reach and improve visibility
    – Enhance your social proof
    – Attract organic engagement
    – Grow your followers
    – Make your tweet go viral
    – Appear on top of search results for trending hashtags

    Read our pros and cons above for more information on the benefits and disadvantages of buying retweets.

  • Is buying retweets a scam?

    No, it’s not a scam. Many legitimate companies offer quality retweet services. There are some providers who offer low-quality retweets and charge their customers with high rates which can make you feel like you’ve been scammed.
    You can avoid dodgy providers by doing your research and reading our reviews. We’ve created a list of top providers to help you get started on finding a company that suits your needs.

  • Is buying retweets safe?

    Yes, it is generally safe. The only way it won’t be safe is if you give the company access to your account. Some providers would say they need your password to deliver the retweets, or, more commonly, as part of a ‘follow first’ followers campaign. Do not believe them and stay far away from them! Credible companies won’t need your password to fulfill your order.

  • Is it illegal to buy retweets?

    There’s no law that stops people from buying retweets. What you need to always consider is the way these retweets are delivered as some providers may use methods that violate Twitter’s terms of use. Your best option is to go with a company that fully complies with Twitter’s terms so you won’t have to worry about putting your account in harm’s way.

  • Can a company remove bought retweets after delivering them?

    There won’t be any reason for them to do that, especially if you’ve already paid for the order. When you start losing retweets, we suggest that you get in touch with the provider immediately and request for replacements if they have a retention warranty in place. Read our reviews to see which providers offer a retention warranty.

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