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Five tips to make your Twitter ads stand out

Five tips to make your Twitter ads stand out

Advertisements, shortly known as ‘ads,’ are a practice with a focus to publicize an event, product or service. Influencing viewers is also possible when an advertisement is done correctly. Ads also give your audience the perception that your content is real and can be trusted. There is, therefore, a need to do it right, especially on Twitter.

Statistics show that on average, Twitter has 326 million active users per month, out of which 71% of users come online just to read live-happening news and adverts inclusive. Researchers have also revealed that 80% of Twitter users log in through mobile devices, while others fall into the use of laptops and desktops. It is a good thing that Twitter supports more than 500 languages.

Twitter ads

A well-planned advertisement will not only popularize you but, also increase your account followers with prospective customers. In planning your ads, your budget must be considered to bid wisely. There are three bidding options for you on twitter- automatic, target, and maximum bids. Twitter still allows you to earn a good result even on a low budget.

Before you move on, take a minute to answer the following questions:

  • ·       Why do you want to place an advert on Twitter?
  • ·       What are your objectives, i.e., expected results?
  • ·       What is your budget for ads?
  • ·       Who is your target audience?

The necessary steps to place an advert on Twitter are listed as follows:

  • –          Visit your Twitter business account on
  • –          Choose the right advertising campaign
  • –          Select desired objectives and audience
  • –          Review your campaign
  • –          Launch your campaign

However, you would not just want to place your ads on Twitter without first considering these five tips to make your ads stand out among many others.

1. Choose the right advertising campaign

The two significant adverts campaign options on Twitter are termed; “Promote Mode” and “Twitter Ads.” Understanding how these two campaign options work will help you select better.

Promote Mode allows you publicize an existing tweet of yours or a new one. The beautiful part of it is that it helps expand your reach to other users on Twitter who are not even following you yet. Even more, it allows you to include a website link in your tweet. Using the right hashtag is a high heads up. However, do not overuse to avoid distractions. In fact, one hashtag is sufficient.

On the other hand, Twitter Ads involve using various groups of a tweet to achieve a single goal. It is the best campaign decision for those who intend to promote a trend and gain more conversions. It makes you appear on ‘what is trending’ and ‘who to follow’ lists. Twitter Ads options make people talk about the solution you are providing, your upcoming event, in all, helps promote your account.

2. Hold on! Research about your audience

Your audience behavioral pattern – schedule and habit will definitely be different from one another. Nevertheless, they have few things in common which you need to find out about before placing that ad. Some of the things to research on include; the average time they log onto Twitter, the kinds of the device often use to tweet – mobile device or laptop etc.

Meanwhile, statistics have revealed that the engagement of Twitter users is on the increase on weekdays from 3 p.m. (U.S time zone). Saturdays and Sundays have records of higher logins per hour. However, you can check out your audience’s habit via twitter analytics sites.

3. Use a catchy phrase

By the catchy phrase, I mean to say, keeping your lines short with memorable words noticeable at first glance. Twitter allows 116 characters to inscribe on ads, and you need to strategize on how to use them wisely. Use keywords that target your ads to what is happening at the moment as Twitter is about that. Give answers to the viewer’s curiosity when they take a look at your ads, the what, why, where, when, and how must be addressed.

Furthermore, attach a call to action to your ads. Such a call can be to direct the viewers to click on a link to check out more or even attaching an incentive to it. It does not have to be something super-extra; it might just be as simple as a link to download a free book, movie, or freebies.

4. Attach an engaging design

One fundamental reason why we make advertisements is to capture attention and create more sales, right? A top-notch design can make this happen shortly. Your audience should be able to see the sample of your product if you are making a sales ad. If you decide to insert a video, make it precise and of good quality as well.

Imagery attached to ads on Twitter has size specifications which must be duly followed to have the kind of attention you seek. Also, note that each ad type may differ in image size specification.  Do well to place a design of high quality and ensure your graphics are in line with your tweet. It should be capable of explaining a good percentage of your ads on its own. A right image encourages retweet too.

5. Select the right niche

A skill to learn in advertising your content is how to describe your niche correctly. By niche, you get to realize the demographic (age and sex with location) you should reach out. Niche streamlines your advert to a particular focus.

For example, you would not have to reach out to all states in your country but a specific one. Knowing helps you to select your ads group well. Besides, you would not have to waste resources on avoidable mistakes.

Analyzing your objectives is an excellent start to knowing your niche. Objectives referred here do not have to be your overall business objective but rather the specific one for the period of the placement of your ads. 

Twitter has eight (8) ads objectives one can choose from, and they are;  to increase App installs, followers, video views, in-stream video views, awareness, web clicks or conversions, tweet engagements, and app re-engagement.

Published on: 4 November 2019
Posted by: Kam R
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