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Fans Celebrate Ben Affleck Being Batman with #ThanksBatfleck on Twitter

Twitter Fans Celebrate Ben Affleck Being Batman on Twitter

Thousands of DC fans paid homage to Ben Affleck’s version of Batman on Twitter, causing the #ThanksBatfleck to trend on the social media platform.

Ben Affleck has not played Batman in the most popular movies to feature the Dark Knight. However, thousands of DC fans are honoring his Batman performance on social media. For this reason, the #ThanksBatfleck became trending on Twitter

Fans Celebrate Ben Affleck Being Batman with #ThanksBatfleck on Twitter

The said hashtag was mainly created to pay homage to the DCEU version of Bruce Wayne. Such a release is seen in Justice League as well as in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The hashtag showed considerable success as it became popular on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook in just a short period. 

Fans Pay Homage to Ben Affleck’s Batman Portrayal

One fan posted in an attempt to get more Twitter followers, saying that the decision to make Ben Affleck portray Batman was perfect. The fan also added that he will always love the actor’s acting for the popular DC superhero. This tweet echoed the thoughts of many people who think that Affleck was one of the best Batman actors.

Also, another fan tweeted directly to Affleck using th#ThanksBatfleck hashtag. The fan said that Affleck’s portrayal of Batman will always be the best Batman. He also said that he is hoping that the actor is the one who will answer the Bat phone or Bat-signal whenever Batman is needed in the future. 

Moreover, other fans are posting fan arts of Affleck’s Batman, which they made to pay tribute to the actor. One artist who tweeted a fan art sketched the character up after he was blown away by the performance of Ben Affleck as both Bruce Wayne and Batman.

A lot of posts on various social media platforms are expressing excitement overseeing more of Affleck’s Batman portrayal. Affleck will also act as Batman in Zack Snyder’s new Justice League cut. This film will be showing on HBO Max in 2021.

Fans Celebrate Ben Affleck Being Batman with #ThanksBatfleck on Twitter

According to some reports, Warner Bros. will provide Snyder with millions of dollars. In exchange, Snyder jas to film reshoots to recut the controversial movie in such a way that he originally envisioned. Some reports also say that Affleck will come back to down the cape and cowl again to aid in completing the project.

He will join his fellow DCEU actors such as Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher, and Jason Momoa. Things may never be the same after Affleck’s solo Batman movie. However, it will still be suitable for the fans of Batfleck to see more of this caped crusader version finally.

Affleck’s Performance Captivated Many Fans

Affleck managed to appear in three films as Batman during the time that he performed the role of the said superhero. All of the three movies were big moneymakers. However, none of them were particularly big hits with critics. Despite this, the actor’s performance as Batman was praised by a lot of fans who said that they did not enjoy much else regarding the movies.  

Matt Reeves became in charge of the project to reboot the movies with an original storyline with Robert Pattinson as the lead actor. But before this, The Batman was developed originally to explore how Affleck will portray the role while writing and directing in addition to being the lead role.

Batman Fans on Twitter Spam Their Support

Fans might see more of HBO Max projects exploring the DCEU. But this will only happen if Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut on HBO Max will become a big success. For this reason, fans need to keep their fingers cross while wishing for Batfleck to get his own new Batman movie or even a TV series. Batman Afflick is something that a lot of fans are dreaming of nightly. 

For several years, fans have wished for Warner Bros. to release Snyder’s Justice League cut. It seems as if the company heard them. Nex year, the Justice League cut by Snyder will be released. 

Furthermore, Ben Affleck’s version of the Caped Crusader was different from what fans have seen in other actors who portrayed the same role. They loved the actor’s unique take on the Dark Knight as a ruthless vigilante who does not mind getting his hands dirty. Also, Batfleck shined in the Batman v Superman movie as a brooding and occasionally sarcastic character. Moreover, Ben Affleck also appeared briefly in the Suicide Squad. 

Twitter Followers Flock to Ben Afflick Again!

Affleck ended his Batman portrayal after he showed up in Justice League. There were rumors that the actor would again appear as Batman in a solo movie where he would write and direct as well. But the reason why he abandoned the project was that he had some differences with the company.

As of now, Robert Pattinson will be the one to play the Batman role in the next movie helmed by Matt Reeves. However, seeing that Zack Snyder has already returned to work on his Justice League extended cut, a lot of fans are demanding for Ben Affleck to play the role of the Dark Knight.  

Fans Celebrate Ben Affleck Being Batman with #ThanksBatfleck on Twitter

Batman has always been a part of the lives of many people. For this reason, there is no doubt why a lot of fans are seen on the internet and social media platforms paying homage to Ben Affleck’s unique Dark Knight portrayal. This made the #ThanksBatfleck hashtag included in the list of trending topics on Twitter. 


Fans have different opinions about why Ben Affleck is their favorite Batman portrayer. According to some fans, the actor portrayed the role of the DC superhero much better than other actors. One fan also said that the actor should still play the Batman role for the next movie so he could show his true potential.

It is entirely undeniable that Ben Affleck was able to captivate the interest and attention of many Batman fans. For this reason, a lot of them are demanding Warner Bros. bring him back as the Dark Knight. Some fans even say that he will be the only real Batman.

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Published on: 25 August 2020
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