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Donald Trump’s Weirdest and Strangest Tweets

President Donald Trump’s Twitter obsession has long been the subject of many a discussion and hilarious meme online. His tweets have the power to get people to come together in support of his position, make people cringe in embarrassment, or click their tongues in disapproval. Somehow, whether his tweets are agreeable or not, people pay attention.

Indeed, whatever political leanings people have, they end up engaging with Trump’s tweets. As a result, the president’s presence is one of the strongest on the platform, and even Twitter itself has decided he is the perfect person to use in their marketing campaign to make Twitter great again.

Image credit: Gabe Meline via Twitter

He has unwittingly created a Twitter marketing strategy based solely on his Twitter behavior and personality, and possibly personal belief that the “bold or controversial” will “trump” all (pun intended).

Whether you share this view or you believe his Twitter popularity is simply the product of his position, it’s worth taking a look at some of his strangest and weirdest of tweets to see what makes him so popular to both Internet trolls, his fans, and the Trump-beleaguered public.

The baffling Covfefe tweet

In a rare moment of unity, Republicans and Democrats became unanimously perplexed, dropped their discord, and asked as one nation what “Covfefe” was. Nobody knew for sure.

This tweet was deleted after five hours.

Image credit: OBSERVER

Naturally, several theories surfaced on what the word could mean. One of the theories, which states that Trump was simply being funny, supports why shortly after he deleted the tweet, he posted this:

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Creepy obsession with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

President Trump may be a bigger fan of Twilight than he lets on. In 2012, he made several tweets referencing the couple and their broken relationship.

It’s also possible that he was, just like the rest of us, disappointed and disillusioned, but nobody had ever really figured out why he was so involved in his comments on the Twilight stars’ onscreen and real-life relationship.

Strange way of “pinning” a tweet

Perhaps he didn’t know how to pin a tweet, or perhaps pinning tweets is too passé for him and what he really wanted was to show off his Photoshop prowess. Whatever the reason was, Trump definitely succeeded in drawing attention to his tweet. He did it the Trump way.

Image credit: The Guardian

Clearly, subtlety is a concept foreign to him.

Curious tweets to deleted Russian accounts

A search of Trump’s past tweets, in the wake of the Russians-rigging-the-election controversy, revealed that Trump sent 5 tweets from 2014 through 2015 to a now dead Russian account.

It’s hard to ascertain why Donald Trump would quote a total of five tweets from a nonentity with Vladimir’ and ‘Russia’ in his handle a total of five times, unless he wanted people to believe it was Vladimir Putin himself, sucking up to him.

Here’s one of the tweets that perfectly captures the tone of the other four.

Bizarre video of himself beating up the CNN logo

The president has been known to criticize media outfits that publish negative pieces about him. He likes calling news outlets “fake news,” though to be fair, he only criticizes those who criticize him. He’s made no secret of his beef with CNN and recently attacked it in a way that’s completely unprecedented– or to use his same word, unpresidented. Check it out below.

The tweet, though controversial, made no dent in CNN’s standing and a recent poll showed it has the trust advantage (though slight) over President Trump.

Face-saving tweet on firing FBI Director Jim Comey

This strange tweet by the president also received heat for its inaccuracies.

First off, he wasn’t being investigated for firing Comey. Second, as one Twitter user pointed out, he admitted publicly that he was going to fire him regardless of Rod Rosenstein’s opinions. So, is he lying, clouding the facts, gathering sympathies, or simply trying to avoid the humiliation of investigation by turning the focus on other people? Trump being Trump, it’s hard to tell.

Unpresidential exchanges with Modern Family writer, Danny Zuker

There’s a treasure trove of entertaining tweet exchanges between Donald Trump and Modern Family writer, Danny Zuker, starting even before Trump took office.

The tweets below are just some of their funnier exchanges on the topic of Chinese labor.

Image credit: CHEEZburger

Image credit: CHEEZburger

Unfortunately, Trump’s lack of observance of diplomatic protocols continued through the Oval Office, and whether he’s totally oblivious or not to the dangers attached to tweeting foreign issues in a diplomatically inept way, is anyone’s guess.

Cryptic “Easy D” post

Join the thousands of people who scratched their heads in frustration when Trump tweeted this.

While it’s easy to guess what the D was in his tweet, it wasn’t that easy knowing what particular d-word he was referring to. He did accuse judges earlier that week of trying to overturn his travel ban order and he must be alluding to their long deliberation of the issue. Keeping the world searching for hidden messages in social media posts seems to have worked wonderfully, so far, for Trump.

The memes and tweets that followed after his tweet could attest to that.

Image credit: BUSTLE

Image credit: The Guardian

The ill-timed 9/11 tweet

Image credit: POLITICO

When Trump made the 9/11 attack all about himself, people wondered if he was being insensitive or it was, yet again, his vanity talking.

“Haters” and “losers” are Trump’s favorite way of calling out his detractors and on the anniversary of the 9/11 attack, he thought it was the right time to address them.

Trump Your Competitors!

These are just some of the many tweets that made the Twittersphere come alive with joy, frustration, irritation, and anger, all courtesy of the president. Indeed, whether people are for or against him, President Donald Trump’s tweets have attracted so much attention that even Trump himself believes he’s the greatest at Twitter. But maybe that’s no surprise.

Want to be great at Twitter, too? You can start being outrageous on the platform. Or you can grow your audience and buy Twitter Followers and other social signals that will help you appear popular, and consequently become truly popular. It works!

Whatever you decide to do, don’t stop tweeting! Just look at the president. He did win the election, didn’t he? Can’t argue with that!

Published on: 28 July 2017
Posted by: Chell
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